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worst lectures

wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
edited February 2015 in Off-Topic
I'm currently sat in a very comfortable lecture theatre/cinema. I'm dozing off as my maths lecturer drones on.

Those of you who have been to uni what was your worst lecture and why?

Also what is your best story of falling asleep? (Don't lie, we've all done it)

Edit: I realise I should put my own anecdotes in.

My worst lecture so far was maths a couple of months ago, my lecturer speaks in halting english (it's improved now) and it's a warm room with VERY comfortable seating. I'd covered the lecture content in sixth form and so was not learning anything new so i was quite bored at the time. I tried my hardest to stay awake but even with my friend nudging me every now and then the warm embrace of sleep was too hard to resist.

my best sleep story was a skills for science lecture in freshers week where I had been drinking the night (and morning) before I don't remember falling asleep but i remember being put into groups a couple of weeks later and being shown by a coursemate I didn't yet know a picture of me with my head slumped to the side and my mouth open, needless to say there were many people in the course that had received that picture and were quite amused.

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  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,153
    I get terribly bored in economy class and informatics (even if I'm a computer geek and a programmer, having to spend two hours with on a Windows using silly applications everyone should know like Excel, and somebody trying to teach you about boolean logic), but I'm in school.

    My most epic nap in class was on maths class, but I had spent the whole night programming (after finishing doing my maths homework at 3am, which was after playing like 7 hours of BGT) and I haven't slept, so I was terribly sleepy and suddenly someone hit me accidentally, waking me up, and I almost fell off the chair. Luckily, the teacher had said only the first exercise was homework, while I had done all the exercises because I had forgotten, so I didn't get in trouble after all.

  • CrowseyeCrowseye Member Posts: 28
    I get sleepy really fast in any class when professors are covering material I'm already familiar with. My tolerance for lowest-common-denominator learning environments is very low. Thankfully, today, many classrooms have individual computers with the internet, which makes them more bearable. Back when I got my undergrad degree 14 years ago we didn't have that luxury.

    The one class I regularly fell asleep in was Linear Algebra. The professor knew his stuff, but he could not teach for ****, and it was a 1.5-hour class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I did fine on the tests, but then he took an entire letter grade off for lack of professionalism in the classroom. I protested it with the academic dean and lost, since it was a part of the grading criteria in the syllabus.

    The professor makes so much difference. I have a class this semester for three hours on Tuesday nights with one who is really enthusiastic and inclusive, and it makes the three hours go by so fast that I've actually wished the class were longer.

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