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IcecreamtubIcecreamtub Member Posts: 547
Okay so maybe I'm like, 20 years late to do it, but I *finally* finished Baldur's Gate 1 as of this exact moment!

[Spoiler] Woohoo! It only took me like, a million retries and spell sorting to finish the final battle... Buuuuuut... I DID IT! YAY! GO ME! xD Damn, the final battle is a serious bitch in the ass and I was only 1 level from EXP cap for my entire party! Whew, I'm so happy!!

End game Party:
CHARNAME: Dragon Disciple
Imoen: Duel-Classed as Mage, lv.4 Thief.
Xan (Debuffer)

Here's a screenshot of the end game, just in case you were wondering what it looked like~

Though, I was sad I didn't get to see any Epilogues. ;~; I thought BG1 had some. *Sobs*

Time to import into BG2 from BG1 for the first time<3 (With a completed save.)
I'm so curious to find out all the new dialogue options and start BG2 with my imported CHARNAME! (Though she feels a bit overpowered with the good rolls and stat tomes ._.) [/Spoiler]

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