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Adventure Y: Should I play BG2ee?

GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
Thinking about it, I doubt that I'll be playing any more BG2ee for quite a while.

Why so? Well, I generally want to play a character right through from beginning-BG1ee to end-BG2ee:ToB, so as to see all that s/he can (or can't) do. Henceforth, that's presumably going to include playing through BG1½:SoD (or whatever they're going to call it when they make the official announcement in a couple of days) in between BG1ee and BG2ee. However, we probably can't expect actual delivery of BG1½:SoD for a few months yet. Therefore, rather than make an "incomplete" run without the interquel, I'll probably play to the end of BG1ee and then shelve that character and start another one. By the time BG1½:SoD becomes available, I might have a few such part-completed runs stockpiled! But having just finished my current BG2ee run, I'm unlikely to import another character into BG2ee until after s/he's been through BG1½:SoD first. Thus, probably no more BG2ee for the time being!

Is anyone else also expecting to suspend BG2ee runs until after the new game is released?

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