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Ineth's collection of Icewind Dale style portraits

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Ineth's collection of Icewind Dale style portraits -- Volume I: Canonical classes and races

This is a collection of additional portraits for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, which fit in with the original portraits that come with the game. It is part of the following set of portrait collections:
IWD style portraits:‣ I. Canonical classes and races  (Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, ... , Halfling, Half-orc)
‣ II. Characters from other games  (BG1, BG2, PST)
BG2 style portraits:‣ I. Real-world cultures and ethnicities  (Vikings, Black people)


IWD:EE comes with 59 built-in portraits. That's more than most games; but due to the large number of possible character build combinations (class + race + gender), any given build doesn't have a lot of suitable portraits to choose from.
This collection tries to remedy that by adding more portraits for all the classes and races officially supported by the game, using a similar style as the built-in ones.

Please note that I did not paint these portraits - they are pictures which I found online, painted by various artists (see the Spoiler boxes below).
I merely turned them into IWD style portraits by cropping them and applying some post-processing.

Portrait layouts



For each portrait, three files are included.

The first two are the normal character record screen and side-bar versions, cropped like the original portraits.

The third is an alternate version for the side-bar, corresponding to the "Zoomed in side-bar portraits" component of my IWD:EE Portrait Variations mod.

See the included readme files for details.


Bundle Content Download Size
Warriors 30 portraits iwdee_portraits_warriors_v02.7z 15.7 MB
Priests 45 portraits iwdee_portraits_priests_v02.7z 27.3 MB
Rogues 29 portraits iwdee_portraits_rogues_v02.7z 16.3 MB
Wizards 25 portraits iwdee_portraits_wizards_v02.7z 14.1 MB
Shorties 40 portraits iwdee_portraits_shorties_v03.7z 21.5 MB
Half-orcs 26 portraits iwdee_portraits_half-orcs_v01.7z 15.0 MB

Download them by clicking the filenames in the table above.
(Alternatively, click the Download button at the end of each post below, or get them from my Yandex drive).


The following 6 posts show thumbnails of all the included portraits. (Click a thumbnail to open its high-resolution version.)
Also shown for completeness, even though they're not included:
original — the portraits that come with the game.
variant of original — from the "Photoshopped variations" component of my IWD:EE Portrait Variations mod.
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