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A new screenshot approaches!

PhillipDaiglePhillipDaigle Posts: 612Administrator, Developer
edited September 2012 in Archive (General Discussion)
Hi friends.

We got approvals for 11 more screenshots today. Here's one.

The clock in the lower left is being worked on as we speak, with fancy new animated graphics. Look for more screenshots soon, perhaps somewhere on the internet.

Edit: I was foolish and uploaded it to Imgur, which has a habit of resizing images. Now it should be visible in glorious full size.
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  • XzarXzar Posts: 212Member
    Let us see the inventory and spell selection screens.
  • PhillipDaiglePhillipDaigle Posts: 612Administrator, Developer
    Inventory and Spell selection screens will be in the next batch - a bug with how THAC0 is displayed showed up during our latest screenshot binge.
  • TanthalasTanthalas Posts: 6,738Member
    Also, the clock isn't the only thing that is still being worked on, I think there will still be a few very minor adjustments.
  • ajwzajwz Posts: 3,967Member
    Andrew the great confirmed for new unannounced character!
  • DeeDee Posts: 9,829Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer
    edited September 2012
    Pfft. I know a doctored photo when I see one.

    Look-- @PhillipDaigle even put a picture of himself in the character portraits. Puh-LEEZE.


    Looks great!
    Post edited by Dee on
  • AedanAedan Posts: 6,253Member, Translator (NDA)
    edited September 2012
    Love it. Can't wait to play :) Good job!
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  • lansounetlansounet Posts: 1,172Member
    Aosaw said:


    "Tell me a story about trollops and plug tails, PUH-LEEZE!"
    That's what I heard XD

  • JozapeJozape Posts: 12Member
    The UI is looking great. Can't wait for the 18th to roll around.
  • neur0neur0 Posts: 83Member
    Andrew the great = Andre the giant's baby brother.
  • immagikmanimmagikman Posts: 648Member
    edited September 2012
    Im hoping having had to recode the UI it will be moddable so one can choose their colors :)

    But I like what I see anyway.

    Dang... @AndreaColombo you are fast, I thought I was going to follow @Tanthalas
    Post edited by immagikman on
  • KosonKoson Posts: 284Member

    They want the original because the original was that good :D

    That being said, I think the GUI's skin is fully and (relatively) easily modifiable, so making it grey shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
    Then hopefully somebody will make an original-like skin as I don't think we'll get the option to choose between new and old color-scheme in the game's configuration options.
    Golden stuff was totally there in vanilla BG1, on the other hand.
    It was indeed but not in such overwhelming abundance.
  • TanthalasTanthalas Posts: 6,738Member

    The pipe on the right side being modified is something that is very likely to happen, I don't think the battle log box change is likely to happen.
  • immagikmanimmagikman Posts: 648Member
    I dont like the battle box being in the way of the action rather have it where it is...
  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Posts: 2,797Member
    I agree that the new character portraits should more closely match the original set. They really stand out in a way that makes them scream 'mod' more than 'new content'. I don't mean to be insulting, just reflecting.
  • SeldarSeldar Posts: 401Member
    Not bad but I prefer the good old stones of BG1 GUI
  • KerozevokKerozevok Posts: 688Member
    edited September 2012
    You said that the blue UI was not the final version... Mamaaaa I want to diiiie !! :'-(
    Post edited by Kerozevok on
  • LekianLekian Posts: 108Member
    edited September 2012
    Nice work guys!

    Apart from the clock still being worked on, IMO the UI golden line from top to bottom on left side should end at the same point as the one on the right and have the same style.

    18th September still seems so far away!
    Post edited by Lekian on
  • immagikmanimmagikman Posts: 648Member
    The good news is...if you don't like the skins it should be easy to change them out to your preference....Me Im partial to blue anyway so..I can live with it this way :D @Trent_Oster did say the pipe on the right was going to be fixed I believe.
  • LekianLekian Posts: 108Member
    edited September 2012
    @immagikman Thanks for the Information.

    Will be searching the net for the rest of the screenshots during the days to come before release.
    Post edited by Lekian on
  • RhulqdahrRhulqdahr Posts: 28Member
    Koson said:

    The screenshot itself looks great, despite the unfortunate use of BG2 sprites (I still hope it will be possible to revert to the original ones, maybe in a future DLC).
    Two things I'm not very pleased about:
    - why that blue background for the UI and the brown/gold icons? It's strident and clashy and looks worse than the old background / icons;
    - the portraits for the new NPCs look watered down compared to the original ones which are more sharp and colorful. Not possible to make them more alike thematically? We do know Neera, Rasaad and Dorn joined the fun with BGEE, there's no need for their portraits to yell it at us from the side of the screen at every glance.

    No need to discuss about the new UI colors I think, that's probably the most subjective issue. Personally I like them. The overall impression is rather good, but there are some details that I frankly don't like:

    - portraits look kind of strange without some additional borders (they were present in the original UI). IMO they are too close together now and everyone knows that Xzar doesn't like when others touch him or are too close to him;

    - there is no border where the bottom bar of the UI connects with the right side bar thus making it look, again, strange. That's because the stone pattern of the bottom bar differs slightly from the pattern of the right side bar;

    - the dialogue window is a bit smaller than the original when minimized, now we can't even see two full lines of text but one and about two thirds of the second one.

    As I said, overall it looks very promising, just needs some minor tweaks. Also a question: I noticed that the font in the dialogue window is different, will it be possible to choose a font from a set of available fonts and/or pick the original ones?

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