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General questions. IWD for newbies and semiprofs



  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 998
    @moflahfe Since you're in the beginnning of the game it does sound more like a bug (no pun intended)...

    Your best bet would probably be in the dedicated bug topics around here.

  • IamdorfIamdorf Member Posts: 27
    moflahfe said:

    Beetle bugs, basically anything that I have fought so far. Thankfully for quick saves where I can go back and start over. I'm right at the beginning of the game. I went down into the cellar and got stuck. Then I started over and went a different way and was tricked by a man in a bar to go to a castle and was attacked. Each battle, as soon as I took hits I went yellow and couldn't move.

    I'm confused by the problem. You fight bugs in town in the main game. The man who tricks you to going to the castle is in the expansion HoW (more specifically the trials of the Luremaster). Perhaps your characters are getting stunned by the blows. Check the difficulty settings. Also you shouldn't do HoW until you have a higher level group.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 3,220
    If you're fighting Harpys you'll probably end up losing control over your party. It happens due to one of the creature's special abilities.

    Protect your party with Remove Fear and you should be fine.

  • moflahfemoflahfe Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for all of your suggestions. I will try them.

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