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Request for spell quickbar, lightning orb/surge/vortex, scythes in SoD

brusbrus Member Posts: 944
edited February 2016 in Feature Requests
  1. ->request for friendly fire on/off check in options menu.
    Some early mages in party die of fireball AOE because of low HP. It's a convienience tweak.
    Edit: it could ease up the game so it would not be wise to implement
  2. ->lightning orb spell in SoD
    I tried to make a spell from animation file I made in Blender but I failed. I couldn't get it to work in Bamworkshop.
    When I loaded image sequence, I experienced crashes, glitches and didn't get good quality gif animation.
    I would like to thanks to @Cuv and @Grammarsalad for help and insight.
    Instead, my request for devs is to add this lightning orb spell in SOD.
    It's not directional as chromatic orb or lightning bolt but a spell which lasts for awhile (about 2 rounds) and does AOE lightning damage + stun effect to nearby enemies.
    Animation video:

  3. ->request for lightning shield spell in SoD
    There are fire shield red and blue, why not lightning too. ;)
    My thoughts are theese shields need to be more effective,though. Animation is similar as cloak's of mirroring spell deflection.

  4. ->request for direct spell quickbar UI
    Easier spell UI is neccesary to speed up finding desired spell especially when you're playing with mage/cleric class. This is some concept example of UI for a couple of spells. Spell quickbar could be brought up with a single key and ... means you could scroll through it.

    spell class1, spell1

    spell class1, spell2

    spell class1, spell3

    spell class1, spell4

    spell class1, spell5

    spell class2, spell1

    spell class2, spell2

    spell class2, spell3

    spell class2, spell4

    spell class2, spell5






    spell class9, spell1

    spell class9, spell2

    spell class9, spell3

    spell class9, spell4

    spell class9, spell5
    There could be even better implementation than this outline.
  5. ->request for frequent mimic monsters, hidden bosses, (demi)lich battles, hidden portals and finding portal keys
  6. -> doing genie's quests and maybe exploring another plane dimensionsimage
  7. -> upgrading every weapon and armor to +6 at forge with tough to get upgrade items;
    When upgraded, weapons have 30% chance to deal special damage with some visual effect
  8. -> UI tab which pops up when we hover the mouse over the enemies and
    shows what spell protection they have. This information tab could be affected by intelligence or wisdom stat.
  9. ->request for Arcane vortex : AOE damage from center of caster

  10. ->request for Lightning surge : directional cast

  11. ->request for new weapon type and weapon combo strike: Scythes
    thanks @Anduin for the idea
  12. ->Shiver burn spell:
    cast similar to "Flame Strike" but deals frost damage.

  13. ->Soul devastation spell
    Mage calls an outer plane magic which reaches to enemy soul within range and erodes the soul dealing AOE damage. To enemies which are out of the range, if not saved, spell causes horror.

  14. ->request for dual wielding sling proficiency (for mages also) and much better slings
  15. ->request for exploration of some magical flying city in the sky or some Forgotten realms flying enclaves
  16. ->request for spellstab critical hit
    when mage is invisible, first spell cast does critical damage as thief's backstab
  17. ->request for extension of utility belt UI
    so that more potions, scrolls and magic items can be used
  18. -> when all party is selected, thief can auto disarm trap or auto unlock the chest/door without needing to select character
  19. ->ability that thief is always searching for traps
  20. ->book case, well, for the books

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  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    I like the idea of friendly fire being a toggle, at least in theory, but in order for it to not disrupt the game's [tenuous] balance, you'd need to script enemy behavior so that they could also take advantage of it. It would also pretty handily remove any danger inherent in casting Fireball on yourself (or wielding the Harbinger in BGII:EE).

    I like the lightning orb animation, though! Nice work.

  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,848
    As long as you can still fireball civilians, I'd be okay with it.

  • brusbrus Member Posts: 944
    edited October 2015
    Dee said:

    I like the lightning orb animation, though! Nice work.

    Thanks! I have some other spell ideas.
    Nimran said:

    As long as you can still fireball civilians, I'd be okay with it.

    @Nimran, you know you're playing Baldur's Gate too much when you're tossing fireball at civilians.:)

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,591
    Heresy! Self-inflicted fireball damage is an intrinsic part of the D&D learning curve. My first (and most cherished) PnP character got barbecued to death when the party mage forgot about AoE. I'm sure many others have had similar experiences and eliminating friendly fire casualties would be like painting "TRAP!" on the floor.
    Also, whilst intelligence might be a dump stat for some characters I don't think that should be the case for players.

  • brusbrus Member Posts: 944
    @dunbar, after thinking about what @Dee and you said,friendly fire is probably not the wise choice.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,591
    edited October 2015
    At the request of @brus (the OP) I'm posting my reply to a PM he sent me, for further discussion. It went like this:

    Thanks for the reply. I was in no way disparaging your post, simply stating my personal opinion as an 'old school' (or just 'old', for that matter) D&D player who believes that the best way to learn is from your mistakes and that every action has a consequence etc. etc..

    Re. your other requests: I applaud you and everyone else who puts in the time and effort to make or suggest improvements to the game. However, some are more practical than others (again, my personal opinion) so bear with me while I take your points in order.

    2. Lightning Orb spell. The main stumbling block here is that I can't find it in my 2e handbook. So, if a spell doesn't appear in the existing D&D rules, can it appear in a D&D game? A moot point but you might like to look at existing spells that don't currently appear in BG (I like the work you've done on this spell btw).

    3. Lightning Shield spell. There's already a 4th level Priest spell "Protection from Lightning" in the 2e handbook - wouldn't this have the same effect?

    4. Spell quickbar. I totally agree that spell selection needs sorting somehow. Even though I pause every round during combat to check what's going I still seem to spend ages rummaging through spellbooks.

    5 & 6. More 'stuff'. Specifically portals and planes: In ToB you get whisked around all over the bloody place (and at the most inconvenient moments) so I get a bit tired of them, but if they're implemented on a smaller scale and in a non game breaking way (i.e. there's always an emergency exit, as it were) they would add interest.

    7. Upgrading weapons and armour to +6. It's that dreaded word "balance" again. Generally speaking I find that the game provides the right weapons at the right time if I'm prepared to look or work hard enough for them. Again, nothing should come easy (imo).

    8. Spell protection indicator. Agreed that someone with sufficient knowledge (lore?) should probably be able to tell by watching a spellcaster which spells they're preparing/casting (the ingredients themselves would be a dead giveaway) - but that is only if the caster is in line of sight when casting. However, I just cheat and read the dialogue box!

    Sorry for the long-winded reply but you did ask what I thought! Again, I must emphasise that these are just my personal opinions and I stand to be corrected about any factual errors I may have made.

  • brusbrus Member Posts: 944
    edited October 2015
    quoting @dunbar
    You have constructive viewpoints and I would like we discuss new possibilities even further.
    • 2. I imagined lightning orb spell as elemental D&D spell which could be the high level ability or 7th spell class. It's quite powerfull spell as Storm of Vengence but in ground level of characters. Basically, it can be balanced and designed however devs want.
      I thought it would be nice to use some new gameplay mechanics along with already known spells. Simply just to add something fresh and spice up the gameplay. I don't know if D&D rules can't be modified or adjusted with new spell mechanics.
    • 3. I've forgot about that spell. This lightning shield adds "50% lightning resistance and protects caster from attacks made within 5 feet from caster by dealing 1d8+2 lightning damage to attacker". Similar to Fire shield red or blue. As I stated, theese shields could be improved a lot.
    • 5 & 6. Adventures for hidden bosses, genie's quests, plane dimensions could be very difficult quests in a way that are unusual, interesting, mysterious, enjoyable and hard. But, not intrusive that you'll got toss all over the place.
      If character can't beat that challenge, with autosave he could go different way and return when he will be more powerfull.
      Altough, some genie's quests could be mischieveous and untrustable in a way they could entrap you in another plane from which you should find the way out.
    • 7. Of course, game should be balanced when using upgrade items to improve weapons and armor,altough to get them it's not easy task.
    • 8. When fighting long battles with liches or dragons, dialogue box get's cluttered. With spell UI indicator you could easily read what spells enemies have in current round without finding it in dialogue box. I assume it won't dilute combat seriously.

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  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 925
    Hey have you guys looked into the 3.5 edition source book spells?

  • SpaceInvaderSpaceInvader Member Posts: 2,125
    I like your ideas and love your enthusiasm.

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