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Well Met

Hello, all. Since I'm sort of new to this community, I suppose I should introduce myself.

I'm a linguistics student and aspiring writer. I have a deep love for the fantasy genre and have been a into RPGs and the world of Forgotten Realms ever since I was eight, when I picked up my uncle's battered AD&D books and started pretending that I was Loith the Dark Elven Magic-User, Vanquisher of Devils. My father always did his level best to keep me from playing video games, but I still managed to spend nearly every weekend of my childhood adventuring in Neverwinter Nights and later Baldur's Gate II. I was therefore absolutely thrilled when I recently received copies of the Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate Saga Enhanced Editions. Playing through them has awakened a lot of wonderful memories, as well as given me a chance to see the whole Bhaalspawn story for the first time. The advent of Siege of Dragonspear now has me giddy with anticipation.

I really love what Beamdog has done with these games and I'm excited at the prospect of participating in the community. As a person who's always been about narratives and character design far more than game mechanics and combat, I'll probably comment a great deal on the former and ask a lot of silly questions about the latter. In any case, I look forward to making whatever contribution I can.



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