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Famous Last Words of Epic Fail

Upon entering the Cloakwood Mines in BGEE an unnamed guard walks up to the nearest character and delivers this memorable line shortly before his swift demise:
"You're those bastards who've been taking down our mining ops. Well you've come to the wrong place kiddos. I'm one mean son of a bitch, and I'm gonna give you a world o' hurt."
Now, I'm not sure he has the most dialog of an unnamed NPC, but he certainly has the most bravado. I feel bad about killing the guy, and even sorrier that he didn't even rate a name. It makes me wonder who he was and what led him to believe he was bad ass enough to take on a fully armed and armored party of six.

I'm not sure there is an encounter in either game which has such a disparity between threat of violence and actual threat. Most other encounters provide at least some challenge to a party of appropriate level, but this one I can't imagine being much of a threat to any party at that point in the game. Thus, unnamed guard, you sir get the award for famous last words of epic fail!

What famous last words scenarios are you fond of in the games?



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