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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,433
    Ygramul said:

    I can't wait IMPORT a TOB level character to Chain Contingency: Horrid Wilting at them to poison their a@@es with poisonous gasses....

    @Ygramul Horrid wilting has nothing to do with poisonous gases. The gas effect that you see is the moisture being vaporised and bodily fluids sucked away from the area and the bodies of your enemies. If you take a close look you may see the gases are actually rising from the area, not falling on top of it. The little ghostly skull is drinking them all in. It is a very cool looking animation and nasty, cruel effect.

    @semiticgod whoa, that randomisation thingie looks a bit broken, but may be fun to experiment with! Any chance you will release it as a mod? (Compatible with ee)
  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    lunar said:

    @Ygramul Horrid wilting has nothing to do with poisonous gases.

    Well, as long as it overkills Kobolds, it is acceptable to me...

  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    Very interesting party setup you have going above.
    I have been meaning to ask you, since you have these unusually edited characters:

    - can you make a Sorcerer/Paladin multiclass
    (Now, I know that keeper does not let you edit it, since it is an engine limitation. So this would have to be a sorcerer kit or something [see below]. I know nothing about editing kits myself, so consider this a friendly plea, prettypleasewithsugarontop. :) )

    - could it be done in the EE install (as I understand you use the original BG2 install for your mods)

    Here is an idea for a kit [practically my wetdream for a Bhaalspawn]:

    ** "Eldritch Knight" (yes, *that* one) - Sorcerer kit:

    +1 Thac0 every 3 levels up to 20
    +1/2 APR at lvl 10 and 20
    + weapon selection every 4 levels (and one extra at lvl 1)
    + ability to specialize in any melee weapon and style (for flavor,
    probably exclude shields)
    + hit dice: d6

    - can cast 1 less spell per level (like DD)
    - caster level reduced by 1/4th (rounded up)
    - spell progression reduced by 1/4th (e.g. you get your first 3rd
    level spell at lvl 8 etc.)
    - cannot wear armor or shields

    The idea is that you play this as a spellsword where you select buffs
    for your spells.

    Example: at end of SoA you have an 18th level Edlritch Knight
    (effective Sorcerer level of 14) that knows
    1 lvl 7 spell, 2 lvl 6 spells, can cast stone skin 4 times a day etc.
    dual wielding katanas for 3APR
    thac0 of 7

    Comparable to Fighter/Mage at same XP -- arguably better for being
    able to cast your selected buffs more consistently.
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    @Ygramul: I don't know about EE. But everything in your post can be done in the vanilla game: the slower spell progression, the melee abilities, the altered caster level, the works. You might need Use Any Item to use fighter-type weapons, though, unless you're willing to tweak some item files one by one.

    It depends on if the capabilities of Near Infinity for EE are the same as for vanilla BG2. But they probably are. If you like, I can send you a detailed description of how all this can be done.
  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    Thanks for the prompt answer, @semiticgod

    Perhaps, upon completing my current run (Khael the FMC), for better or for worse, I'll try to construct such a character. I'll ask for your help then.

    Meanwhile, I'll be following the exploits of your team.
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    We have another mage battle right after this. I want Mekrath's Rod of Resurrection, and we've got a Coiled Cabal in his lair. Actually, I don't know if you have to fight the Yuan-ti, but I do know SCS enemies like to call in their friends, and I'd hate to attack Mekrath only to get ambushed by the Yuan-ti Mages rushing in to rescue Mekrath, and crowding up the narrow hallway that would be my only escape.

    We send in the Flesh Golem to get the ball rolling, followed by a Dispel Magic from Yi Grovana.

    This is more through habit than anything else. They're not stupid enough to waste their best spells on an enemy they can slay in one round, so the Flesh Golem doesn't actually drain their spellpower. I rush in and start slaying the non-mage Yuan-ti, waiting for their PFMW spells to wear out. One of them casts Greater Malison, exacerbating our already terrible saving throws, while another conjures a Mordenkainen's Sword. These guys are pretty high level. I'm a ways away from getting any 7th-level spells.

    Still, once their PFMW spells wear off, I pelt them with darts and their Stoneskins fall.

    Imber also lands a rather impressive critical hit.

    The Yuan-ti Mages fail to disable us. The fight ends pretty quickly.

    Finally, I get some nonmagical darts (CLUAConsole, since they're so cheap anyway) and pay Mekrath a visit. I accidentally tell him I'm going to leave--I normally lie to Rayic Gethras about my motives, but tell the truth to Mekrath--so I attack him to get him hostile. He brings up PFMW, so we switch to nonmagical darts. Anticipating Mekrath's PFMW spell, I failed to have Imber conjure Minute Meteors, to ensure that she could equip nonmagical weapons.

    He fails a spell despite Stoneskin. Wizard Slayers are wicked.

    He falls under sustained pressure and we obtain the Rod of Resurrection.
  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059

    I tweaked my install to allow pre-buffing. Now the enemy mages should actually be an issue.


    I remember Dooku's line in 'Attack of the Clones': "Brave, but foolish, my friend." (Of course, Dooku did not survive, after all.)
    Then again your mage battles seem to be going well so far.

    I lost some games to the sewer party before. And I decided to permanently remove the mage prebuff component after a SCS Lavok wiped the floor with me. (After death, I reloaded to test if it was possible for me to survive at all -- short of cheese an early BG2 party WILL die to SCS-enhanced Lavok...)
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