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General questions. IWD for newbies and semiprofs



  • ParasolsyndicateParasolsyndicate Member Posts: 54
    edited May 2019
    Does anyone know the name of the music track that plays upon
    the orog attack on Kuldahar?

    I have heard that's it's a new addition to the EE, but am unsure as I never played the orignial.

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  • BloodstoneBloodstone Member Posts: 98
    When is the best time to run the HoW expansion during IWD:EE? I was assuming it was best to finish the initial play through and then advance to HoW, again assuming it was designed for higher level characters that would be available at the end of IWD:EE. Is this not the best time to do so? Thanks for any guidance.

  • inethineth Member Posts: 583
    edited December 2019
    Regarding combat/loot balance, yeah, it seems to be designed for playing HoW with characters who have completed the base-game.

    If you enter HoW as soon as the game lets you, the first hostile areas there will be very punishing... And when you've finished the expansion and return to the base-game, the content there will feel too easy and much of the loot too low-level.

    However, there's a catch: When you beat the end-game sequence of the base-game, your characters aren't returned to the game world - instead, the characters are exported, and the game ends.
    You can import the characters into a new HoW game, but they will be missing some of their inventory, as a result of how the export/import process is implemented. If I remember correctly, the content of all bags (Bag of Holding, Quiver of Arrows, etc.) that you carried will be gone.

    If you can't live with that, there's this route that some people have suggested:

    1) Play the base-game, until the point of no return in the final chapter.
    2) Make a save there, and make sure not to overwrite it.
    3) Finish the base-game.
    4) Load the savegame, and start the expansion from there.

    Compared to the export/import route, you'll enter HoW without the XP and the items from the endgame sequence, but *with* all your container contents from before the point of no return.

    (Minor spoiler: The point of no return is in chapter 6 when you've collected all the lieutenant badges, used them in the intended way, and then travel onward.)

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 742
    I also suggest not doing HoW before you're done with IWD.

    It's not the contents of the containers that aren't exported but rather the containers themselves and all that they contain. What I did myself was empty them in the inventory before the exporting took place.
    If you go to HoW with Hjollder, you won't be able to get the Blade of Aihonen (supposing you made the right choices during the Prologue).

  • BloodstoneBloodstone Member Posts: 98
    Ok now an even dumber question. I finished IWD, just before the final battle I got the message that the characters had been exported. Now I go into the main menu to start a HoW game and I don't have any way to import my characters? When I start a new game it gives me six pre gen characters and when I delete them and try to assign new ones the only one that is available is my Char Name from IWD. I looked for saved game files but nothing shows up.

    I know I'm just missing something stupid but what is it?


  • inethineth Member Posts: 583
    After clicking "Delete" on a pre-made character and "Create" to replace it, you need to click "Create" again on that next screen as if to roll a new character from scratch. Then, you can use the "Import" button on the bottom right of the character-generation screen.

  • BloodstoneBloodstone Member Posts: 98
    ineth wrote: »
    After clicking "Delete" on a pre-made character and "Create" to replace it, you need to click "Create" again on that next screen as if to roll a new character from scratch. Then, you can use the "Import" button on the bottom right of the character-generation screen.

    That is what I did, unfortunately the only options I have for Import are the pregen characters along with my original version of CharName. Thanks for the tip though

  • inethineth Member Posts: 583
    edited December 2019
    Alright, I just tested it (loaded an old save and killed the base-game final boss), and my party was properly exported.

    When I start a new HoW game, my party members appear in both the first screen after clicking "Create":

    As well as in the "Import" dialog on the character-generation screen that I referred to above, although here they were listed as "IWD1", "IWD2" etc. rather than under their actual names:

    (Both import methods result in all containers being gone from the inventory, as @Abel mentioned.)

    PS: I can also locate the exported character files ("IWD1.chr", "IWD2.chr", etc.) in my IWD user data folder (on Linux):
    ~/.local/share/Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition/characters/
    On Windows/Mac, that should be:
    Documents/Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition/Characters

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