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(Rebooted!) The tale of Loser: Meagloth's 24-roll no-reload run!(complete!)



  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    I have been called by my foster father for an adventure! I was told to gather together what I could and we would leave the keep immediately. Of course, as always, there where some distraction, damsels in distress, attempted poisoning, ect, but really it was all very routine, until I stepped into the bunkhouse. I was violently attacked by a murdering thief! Truly, it was an epic duel, and I bear the scars to prove it.

    After this, I was able to finish an epic crusade, retrieving an ancient, powerful, longsword for my comrade, and was able to return to my father and leave the keep. On the way he explained we where in grave danger, and that we could be going to see some friends at the friendly arm in. Suddenly, we where ambushed by a massive armored figure and his monstrous lackeys. Gorion instructed me to run away, and I could not perceive the dead tails of the ensuing battle from my hiding spot. I could however, see the result. Gorions powerful wizardry slated many of the monsters, but in the end it all proved to much. I write now with tears and blood smearing the page, for in the end, the armored fiend and his witch killed my father. After my longest night, When the morn finally came, i approached the scene. It was a gruesome picture. The bodies of the armored figure's minions stained the ground, and their black blood mingled with my fathers pure red. Laying next to Gorions body I found a mysterious note, signed E, and his dagger, among the other things I retrieved to aid my survival. After this I saw that Imoen, the immature fool, had sneezed out behind us. She expressed her condolences, and gave me some magic items she said she had been keeping for an emergency. Unfortunately, I cannot figure how to work the wand for the life of me, though expect it shall fetch a fair price at market, so it will aid my quest of vengeance in its own way. And I swear, GORION WILL BE AVENGED! I sent Imoen away, so that I could continue my noble quest, and continued on the road.
    image while I traveled, I encountered an minor monster, that I dispatched without issue. After that, I ment to fellow adventures on the road. The Mage seemed amicable enough, if somewhat lost In His spells. His face was marked, no doubt from some spell gone wrong. His halfling companion was far less friendly, I can only assume he was having a bad day. Regardless, the Mage and his friend provided me with yet more healing potions and magical items. I am ever thankful for the kindness of strangers on the road. I do not know where I would be without these good folk.

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    *note. I will </ strike> everything that has been reloaded over! and continue logging it anyway.*

    After resting in Beragost, I decided to travel south to investigate the rumors around the iron mines in Nashkel. Just outside of Beragost, I encountered two vile half-breed monsters. I attempted to sneak at them, and take them one at a time, but unfortunately, my plan failed and they both came at me at the same time. I tried to fend them both off, but they proved to strong, and I decided that a tactical retreat would be in everybody's best interest. As I fled down the road as fast and far as my 3 con/dex combo would carry me, I ran into a group of three officers! I couldn't believe my luck, a group of three well-armed, trained, upholders of the law. Surly they could help me defeat these vile beasts! image
    Oh, dear. They thought I was a banding gang, and came after me! I was unable to convince them of my well-meaning intentions, and so I furthered my tactical retreat in the direction of Nashkel. I got away quickly, though I was still hurting from the orgorilllon incident. I observed that there was a large band of hobgoblins on the road ahead, I decided to sneak through a poor old mans yard. I know, I shouldn't trespass, but I believe it was a life or death situation.

    image when I reached Nashkel, I found out about the evil plot of some thayan bastard to kill a poor woman. He said she was being held in a gnoll stronghold to the west. I immediately embarked on a quest to save her from the wizards slimy fingers.
    As I traveled to the gnoll encampment, I cam across the mines that had been whispered of in the bar, and decided to look around, sense I was there a way. It turns out the area is completely overrun. I could not take a step wimp thout encountering some dangerous fiend. We shall say that that day was a series of Unfortunate events.

    Eventually, through incredible stealth
    img src="" />
    I made it to the gnoll stronghold. I rested on the bridge across the moat so that I could not be ambushed by a large group, and the next day I was ready to confront the first guards. imageimage
    Oh dear. Perhaps another tactical retreat. I ran back to the previous area I remembered, recovered my wits, and hoped that the ogres had had enough sense to go home and eat lunch, or some such. However, when I retuned, I saw that they where still there, waiting for me, and had FULLY HEALED!
    *at this point, no bullshit, the game crashed. I had to reload. I am not counting it, though reloading the quicksave instead of the autosave is a little weak of me.*

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    I should mention, the last save is the quicksave before the bridge battle. Fail.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    To be honest (I'm normally a lying pos), you're at a subdtantial disadvantage and not milking the cheese (...did I just type that? I am cut off!), so dont worry about the bs deaths! They dont count.

    ...seriously, milking the cheese?!

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,853
    Hahaha the role-playing of heroguy is epic. So entranced with the idea of rescuing distressed damsels. Perfect.

  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,611
    bengoshi said:

    Just a note here: this is so fun, I pray it would last till the end. Really, your run brings many smiles to me;)

    You couldn't let @Quartz‌ down, could you? xD

    I agree completely. Please don’t hesitate to reload due to any “technical” issues.

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    edited June 2014
    alright, I guess I won't count it. I need to be more careful.

    I defended the orgorilllons in the same way as before, so I don't see the point in telling you how I did it again, but screenshots anyway:

    After I had dealt with the guards on the bridge, I decided to sit down and tend my wounds again. I do not intend to enter an enemy encampment injured and tired. When I woke, I felt much better and decided to look for a back way in. image
    With my newfound agility I was very optimistic about taking the gnolls. Around the back, I found a cave guarded by an unholy number of xvarts. Carefully, drawing them out one at a time, I was able to defeat them all. Then above did not lead up into the fortress, biput I did find a few magical items and a incredibly heave tome. It was do doubt magical, so I put down my armor and carried it to nashkel in the hopes of someone being able to tell me what it was. imageimage
    Unfortunately, the man In the store was not able to tell me what the book was about.
    does anyone know why that is? Is it a bug? Outside of the role play I took him to the smithy in Beragost and he couldn't tell me either, but when I loaded up another game high hedge was able to identify some +2 bullets. I just can't select it in the screen. It's acting like an item that can't be sold.image

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  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,853
    Some places will identify most things, but not stuff like Tomes and Wands and such ... Temples will always identify everything, so I tend to go there for my identifying.

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    Oh, god, all those photos. This is almost taking as much time to load as one of @LadyRhian‌'s threads:P
    Also, does anyone have any strategy suggestions for greywolf? I'm to dumb to use wands, but I really want that sword:/

    After I rested in nashkel, I set off to the Gnoll stronghold to confront the beasts, and rescue Dynahier the witch. Strangely, they did not have anyone guarding the gates, and I was able to walk straight into the fortress.
    I heard growls up the stairs, and so I carefully sneaked up, picking them off on at a time with my new magic sling. image
    It took a while, and a lot of healing potions and running around, but eventually I was able to get most of them.
    Unfortunately, their leader and his guard proved difficult, especially when they called in xvarts reinforcements. image
    I managed to get the guard, but the leader eluded me and I decided that the tactical retreat plan would be suitable. image
    I attempted to rest in the wilderness, and regain some of my strength, but it was disrupted, so I traveled back to the gnoll stronghold.when I. Ame back, the leader was nowhere to be found. No doubt he had fled the scene, knowing that me and my heroics would return only with greater force. I killed the remaining gnoll fodder, and found the witch. image
    Being the chivalrous knight that I am, I did not simply release her, but of course escorted her to her guardian, Minsc, in nashkel. image

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    Now that I had done that, I went to investigate the Nashkel mines further. On the way, I was met by a bandit gang. image
    O_o these where a lot more talkative than most bandits. I didn't really want to fight them, they seemed vey powerful, and those arrows looked mighty pointy. (I've never played Dorn's quest before. I was a bit worried, this kind of encounter is made for a full party, and these guys looked powerful.) luckily! a fellow brave knight came to my aid anpt that very moment! Together we crushed the heads of up our enemies! Well, mostly me, obviously, but I don't know where I would be without him. He said he was seeking vengeance on the bandits because the had betrayed him, and left him in some prison far away. He said there were still two more of his fellow companions left, and he mentioned he had heard of my heroics, crushing baddies across the realms!image
    Thee was a lot of good loot, too. They hardly needed my money.
    Figures. I just payed 1000 gold for a small shield +1.

    So I took him in. Clearly I could teach him a thing or two about fighting. On the way to the carnival, however, I learned a few more things about dorn. Perhaps he was not the best companion for a righteous adventurer such as myself. So I asked to see that fancy sword, and ditched him in the merchants tent, after the merchant relieved my of the weapon.

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    Finally. Now I was able to travel to the mines. I was immediately reminded of the dangers of the area. image
    After walking around a bit, and talking to the guard, I decided I needed better gear, and more experience fighting monsters. The guards seemed very afraid of whatever was down there. So I decided to finish of the basilisks. I bought some more potions, and traveled north. image
    Oh dear. More traveling issues. I rand quite quickly that day, to my shame. I should have smited them where the stood, and rid the realms of the vile creatures. image
    Searching for basilisks, I immediately ran into a bunch of increasingly annoying gnolls. They are hardly worth my time, but they prove exhausting in the long run. They seem to be getting stronger. Perhaps the escaped gnoll captain Is holding a grudge. image
    Eventually, I did find some basilisk, and after downing Thalantyr's potion, dispatched them with my sling. image
    I drank a few more potions to boost my ability, as I sensed a bigger fight coming on. I soon discovered 3 basilisks all together, one clearly the alpha male. I threw one of them explodey-bottles, and then started slinging as fast as I could. I got two of them down, but before I could throw the last bullet at the third, thalantyr magic fell short. image

    second reload

  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,611
    Aww… The road of a true hero is not for the faint of heart.
    It just cracked me up to picture big, burly Dorn saying “Wait, are HeroGuy?”

  • FarlFarl Member Posts: 1
    Hi there all! Longstory short, I'm old at BG, new in the forum.

    Firstly, I want to thank you how this great adventure is turning to be. Best luck with those dices!

    That said:
    meagloth said:

    Oh, god, all those photos. This is almost taking as much time to load as one of @LadyRhian‌'s threads:P
    Also, does anyone have any strategy suggestions for greywolf? I'm to dumb to use wands, but I really want that sword:/

    What about the red potion? (from that Nashkell's merchant).

    Hope it works for you.

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    @Farl‌ thanks for the tip, but the red potion grants 50% magic resistance, and 25 intelligence:P I'm pretty sure you mean the violet potion, which is 25 strength for 24 hours. That could work, but I still have 3 con. Is have to hit him real fast. That and I just used the violet potion for something else. It doesn't matter now though, you'll see, if I ever get around to posting. I played a lot last night.

  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    Lucky. The gnolls killed Drizzt so you didn't have to! :D

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