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Threads you just dont read !!!



  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    *Anduin reads thread and leaves... Stalking comes naturally to an animated corpse*

  • ElectricMonkElectricMonk Member Posts: 599
    TJ_Hooker said:

    The meme thread(s). I found it funny at first, but I think it went downhill pretty quick. There were still the odd funny ones later on, but I found most of them to be pretty banal. After people started reposting popular memes from earlier in the thread I pretty much just wrote the whole thing off as a like-farming circle-jerk and stopped checking it altogether.

    Speaking of "like-farming circle-jerk[s]"...


    On topic, I have had "LadyRhian's too many pictures for any thread...." thread bookmarked for a very long time, but it always seems too overwhelming to actually go through all those pictures. Some times I open it and look through one page, sometimes I just open it to make the yellow numbers on my bookmark page go away. I can't bring myself to unbookmark it though because there could be so many good pictures and potential custom portrait pics in there.

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