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Old timer just bought BG:EE - Question

ebaymeebayme Member Posts: 3
edited February 2015 in New Members Welcome Area
Hello everyone!

Originally bought and played BG way back when it was first released. To this day it remains one of the best games of all times if you ask me so I was very happy when I saw that the game had been re-released with a modern approach.

I only have one question. I purchased the game on Steam and everything is working pretty dandy (sure there are some unexpected crashes when loading and saving while playing COOP with my buddy) but whenever I look at screenshots from other players their game looks entirely different than mine?

My game looks and feels like the Original Baldur's gate. Textures, characters, maps, everything is like the original. The screenshots I see (even the ones on the main website of the game) looks updated and "modern".

I should also say that the interface looks updated, but the portraits, models and textures in the game look different than the images I've seen.

Am I missing something here?


Guess I should say that I have not "updated" the game in steam. All my other steam games update automatically so I might very well still be playing the original release. For you steam users, do you have to manually update the game? I'm not by my computer right now so I can't really check.


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