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Possible bug with Osmadi

AlonsoAlonso Member Posts: 388
My game crashes every time I try to fight Osmadi in Larswood. I prepare my party with a lot of protective spells, go for it, and at some point in the middle of the fight the game crashes. It's happened three times already. I noticed that during the fight Osmadi only takes Cold damage from my Ice arrows, but not from other projectiles, which seems weird.

I'm running version 1.3.2053, which I think is the most current patch. I installed Sword Coast Stratagems with most options disabled a few days ago. It's the only mod I have, and the only mod I've ever used with this game. Should I report this as a bug in BGEE, or as a bug in SCS, or just ignore it (after all it doesn't affect the game much)...?


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