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Advice on playing EE as multiplayer with an utter newbie

I am getting IWDEE for Christmas from my oh so wonderful husband. He's seen me playing all the BG and IWD games for years, and has mentioned he'd like to play them as well, but he is a bit daunted by the complexity of all the rules. I'd like to spend some of our Christmas day playing as multplayer - I'll help him build a fairly easy to run fighter, and I'll drive a few other characters to round out the party. Christmas is pretty boring when there are just two of you, and I thought this could be something different and fun, and show him how much I appreciate the present.
If I was playing ordinary IWD this would be no problem at all for me. My question is how different is EE from standard IWD, and will I need to spend some time getting used to the enhanced edition before attempting to do this. I don't want to get tied down in hunting through manuals while getting frustrated.



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