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Writing songs, poems, verse and more



  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    @rufus_hobart‌ Thank you very much it always nice to get a compliment ;)

  • AlexisisinneedAlexisisinneed Member Posts: 470

    Hmm, I always kinda sucked at poetry which will be evident...but I found this the other day, written a long time ago and inspired by a lovely little fridge magnet our government sent around to everyone, inspiring us to "be alert, not alarmed", ie spy on your neighbours and dob them in.

    Be Alert.
    She's afraid to go to her fridge
    So she has her weetbix dry, her coffee black
    No veggies in this girl's diet
    The moulder in the bottom try
    As she can't bear to face the blemish
    On the gleaming white facade
    An innocuous looking magnet
    That accuses her wherever she goes.
    She knows she should be alert
    But she's alarmed as well
    And bloody anxious to boot.

    He's started shopping online
    Since the scare in Safeway:
    A cantaloupe in a plastic bag
    Smashed by security.
    He can't go to classes
    Without his backpack being turned out
    And ransacked
    A new book destroyed every day
    As they search for coded messages
    In invisible ink
    A ready supply of lemons
    And UV torches at hand.

    Every time he catches the train home
    The entire timetable is thrown out
    While the bomb squad search every carraige
    And the dogs held so tightly
    In armoured gloved hands
    Snarl and bare their teeth.

    The mailman won't deliver
    To their house any more
    Claimed he kept having nightmares
    Of letterbombs and anthrax
    And the neighbours
    Seem to have dug themselves in
    Twenty foot fences
    Razor wire
    And guard dog signs
    Nuclear bunker builders
    Are doing a roaring trade.

    So together they huddle
    In their constantly watched home
    Trying to ignore the sounds
    Of regular jet fighter patrols
    And the beeping tracking of satellite drones
    And she sighs and asks him
    Why did we ever say we were Muslims
    On that bloody Census?

    I really like this for some reason.

  • rufus_hobartrufus_hobart Member Posts: 490
    Wow, love them @LadyRhian‌ , very evocative, I'd hope you consider that this fall into the "good" category of those you've written, otherwise I want to see those ones!

  • rufus_hobartrufus_hobart Member Posts: 490

    I really like this for some reason.

    thank you kindly @Alexisisinneed‌ . Some reason is far better than none at all! ;-)

  • rufus_hobartrufus_hobart Member Posts: 490
    Awww can we see your valentines poems? We promise not to poke fun at how romantic you are to Mrs Boo. Maybe.

  • rufus_hobartrufus_hobart Member Posts: 490
    Very nice, @LadyRhian‌! Love the last few lines of the first poem in particular.

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    @rufus_hobart Thank you! I really appreciate that.

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    @Buttercheese‌ Haha it very nicey poem :) IWD is indeed coming to town.

    @LadyRhian‌ You write really lovely I enjoy your poem :)

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    @Kaguana Thank you very much for your kind words, as Branwen would say. :)

  • AlexisisinneedAlexisisinneed Member Posts: 470
    LadyRhian said:

    @rufus_hobart Yes, those are two of the Good ones. :) I do write in blank verse (as one friend says, "Blank verse is poetry that doesn't rhyme!") mostly.

    Now, here is some of the Good/Not bad love poems. The first is written from the perspective of a male character of mine.

    Lovely Lady

    Lovely lady, do you know how much you scare me?
    I, who am condemned to the darkness
    and drawn to your light.
    I, who can never know love
    find myself loving you and being loved in return.
    You have rocked the secure foundations of my world,
    made lies of my truths and truths of my falsehoods.
    I have found in you what I would most like to find in myself.
    Yes, you scare me.
    But every man deserves to be scared this way.

    The Sting of Life

    So many times I have found myself almost betraying my love
    but I always manage to catch myself in time.
    Do you know how much I watch, hungry for the sight of you,
    even if every look brings me pain?
    Pain? No, more like the torments of hell.
    So close- yet I can never touch.
    So much talk- yet I can never tell.
    So much time- and yet not nearly enough.
    Would you pity me, were you to know?
    Perhaps, perhaps not-- but I'll not risk it.
    Your pity would be worse than your ignorance.
    For you love her. That much I know.
    I heard you tell her myself.
    In that instant, my heart broke and keeps on breaking.
    If being adult means having pain, and suffering,
    I am an adult many times over.
    I am not some foolish schoolgirl, and this isn't puppy love.
    I know what I want, and what I can never have.

    And this one isn't quite romance, but a vampire poem (literally).


    I am bound,
    seduced by the blood
    surging hotly beneath your pale skin.
    You come to me unknowing,
    blank-eyed and silent,
    awaiting my whim… my desire

    So soft.
    Your skin is so soft,
    silky beneath my callused fingertips.
    I could caress it for hours,
    reveling in its smoothness,
    but my hunger urges me onward.

    Your head tilts slowly back,
    straightening the slim, ivory column
    of your throat.
    I lean closer,
    the blood-scent strong in my nostrils
    filling my senses with its virgin heat.

    Your flesh yields to my fangs,
    the warm sweetness filling my mouth,
    blazing sparks in my belly,
    that warm me with your fire.

    You will never recall this chance encounter,
    never fondly remember the thought of me-
    our sharing of souls,
    sweet act of communion,
    but I'll always remember the essence of you.

    The second poem The sting of life pretty much sums up my entire love life.

  • AlexisisinneedAlexisisinneed Member Posts: 470

    I'm more of a prose writer myself, but I dabble in poetry now and then. I wrote more of it when I was younger, and thought I was awful at it until I took classes on it in college. That helped me find my creative spark for it again. :)

    This is a song I started writing for a short-story I began a while back... (And haven't tried to proceed with because Other Things keep getting in the way. >.>;; ) I feel like it still needs work...but it's about mermaids!

    There's a lady in the water
    Beneath the moonlit sky.
    There's a lady in the water
    Left alone to cry
    And if I were to comfort her,
    To kiss her and to squeeze her,
    She would love only I
    And I would happily die.

    Feel her tail between my legs,
    Her arms a-wrapped in mine,
    Taste the sea-salt on her tongue,
    Touch her scaly skin so fine.
    Whisper cruelties in my ear
    That my wife should never hear--
    If she should love only I,
    Then I would happily die.

    Those last two lines have surely moved my heart. Well done.

  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    @Alexisisinneed Thank you! I really liked your latest poem too. I love how each stanza is its own little story, but they all share a very clear theme. And you tell it all in so few words, which just makes it more powerful.

  • AlexisisinneedAlexisisinneed Member Posts: 470
    @Nonnahswriter Your welcome! Opps I guess I failed. When I wrote that poem I was trying to tell a single story while trying to keep the concept of counting involved I was also trying to make sound like something a kid would sing like if they were playing double doutch or something similar. But if the theme is clearly seen I guess it's not a problem.

  • AlexisisinneedAlexisisinneed Member Posts: 470
    LadyRhian said:

    A Few more on the Theme of Love


    You always enjoyed sweet melodies
    and some not so sweet.
    I remember you singing along with your favorites,
    Throwing everything: body, voice, emotion, soul
    into the music as you sang.
    And I smiled to watch you,
    Never thinking that I would be the love of that soul.

    How much you tempt and torment me!

    Tempt me when you are here with me,
    with shining eyes and laughter loud,
    Your soft skin so close
    I need only reach out to touch you.

    And how much you torment me when you are gone,
    lying alone in my bed, wanting to reach out to you.
    All I can see is you, my mind running in circles,
    my lips half-choked with the things I want to say.
    But it's too late and I'm alone.

    All I can think of now is: Will you leave me late or soon?
    The question is never, "Will you leave?", but "When?"
    Everybody leaves me eventually.
    And if I can't stand the thought of living without you now,
    How will I live when you are gone?



    Eyes darker than death,
    Older that time,
    Deeper than the Ocean


    Eyes bluer than sky,
    Younger than life,
    Softer than silk


    Caressing eyes,
    warm in the fire's light.
    Smiling eyes.


    Gentle eyes,
    glistening like twin sapphires.
    Serious eyes.


    Where are you now?

    I Dreamed

    Last night, I dreamed
    of laughing blue eyes
    in a kind face,
    and of the love we shared.
    As much as I wish to acknowledge it,
    it must be hidden
    to die in the cold
    when we are alone once more.

    Last night, I dreamed
    of silky brown hair
    warm with the fire's heat.
    The fire we shared together.
    As much as I wish to rebuild the fire,
    The sparks are already dead.
    We must be apart,
    drawn by our separate destinies.

    Last night, I dreamed
    of a warm body
    that shared my bedroll
    under the cold sparkle of the stars.
    As much as I wish to share it again,
    it is put away for the daytime.
    Last night is a memory
    And memories are all I will have.

    Last night, I dreamed
    of you, my secret love,
    holding my body next to yours
    as we loved through the night.
    As much as I wish to hold you again
    you are gone,
    leaving behind precious memories
    that I wish I could forget.

    After reading these I feel so depressed. Well done. Well done I say!

  • AlexisisinneedAlexisisinneed Member Posts: 470
    @LadyRhian Yeah, but isn't the whole concept of Yanderes rather dark and depressing. I mean when has stalker behavior ever really been good before?

  • laptopman666laptopman666 Member Posts: 283
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