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[MOD] -NPC_EE- ... Non-Player Characters Enhanced, for Everyone!



  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 817
    Looks to me as if they’re incompatible. They do similar, overlapping things.

    @subtledoctor : this is my EE version (a substantially enhanced version, to be sure) of a component that was in SCS at least as far back as the late 2000s, and possibly since its launch 13 years ago.

  • chimpchimp Member Posts: 2
    Stormfin wrote: »
    Hello @subtledoctor, I'm getting this error. It's clearly something my end as normally this mod installs fine. Any ideas?


    Update: It would appear to be a problem related to tnb .8.37, as I've gone back to .35 and it installs fine.

    Copying and patching 1 file ...
    [npc_ee/spl/d5_sckt.spl] loaded, 298 bytes
    ERROR: cannot convert new_profs_state or %new_profs_state% to an integer
    ERROR: [npc_ee/spl/d5_sckt.spl] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found)
    Stopping installation because of error.

    ERROR Installing [NPC kit choices], rolling back to previous state
    Unable to Unlink [npc_ee/backup/2000/OTHER.2000]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "npc_ee/backup/2000/OTHER.2000")
    [npc_ee/backup/2000/UNSETSTR.2000] SET_STRING uninstall info not found
    Will uninstall 35 files for [NPC_EE/NPC_EE.TP2] component 2000.
    Restoring backed-up [npc_ee/backup/2000/d5dfile1.txt]
    npc_ee/backup/2000/d5dfile1.txt copied to npc_ee/class/fi/d5dfile1.txt, 2 bytes

    I also have this error. Anyway to fix this, besides rolling back to .35?

  • shylamanshylaman Member Posts: 153
    @subtledoctor does the mod only work for NPCs? I just started a new game with a dwarven fighter/thief and thought I'd have a bit of fun giving him a bounty hunter kit. I didn't see a special ability for my PC though.

  • WenedWened Member Posts: 6
    Hi. I installed this on BG1 EE using the EET installer. I get the "change kit ability" but not the "proficiency asignment ability". I do not use any other mod that touches proficiencies. Any idea what might be wrong? Also. How to disable "proficiency wipe" in .ini?

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