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Best IWD party setup



  • ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,584
    My submission for best party is based on one major factor:
    Getting the most out of the game's unique race/class/gender/attribute based dialogue options.

    You can get all the dialogue that gives you a reward, most of the dialogue that doesn't give a reward, and you'll be using what *I* believe to be the best kits for all of them. The only thing I might change for power-gaming would be to make the druid a fighter/druid instead, but I just like having kits. Not to mention the Avenger is such a perfect choice for IWD. Same thing applies to the Tempus cleric and assassin thief becoming a fighter/cleric and fighter/thief respectively, but you can get a lot of dialogue as a Tempus cleric that you can't otherwise, while the assassin thief can actually get a little extra cash as well as new dialogue.

    Undead Hunter Paladin (Human)
    Avenger Druid (Half-Elf)
    Fighter/Illusionist (Gnome)
    Assassin Thief (Halfling)
    Cleric of Tempus (Dwarf)
    Unkitted Bard (Half-Elf)

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