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Writing songs, poems, verse and more

kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
edited August 2014 in Fan Creations
Just a little something I wrote long ago and going thru my stuff I found it

Love of another time:

Can a love that exist thru
space and time,
without no boundary,
that is strong beyond
what mankind know
that stay forever
and never let go
can that love
truly be mine?

She exist
that I know,
but will I see her
will it come true
and the one I love
will come for me
that she will be real
here, and not thousand
miles apart?

That love not
meant to be,
not here
not now
not in this life
though it not easy
to understand
why it happen now
in this life?

Come what may
This love will
always be with me
I can feel it
this love meant
to stay forever
beyond this life
it a love of the soul
two souls as one.

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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,977
    Wonderful! I like! I have a zero poem XP myself but it's always pleasant to read:) Maybe @Montresor_SP‌ and @lolien‌ can share their abilities here :P

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    @bengoshi‌ thank you, I already thought that I should have just start tagging people so someone will comment on my poems, and actually the second one I just write on the fly when I saw no one liked my poem.

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    lol another poem I just write on the forum here
    kaguana said:

    @Dee is playing games
    with us
    games on our minds
    trying to trick us
    he is
    unfair games
    with lots
    of hints
    that will
    lead us
    no where
    till the time
    will come
    for the
    games to end.
    or is it for the
    games to start
    tricks on the minds
    they are.

    jackjacklolienbrus[Deleted User]
  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,101
    edited September 2014
    You are good folks.

    So, i'm not a poet, i just love music, and a poem is partly about music too. Also my english is far from perfect, so my works are mostly just jokes with bad rhymes.

    I write some less funny songs on my native language however. And my father had a poetical period when he was younger.

    Here i share one of his work, translated by me:

    The snow-white lamb: man will tomorrow slaughter,
    From this it knows nothing that little critter
    And, because from it's stew i also fare
    wholly ingenuous i am neither.

    Post edited by lolien on
  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    Here is another poem I wrote:

    The night is cold,
    darkness all around
    but one light
    that guide
    me home,
    that is
    the moon
    that shine above
    she is almost
    gone, hiding
    in the dark
    but I can see
    the way
    she shine
    the way
    back home
    to the light,
    the warm
    and laughter
    that await me
    at the end,
    the end of
    the road
    there I'll find
    my home.

  • AlexisisinneedAlexisisinneed Member Posts: 470
    kaguana said:

    @Alexisisinneed That was really nice one :)

    Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it.

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328

    Here's another one, I have more if you like. Though they all have pretty much the same theme.

    Sure the more the merrier, that include you guys @NaturalBornKieler @LordRumfish @Anduin‌ @lolien @CrevsDaak and whoever wanna join @jackjack‌ @Buttercheese‌ @kiwidoc‌ @laptopman666‌

  • laptopman666laptopman666 Member Posts: 283
    you guys are great poets, i am not so creative in that, i express my creativity in music :) but kudos to all those awesome poets :D

  • NaturalBornKielerNaturalBornKieler Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 407
    My other poems won't entertain you so much since German is my first language ...

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    @NaturalBornKieler‌ Translate them, I too write in my own language and then translate it to english so people here can understand them :)

  • NaturalBornKielerNaturalBornKieler Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 407
    Some other time ... at the moment I'm busy with others translating BG2EE and IWDEE to German, that's a bundle of work (but at least I can be rather sure that anyone reads the result :)

  • AlexisisinneedAlexisisinneed Member Posts: 470
    Let's lighten the mood up a bit. ;)

    Animated Porn

    They say you should only look at one naked girl in your life
    But what happens when you know you'll never find a wife?
    Are you willing to pay that kind of price?

    I'm trying to live a life reborn
    But I find that my heart has been torn
    I guess I'll watch some animated porn

    Because even if I found a girl to do
    I would never because I'm in love with you
    I wonder if you think thats statements true?

    I can't even flirt with anyone
    Because my heart already belongs to someone
    And she's busy playing in the sun

    And I'm going through life without a soul
    Chasing someone who can make me whole
    But at least one of our lives is beautiful

    You're out there on the west coast
    Everything you do makes you boast
    Let me raise a glass for toast.

    But their won't be any beer
    Because Alcohol and I can't be near
    Unless I want to end up in tears

    Because unless I'm dry
    You'll only say goodbye
    There's four left of six in the fridge, but thats a lie

    So I save your picture on my phone
    Maybe I'll even write a poem
    Just to tell you I'm feeling like I'm all alone

    Until then I'll just watch some animated porn
    And try not to look at myself with scorn
    Because you Ms. Wright make me wish I could be reborn

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    @JessicaKrystal That was lovely :)

    Good luck on publication I know you will be a success

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    Hehehe you both have much more skill then I do! :P

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