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Alaundo's Alehouse I (Part RP, Part OT, Come relax and have fun)



  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    A cloaked melodic voice calls out from the corner of the Alehouse by the Veterans table. It is clearly not that of the Tavern patron but it is calm none the less. Unlike the blue eyed, blonde haired Paladin Tavernkeep, this voice belongs to an Elf.

    OOC: This elf was my original Elven stalker that I played through BG with and acted as my first character that I was with in the Alehouse. Originally Drow, having grown up some I believe she's just a regular Elf at this point.

    Go ahead and drop the Dwarves things young one.

    She slowly removes the cowl from her head, revealing her own Blonde hair and blue eyes. She has clearly seen plenty of combat in her day, with her fluid movements revealing that she still has plenty of those days left in her.

    I've met many a good dwarf in my day, and this one seems like the same. But a slave driver he appears to be, and training you to be something completely against your nature. Strength is not the only determining factor in combat.

    Oh forgive my manners. I am Lia Nialo, Weapon Master of House Nialo, wife of the ranger Aramil Nialo, and the current Bouncer of Alaundo's Alehouse.

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    Our Paladin tavernkeep walks back in and examines what is unfolding in front of her

    Good day good dwarf of clan Bluemace.

    She gives the dwarf some Dwarven Ale and brings some water to the young half-elf.

    I'd say not to mind the bouncer too much, she can have quite the fiery temper, but she gets easily set off by perceived injustices. Still, calm down Lia, offer them a chance to explain.

    The elf relaxes just a little more sitting back down, but she keeps her eyes on the two in front of her.

    Yes m'lady of course.

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    (OOC: Well these two were actually from a NWN mod i did a few years back, sadley i never managed to finish it and ended up only half of the way through the story before real life work eat up all my free time, still i managed to complete several short stories of them and an ongoing novel which i still add to every now and again, well when i get the free time atleast lol, i'm sure i will finish it one day, proberly, maybe... Still ive used them in IWD 1 and 2, NWN 1 and 2 and even BG 1 and 2, so i have soft spot for the two haha)

    *The Half-elf gulps nervously at the Elf's comment, his attention remains fixed on the Dwarf, who is glaring at her from the corner of his eye*

    "Hear that lad? she reckons she can be teaching ya how to hang around in shadows n hug trees like your da! ye can go and talk to squirrels and rabbits, sure they be having plenty to say, well if ye be wanting to take him aint no hair of my beard", he scoffs.

    "Uh-uh um Master, dont be rude, she didnt meant anything by it, dont get mad", the Half-elf nervously interjects, trying not to spark the Dwarf's anger.

    *The Dwarf goes to make a comment but the tention is broken when the tavernkeep begins pouring the ale, the Dwarf turns his attention back around to the bar and grunts, the Half-elf lets out a long winded sigh and loosens his collar, he smiles cheerfully and appreciatively at the elf but is careful not to let his attention linger too long, the Dwarf aknowledges the tavernkeep with half hearted grumble though his attentions seem more focused on the ale which foamed and throffed up as it was poured into a plain steel mug, his lips lapped up at the thought of tasting the cold nector, the Half-elf smiles fondly at the tavernkeep, he catches a glimpse of himself in a mirror stationed on the over end of the bar and notices the dirt and grime across his face, his hair was gritty and a thick layer of mud clinged to the left side, he desperatly tried to sproose himself up by wiping the mud and dirt from his face, it has little affect outside smugding the dirt deeper into his skin, he finally sighs and admits defeat*

    "Thank you for the water miss!", he grins with a warm but slightly nervous smile.

    *The Dwarf snorts obnoxiously and makes a grab at the mug of ale and drags it over to him, spilling a rather large slop of it onto the bar, he goes to take a sip but stops himself just before the first drop touches his lips, he forces the mug onto the bar, more spilling as he does so*

    "Boy!", he shouts, "You really gonna go and let me insult me ancestors like this!?"

    *The Half-elf is startled by the sudden outburst, spluttering and coughing up some of the water he had sipped eagerly, he pauses for a moment before widenening his eyes in relisation, he clumsely puts the mug of water onto the bar and dashes back over to the pile of equipment, he rustles through a sacked bag, tied in a rather complicated knot that the boy easily undoes, he fishes through the sack for a few moments, his pace hurried to not let the Dwarf wait too long, finally he pulls out an small but bulky object wrapped loosely in a soft blue cover, the insignia of a mace could half be seen adorning the cover, its stiching a silvery/white, rushing back over he removes the cover with great care revealing a rather hefty and embelished tankard, he puts it beside the Dwarf on the bar and tucks the cover neatly into a small traval bag he carried at his waist, the mug was a magnificent silver or possibly mithril encrusted tankard, a mace dorned either side of the oversized mug which matched perfectly either end, it was similar to the mace on the fabric which had covered it though great detail had been put into the mug's design so much so that it almost seemed to glow a faint blue in a certein light *

    "Ah about time! No self respecting Dwarf would drink from a tavern mug!", he eagerly pours the ale from the plain steel mug into the embelished tankard, once every remaining drop had fallen in, he abrutly slams the tavern mug on the bar and pushes it to one side.

    "Now that be much better!", he grins as he downs the Ale in one long winded go.

    *He pulls the mug away and makes a loud sigh and belch wiping the foam from his beard across his chain mailed forearm, a wide grin creeping across his face, he turns and eyes up the tavernkeep briefly before turning to look at the boy, his eyebrow slightly arched, the Half-elf stops himself from taking a sip of water and his eyes widen a second time, he places the mug quickly onto the bar*

    "O-oh! oh right!", the Half-elf clears his throat, "Greetings tavernkeep! you have the great honour to have Edner Bluemace sitting in front of you, Berserker of House Bluemace! Slayer of Orcs! Killer of Giants! Destroyer of-"

    *The Dwarf's eyes turn red as does his face, he turns abrutly to the boy which startles him out of mid speech, he recoils back in horror*

    "Dammit boy! me name not be Edner! it be EB-NAR! emphasis on the NAR! how many times have i gotta be telling ye!"

    *Recoiling further back the Half-elf nervously rubs his hands togeather and shakes slightly*

    "I-i'm S-s-sorry master! its just they do sound alike..", the boy replys with growing worry in his eyes.

    "THEY BE SOUNDING NOTHING ALIKE! me great granma be called Edner and i not be having ye telling folks i was named after a housewife! even she was the best bloody housewife of Clan Bluemace!", the Dwarf roared with growing anger.

    *The Half-elf takes a deep breath and lowers his head*

    "Sorry master...", he says with his head faced down.

    *The Dwarf grunts and turns back to face the bar, grumbling endlessly under his beard, he looks at his empty mug and gestures to the tavernkeep for another, the Half-elf lifts his head up slowerly and takes a sip of water, he suddenly looks up at the tavernkeep*

    "Oh, and um, i'm Vincent! Vincent Sweetsong!", he nervously grins, "A pleasure to meet you Ma'am!", he goes to take a sip of water but stops himself suddenly, "Um not that it matters that is!", he chuckes lightly, worried his offended the taverkeep "But- one day im going to be a great adventurer! just like Master Ebnar!", the Half-elf, now named Vincent says with growing conviction in his voice and takes a large sip of water.

    *Ebnar snorts loudly and snorts under his breath*

    "Ye ne not be an Adventurer of any worth with name like that boy!", the Dwarf barks. "What self respecting Orc get a fear in his belly from a weedy Half-Elf with the name Sweetsong!", he scoffs.

    "Bu- but master, mother's last name was Sweetsong, and-and she was a great adventurer! You yourself said so! i'm proud to carry that name!", the Half-elf carefuly objects.

    "Ye mother could sing a Dragon to sleep with her voice! twas like Angel's in flight it was, yours sounds like that cat we hit with the wagon a week back, all screech and no tone!", the Dwarf laughs to himself. "Nay lad, only fear ye be serving will be to the dogs that be howling from hearing ye God's awful singing!", Ebnar laughs louder.

    *Vincent shuffles on his feet, clearly the comment hurt his feelings yet he tried to hide it, though not too well, Ebnar scraches his long beard and pulls out a random leaf which had been buried deep within the facial hair, God's knows for how long, he looks up to see the tavernkeep still staring at him*

    "The boy be me ward, if that what ye be glaring at me about, pay him no heed, his about as useless a blunt sword! got stuck looking after him when his ma died nay a year back, as if i aint got enough to deal with without trying to shape this milksoft boy into a man!", he snorts.

    *Vincent's head goes abit lower, clearly the Dwarfs words are cutting in to him or pehaps his remembering his times when he was still living with his mother, his eyes almost seem to dim slightly, Ebnar catches wind and sighs huskerly and punches the boy softly in the arm, while the punch knocks the Half-elf off balance slightly it was clear the gesture was meant as a friendly one and his head lifts up and laughs softly and smiles at the Dwarf, Ebnar forces a quick grin and faint chuckle under his breath back at him before turning to look at his 'still' empty tankard*

    "Ay we will get you there lad! Though i be having my work cut out for me it be true!", the Dwarf slaps his thigh and laughs. "Just gotta be figuring out what ye be any good at other than a pack mule", he finishes while scratching his beard.

    "I hope so Master..", the Half-Elf smiles and laughs softly before taking another sip of water.

    "And stop be calling me Master boy! i aint no skirt wearing wizard and ye aint me apprentice". Ebnar growls.

    "Bu-but Mast-, er, Ebnar, you 'ARE' my master! i want to be a Berserker like you!", Vincent clenches his fist.

    "Boy, you have about as much chance of being a Berserker as i have of being a bleeding heart Druid, nay lad you lack the strength, the endurance nor the rage, yous too polite for ye own good", the Dwarf laughs slightly.

    *Vincent's head turns down again, he slowerly starts drawing a ring with the water on the table with his finger, lost in thought*

    "And stop looking so bloody hurt all the time! ye wont be lasting long out ere with a sour looking face like that following you around everytime someone says summin you dont be liking!", Ebnar waves him off and sighs.

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    Flames begin to dance in the eyes of Lia, the growing exchanges increasing her ire and making her increasingly unhappy.

    You DARE insult my friend and our Tavernkeep Lady Arveene of Helm, by refusing to drink from the mug she provided you free of charge. You would continue on your tirade and then insult me to my face and think I would let such a slight go dwarf. I have met many of your kind, good and evil, but you take the lot.

    The eyes of Lady Arveene narrow as well, however one cannot tell if they're being narrowed at the Dwarf, at the Elf or just as the situation in general.

    Calm down Lia, I am aware of the customs of some dwarven clans that require them to drink out of clan tankards. I took no offense, and furthermore, you know better than to start a ruckus inside of the Alehouse. Last time your child Rilthea required me to replace over a quarter of the Alehouse with her fireballs and burning hands spells. I know its not easy for you to relax on the protection of this Alehouse that you hold so dear, but I am not as defenseless as the original Alaundo was.

    The fire remains in Lia's eyes, although her body once again relaxes. She truly had seen Arveene in combat before with Greatsword, Bastard Sword and Longsword. There is no question she can hold her own, but she was fully armored then and she is not now. Still, she stays seated at her table and lets her gaze soften some as she turns to regard Vincent

    Vincent, my own last name translates into Nightbreeze, however I can promise you that my enemies HAVE learned to fear it. While I may disagree with his gruff and abrupt treatment of you Vincent, I do think that he's at least right that the path of a Berserker is not for you.

    Don't give up hope for adventuring however, as there are many different ways to get there. My own daughter choose to train in the ways of Bladesinger, the way of Corellon Larethian himself, rather than focus on the path of ranger as Aramil did, or mastery of elven weapons that I myself have done. I'm sure your mother and Grumbly McGrumpy of Clan Grouchy over there would still feel honored if you choose to honor them by following their own path and still trying to do what they taught you.

    Gets up and walks over to the weapon rack behind her. She picks up an unadorned scabbard and an equally plain longsword. They both appear centuries old although neither has a clear magical aura to them.

    This is the original longsword of my husband Aramil. We have no male child to pass it onto and my daughter was already given my initial longsword when she started her own journey. Take it, use it, learn it. Master it as you have Mastered walking. Don't try to brute force your way through opponents but rather let them try to brute force their way through you. Practice defense and exploiting openings. Dead adventurers make for good stories about things you shouldn't do, Live adventures inspire a new generation of heroes. Fight with your brain, not with your ego.

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    *The Elf's outburst draws both Ebnar and Vincent's attention, the Half-Elf wasnt use to people sticking up for him, even less people talking that way to Ebnar, he felt a knot form in his stomach, as the Elf's words become more vocal he notices Ebnar drop his left arm down beside him, his eyes remained locked on the Elfs with his head turned to face her, his body still facing the bar, Vincent could see the growing anger in the Dwarf's face, shifting his gaze between the two several times, both didnt seem to like the other, suddenly the axe which had almost dropped to the groud earlier began rustling amidst the pile and abrutly lifted up and shot into Ebnar's left hand, Vincent had heard the axe was of a magical nature but had not yet see the Dwarf use it, it hummed slightly in his grasp, Ebnar began a very dark grumble under his breath, the boy had seen that look before and it never ended well*

    "Uh, um... Please Master, theres no need-",

    *Before he could finish his words the tavernkeeper intervenes and calms her companion down, Vincent took a silent but deep breath of relief, though Ebnar remained with his axe in hand a moment longer before finally laughing under his breath and turning forward, a dark scowl formed across his head, he lifts the axe up and slams it on the bar and resumes his previous posture, the Half-Elf felt himself relax though his heart continued to thump wildly*

    "ye be a good lil pup n be doing as your told 'Elf'," Ebnar said with spite and little a spittle comming from his mouth, "Anytime you wanna be trying your luck just let me know", he said with a scowl and a grin, obviously trying to coax the female Elf further.

    *Vincent grew worried again for a moment incase the situation escelated, fortuntley neither seemed too intrested in a serious fight, which for Ebnar was rare indeed, though their journey had be long and the gruffled Dwarf had slept little in that time, the boy counted his blessing in this case, while Ebnar would never admit he enjoyed those who werent afraid to stand up to him, even if it did usually end in a fight, Vincent cautiously smiled at the lady tavernkeep and the female Elf, it took him a moment to relise she was actually adressing him and not another, few have shown an active intrest his pressence, Vincent listened intently to the lady Elfs words, he had rarely got to meet many of the people of his father's elven heritage having been raised amongst humans for the most of his youth, his ears suddenly perked up*

    "Yo-your daughter is Bladesinger!?", he said with awe in his voice, "My mother would tell me stories of the skill of the Bladesingers!", his excitment growing, "is it true a master Bladesinger can fell a Dragon with words alone?", his eyes begin to sparkle with the thought of such a skilled and deadly warrior.

    *WIthout facing them the Dwarf lets out a loud snort and a rude laugh*

    "Dont be talking such foolishness boy!", the grizzled Dwarf snarled, "stories be just stories, that be the end of em!", he takes a deep sip of his refilled tankard. "Ive done seen a 'Bladesinger' in action, lots pretty lights and sissy singing and dancing about while whistling a tune, spose to throw an opponent off it is, hah!", he takes another long gulp of ale, "Guarantee ya a Dwarf axe will split the guard wide open, no Dwarf worth the beard on his face would get swept away with their la la music they be blabbering on with during battle, Elves and their singing and prancing about, bah!", he drifts off grumbling to himself.

    *Vincent's eyes start to dull, maybe they were all just stories, fantastic legends of great Bladesingers defeating countless enemies, a majestic symphony of magic, martial training and beautiful haunting voices, he looks up at the Lady Elf, looking clearly angered at the Dwarf's words, the Half-Elf forces to snap himself back to reality with a forced smile and a chuckle*

    "D-Dont mind him miss, um Ma'am, um madam Lia", he nervously gets out unsure how to address her, "He takes some, um... getting use to, but his a good sort!... really!", he chuckles softly trying desperately to defuse the situation before it turns into something more.

    *It seemed like the female elf's features softened some, though he could of been mistaken, pehaps that was what he was hopeing for, she continued to speak and he listened intrigued, thoughts played through his mind of his parents, he had never known his father, he passed away shortly before he was born, thus he never knew too much about his Elven background outside what his mother and others told him, he was always eager to lap up any new information he could about Elven history, as the lady Elf passes him a sword he is unsure what to say, nobody has given him a weapon of his own to keep, let alone one with such importance to another. he nervously takes it from her hands, worried about dropping it or holding it wrong*

    "I-I c-cant except this! I-It's too important to you!". the Half-Elf nervously says, stilll worried he might drop it.

    *The female Elf insists and Vincent slowerly draws the sword in closer to him, observing it in greater detail*

    "Thank you!", his eyes light up switching his view from her and the sword, "I mean, i will practice every day! i swear! ..oh uh..", he pauses a moment and turns around to look at Ebnar, "I-I mean if its okay with your Master?"

    *The Dwarf swivvles around in his stool his tankard held firmily in hand and takes a large gulp, the foam sploshed across his beard, he eyes the female Elf up with a cold glare and looks at the sword, he finally snorts and turns back around*

    "Do what ye will boy!", he grumbles "But dont be crying to me if ya go n chop ye own arm off, caus i wont be taken ya to get em replaced neither!" he said with a mumble, "Sides what trouble can ye be gettin in with an old blade anyway? not like its Dwarven make or anythin", he lets out a large belch and chuckles to himself.

    *Vincent's face lights up again and a wide grin creeps across his face, he turns and looks down at the sword, he goes to draw the blade but looks up at the female elf for approval, a subtle nod signals him and he unsheaths the blade with an even wider grin, the sword is lighter than expected though the Half-Elf's lack of experience shows as he begins waving it about, slaying imaginary Orc's, he becomes too reckless however and his swinging slices a slash through the Female Elf's cape, Vincent's face turns pale and he gulps very slowerly*

    "I-I am s-s-o s-sorry Ma'am! i mean madam! i mean lady Lia", his hands shaking slightly.

    *Ebnar roars into laughter, spilling his Ale as he does so, slapping his thigh and letting out a loud belch*

    "Aye, nice work Elf, twenty silver be saying he looses an eye before the weeks out", he laughs louder followed by snorts.

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    Steps forward into Vincent's swing trading another slash in her cap for a slap across the young half-elf's face. Her eyes suddenly turn very stern, the Weapon Master of Nialo in full glory.

    Always keep your guard up. Enemies will not sit around for your idle fancy, thus you must learn. You are intelligent boy, but use that intelligence and don't let your head float into the clouds.

    Side stepping another errant swing from the enthused young half-elf, she draws her blade with a thought, parrying and securing the blade to the ground, using her open left hand to slap the boy across the other cheek.

    You say you want to be an adventurer. Many have said that line too me and most have ended up dead because the dream is far from the reality. Before tales can be sung of you, first you must learn to control yourself and weapons. You must turn the weapon into an extension of your will.

    Withdrawing her sword to a closely guarded position, she stops another wild swing by stepping forward and holding Vincent's right wrist with her left hand, causing him to drop the sword, while swinging around the flat of her blade right on the boy's rump adding yet another bruise for him.

    These lessons will sting boy, but pain now will save your life later.

    She completes a turn around Vincent appearing again in his vision with another mug of water. Her sword resheathed, holding out Vincent's new sword to him.

    This is what real training is. These aren't the dreams of ideal fancy, but the harsh reality of truth. Carrying all those belongings may improve your strength, but strength without direction or training is meaningless is the grand scheme of things.

  • BaldgeekBaldgeek Member Posts: 21
    edited September 2012
    *the door to the Alehouse opens and a chill once again wafts through the common area and sheets of rain usher the heavily cloaked newcomer in. Shutting the door the newcomer throws back her hood, droplets of water splattering the entryway, before scanning the room. Slicking back her shoulder length blonde hair and tying it up in a tight bun the young elf's grey eyes fall, for a moment, on the sword being held out to the male half-elf by the female elf. Seeing that whatever transpired is over and there is no immediate threat her wandering eyes continue to look about. Spotting a lone table in a corner facing the door she smiles at the barkeep with a nod and moves to sit. Unfastening the cloak and placing it on a peg near the table she stretches, finally free from the heavy burden of the soaked cloak. Very lithe physically it's obvious that she wouldn't win any feats of strength but her toned shaped would suggest that she's not a simple scholar...
    Onlookers would see that she's clad in nondescript leather armor, with a small pouch at her narrow waist, and a single dagger strapped on her right thigh in a fine leather scabbard ... it's obvious that she travels light. The most striking feature is her smooth ivory skin, which on this particularly blustery evening showed just the lightest hint of rose on her high cheekbones, in conjunction with her blonde hair and dark grey eyes. Though sickly looking to some, other find her comely if not statuesque.
    ... sitting down and crossing her legs she moves the burning candle to the side and quietly looks through a menu .... *

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    *Ebnar watches the female elf and his young ward exhange sword swings, careful not to be seen to take an active intrest in the display, he half felt like interveneing and helping his clearly underexperienced and outmatched ward but thought better of it*

    'He gotta be learning', he thought to himself.

    *As she effortless dances around the Half-Elf, Ebnar is reminded of Vincent's father moving the same way, though it was clear from her quicker movements she excelled more at closer combat while Vincent's father was better suited to ranged, or it could be simply she had more experience than he did, or could be simply he was giving her too much credit, the Dwarf looses intrest in the display and returns his attention to his tankard*

    "Not bad... for an Elf", he quietly mumbled under his breath.

    *His attention turns briefly to the opening of the Alehouse door, noticing the newcommer walk in he carefully eyes her up from the corner of his eye though his attention is more fixated on his equipment scattred about the floor, no doubt he was making sure the newcomer didnt try and take anything, fortuntley she showed little intrest in the gear and sat herself down at a table, it was at this point he noticed she was an Elf, he scoffs to himself*

    "Bloody Elves done be coming out the woodwork in ere", he groans before returning his attention to his tankard.

    *Vincent was awed and shocked by how easily he was out performed, while it was true he had little to no experience he never considered just how outclassed he was on all fronts, his vision could bareley keep up with her, she moved like a blur in his eyes, it was at this point he knew just how much he had to learn, the throbbing on his cheeks and rear end suddenly kicked in, he tried not to show it but it was clear the small beating stung both physicaly and mentaly, as she hands him the sword which was so easily disrarmed from him, he nervously takes it back off her*

    "I-I will...", he loses his words for a moment and drifts off into thought, before bucking his head back up, "I will get better! i swear it!", his voice filled with a new sense of conviction, "Thank you for the lesson ma'am!", he bows deeply, the gesture felt strange to him but he had watched others do it, "I-I will come back one day and show you ive got better!", his fist clenches slightly.

    *He notices the newcomer Elf sit at the table not far from him, he notices her pale skin and thoughts drive through his head of her being ill, he remembers an Potion of Greater Healing being tucked into his waist bag and toys with the idea of seeing if she needed one but he knew Ebnar would never allow it and Vincent had learned the hard about butting his nose into other peoples business without their consent from the past, he dragged his eyes away and went to sheath his new sword, missing the hole several times before finally succeding, he smiles softly at Lia, he secertely toyed with the idea of what it would be like if she and Ebnar did actually end up in a brawl, little would be left of this Alehouse thats for sure he concluded*

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Rhiannon watched from near the front of the room, her eyes hooded with thoughts unsaid and things undone. When Vincent and Lia were done sparring, she struck up her harp once more.

  • HaggardBlazeHaggardBlaze Member Posts: 53
    Haggard watches the whole display in silence, gently petting yumi while finishing his whiskey. watching the display he silently nods in approval of the elf's skill. Stroking the hilt of one of his enchanted short swords he wonders how long it been since he fought against someone who wasn't throwing fireballs at him.

    He then eyes the dwarf and his young ward. He appraises the half-elf, young inexperienced, not a threat, and dismisses him out of hand. Then eyes the dwarf, he bears all the hallmarks of a veteran berserker, also all the marks of not having bathed in a good long time, and a dangerous glint enters his eyes.

    Yumi, noticing her master's mood, flys up and nips him on the ear.

    With a yelp, grasping his ear and looking confused, he then turns his attention to the newcomer. Noting the leather armor and physical toning, he decides the chance that she is a wizard is a slim one, and noticing that he is humming while appraising her..... physical toning, Yumi lets out a small warning puff of flame.

    "You never let me have any fun" he sighs and sinks back into his chair to start on a new bottle.
    Letting out a satisfied puff of flame yumi settles into his lap and curls into a ball.

    (OOC actually my char is from my first play through of BGII, I found blades entertaining but beyond summon familiar and identify never really used his for magic at all.)

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    Dragons do have a way of minimizing fun around them sometimes. But its not all bad, they're great when you wanna char some food, so long as you share.

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    *Ebnar perks his ears up to listen to the music, he recalled listening to his young wards mother playing something similar in their adventuring days, he taps his finger on the hard wooden bar along to the tune and trys to remember the words she would sing to it but his memory fails him. When the music finally finishes he scratches the back of his neck and takes a deep gulp of his tankard*

    "That was great!", Vincent said with a grin, clapping and applauding, "I know!" the young half-elf says with excitment, "I'll go get my lute from the wagon! i heard this great song in Luskan about a Gnoll and a Girl that will..."

    *Before he can finish his sentence Ebnar swings around in his stool and glares at his ward*

    "ye not be doin no such thing boy!" he growls, "I be deep in me cups a nay be havin ye ogre voice getting us thrown out!"

    *He swivvles back around to face the bar and chuckles softly*

    "Save it for em when we be leaving, dat be a good parting gift if any", the Dwarf huskly laughs.

    *Vincent frowns and crosses his arms half sulking, he glares down at the ground and kicks an an onion peel that was plopped on the floor, after a few moments he lifts his head up and claps his hands*

    "I know master! why dont you play them that singing stone that you have! i heard you listening to it the other night when you thought i was sleeping! its really good! and..." Vincent's words are cut short.

    *Ebnar quickly turns around in his stool and eyes his ward, a sinister angered glare growing on the Dwarfs face, Vincent feels a cold chill run up his spine, he had never seen Ebnar look at him like that, it almost looked like Ebnar wanted to strike him. A few awkward moments pass before finally Ebnar's features relax slightly and he snorts and quickly turns back around, Vincent still felt uneasy*

    "I...I-i'm s-sorry if i offended you master..." he quitely and carefully says, "It's just ive never heard anything like it before!"

    "You be better off minding ye own business boy!" the Dwarf snarls angrily.

    *Vincent frowns and sighs turning his head down again, he lifts his head up suddenly, a serious look on his face*

    "No!..." Vincent snaps drawing Ebnar's attention, "I want to hear it! you always say my voice is horrible and you critisize any bard you hear comparing it to how my mothers was better! Well.." he thinks for a moment, "Well... show me what you consider a 'good' song! i saw the way you listened to it!" he stops for a moment and worries his gone too far, he softens his voice a little "Please master..."

    *Ebnar glared at his ward from the a half turned head, his gaze locked on his for several moments, finally the Dwarf laughs and turns his head back forward*

    "Seems ye hav a backbone afterall boy..." the Dwarf sighs, "Or is that flimsy peice of metal at ye hip makin ye think ye now a man with two sacks big enough to be challenging me?"

    *Vincent gulps nervously and feels a lump form in his throat, he wants to start shuffling but cant get the nerve to do so, Ebnar lets out laugh and a sigh*

    "Fine ye win" Ebnar finally says, "but only caus that be the first bit of backbone ye done shown this entire journey" the Dwarf chuckles but stops himself and turns to address his ward with a serious glare, "but dont be making an habit of it! ye aint so old yet that ye wont get a clip round der ear if ye done be speaking to me that way too often!"

    *Vincent lets out a long sigh, a smile creeping across his face, he nods his head in acceptance and bows slightly*

    "Yes master...", the grin still creeping on his face, clearly proud he stood up to his guardian.

    *Ebnar slowely begins fishing into a very small pouch attached to the side of his belt, it the small leather satchel was clealy only big enough to fit one object inside, Ebnar wrestles with the string for a few moments before finally pulling out an odd rune covered stone, stange markings dotted the lengh of the stone which changed colors from red to green to blue to purple. Ebnar jumps down from his stool and begins to look around the Alehouse, he attention is drawn to the fireplace and he hobbles over to it and places the strange object onto the fireplace mantle, Vincent is entranced by the whole thing*

    "What is it master?", Vincent curiously asks.

    *Ebnar ingnore him as first and grumbles under his breath before turning to face him*

    "It be called a Crysiliss Daluk, made by me clans rune crafters to store our clans songs and memories for those of us who have to be leaving the clan hold for long periods of time, spose to help the Dwarf keep a lil peice of home with em"

    *Ebnar snorts and turns back towards the fireplace*

    "Dont be expecting ye tall folk to be understanding it none, it be ment to keep a clan members spirts up"
    Ebnar lets out a loud sigh, "But i done gone n broke it 5 years back, bloody giant done went an sat his fat arse on it! havnt been able to fix it yet, still.. there be enough of it left to go n show yah somethin, but dont be asking for more! cause i aint playing more than the one! and dont be asking me to show ye how it works neither! cause if ye aint a Dwarf it wont be working for ye!" Ebnar growls.

    *Ebnar begins tapping it with his finger slightly, but stops himself suddenly and turns around to address the rest of the tavern patrons*

    "And the rest of ye lot can be counting ye bloody blessings you get to hear some real Dwarf music!" his eyes narrow, "n if any of ye get any funny ideas about stealing it, i'll be mounting ye heads on my wagon",

    *His glare lingers for awhile longer before turning back to the stone and tapping it again. He finally steps back and folds his arms waiting for the song to begin, Vincent sits in a near by seat eager to hear.*

    *Vincent noticed during the song Ebnar had a wide grin, unlike any he had seen, the Dwarf sang along happily and passiontly growing more vocal as the verse repeated, Vincent couldnt help but sing along as he began to learn the words, both had wide grins and began singing loudly to it, however as the song progressed Ebnar became more silent, his eyes seemed to go distant, Vincent even thought he saw tears in the Dwarfs eyes but if so he was careful to hold them, he seemed entranced by it, suddenly the fire of the fireplace began changing shapes, dwarves in a great feast hall all singing, drinking, feasting and laughing, their detail was perfect, Vincent could almost feel the atmosphere of the hall, the story seemed to want to continue as the image changes to several dwarf warriors walking down what seems like a mountain, each brandishing great axes and maces, another image of a pregnant female dwarf with three children around her smiling and several other male Dwarves who seemed to stare out of the flames and into your eyes, but the image began to loop at a certein moment, when it finally finished Ebnar continued to stare at the fire for awhile longer as the shapes disapated into simple flickering flames, Ebnar wiped his eyes and nose quickly and sniffed several times and slowerly moved up to the mantle and plucked the stone from it, Vincent contiunued to watch him intently *

    "That be all ye seeing so dont be asking for more..." The Dwarfs words seemed quick and unlike his usual self, almost sad.

    *Ebnar walks slowerly back to the bar and grabs his tankard and drinks whats left in one long gulp.*

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Rhiannon smiled as the song ended. She paused and struck up something a little more cheerful.

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    OOC: just want everyone to know, I am now the Mod for the RP section. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact me. :)

  • JanikJanik Member Posts: 14
    The door of the alehouse swings wide open with the wind, of the now heavy storm, as a man walks in. He shuts the door behind him and makes his way to the bar. His hair a dark brown and is soaking wet, and is matted and covering his face. He is wearing a cloth shirt, leather pants and worn traveling boots. He carries a katana and a wakizashi on his left side.

    As he takes a seat at the bar, he whips three coins onto the counter as if from no where. "Ale please. Make it dark." He eyed the other guests underneath his hair quickly make his own personnel and secret judgements, then shrank into his own thoughts as he waited for his ale.

    ((OOC: new to the forums, and to D&D in general. Rather I should say I am just now understanding the rules more. I played both BG games when they were first released though I didn't REALLY know what I was doing. I have been doing the RP thing for a few years now. Started on EQ, made it to WoW, and several other games. Hope you don't judge me to much for that lol. Hope this thread is still alive. Really interesting.))

  • toanwrathtoanwrath Member Posts: 621
    The door opens slowly, as a very small figure in a cloak pushes on it with all of the little might he can muster. After slipping on the wet ground outside, the figure falls over, his cloak falls off, and his shiny bald green goblin head is revealed. He quickly pulls his cloak back on, and scampers in.

    The goblin looks around cautiously, trying to find a safe spot amongst all of the patrons. He rushes up the bar, and hops onto an empty stool.

    The goblin turns his attention to the bards in the tavern, and starts to giggle at some of the music being played. He says to himself, "Ah, this is going to be a fun place to hang around, I can tell. Isn't that right Furqua?" He addresses his armpit and begins a conversation with it.

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    *snaps her fingers and watches some kobolds quickly run delivering drinks to everyone*

    Welcome to new comers and sorry to the old timers. Been kinda busy with work with a wacky schedule and got back into wow while I waited for BGEE so time has all but vanished.

  • JanikJanik Member Posts: 14
    The man takes the drink from the kobold and knods to the bartender. Removing a leather strip from a pouch, he pulls back his hair into a pony tail and begins drinking his ale.

  • peejaybudspeejaybuds Member Posts: 2
    You don't have any Guiness? WTF I'm leaving!!!

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Rhiannon struck up another tune on her harp.

  • BomimoBomimo Member Posts: 18
    *Shapeshifter walks in with a Dwarven attitude.
    "I be wanting some Stout Ale and i be wanting it yesterday! Plough the Druid code, I've got Coins! Are you gonna serve or keep askin'?"

    Waltzes to the fifth corner atop the fourth wall.

  • JanikJanik Member Posts: 14
    The man takes his drink and moves to an empty corrner of the room and leans against the wall eyeing the other patrons, hand resting on his wakazashi.

  • Latronis_PrimeLatronis_Prime Member Posts: 28
    Well there certainly seems to be a lot more traffic in this here new home...

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    If for some reason I am unable to get your drink due to being distracted. We still have plenty of kobold help ready and willing to help serve you your drinks. They are the formerly displaced kobolds that were attacking miners in Nashkel. It was easy, I offered them shelter and to not let every adventurer try to kill them and they jumped at the opportunity. Even threw in some pay.

  • Latronis_PrimeLatronis_Prime Member Posts: 28
    It's not Alaundo's Alehouse without Yipping demons Hurk :P

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    LAT! You came over here. Glad to see ya man how ya been. And shhhhhhh don't tell them about the Yipping demons, the undead hordes or the very angry dragon that likes to fly overhead.

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,823
    And ya there is more traffic. Unfortunately I am not as able to keep up with handing everything out as much due to work, wow, and bgee on top of things I do for my parents website on the side.

  • Latronis_PrimeLatronis_Prime Member Posts: 28
    Well if it'd make feel more at home I could pick a fight with someone and burn it down again?

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