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Ship Date Delay



  • ArcalianArcalian Member Posts: 349
    It's not like I was gonna get it on launch day anyway. Slightly bummed, but only slightly. More time to work on my existing BG campaigns.

  • AnthedonAnthedon Member Posts: 26
    I'm a little sad now, but better take your time guys.

  • MornmagorMornmagor Member Posts: 1,160
    edited September 2012
    Thing is, march to september is roughly 6 months of developing, assuming they didn't start before.

    2.5 months more, is almost half the developing time more.

    What could they possibly want to add or change? Is this all for simply polishing stuff? Or something has changed?

    So many questions, but no answers will probably appear soon o_O

  • Vonbek777Vonbek777 Member Posts: 130
    Well on the bright side maybe this will give them time to get my forum badge sorted out! Two copies preordered, still waiting. ;)

    That was a joke. I don't need no stinkn' badge, just work on the game.

  • ArkinArkin Member Posts: 32
    edited September 2012

    Thank goodness! With that distraction out of the way, there might actually be hope for me turning in my master's thesis on time. :)

    Yeah...I'm in the same boat. Nov. 30th is just in time for a Christmas break full of Bhaalspawn-y goodness!

    But seriously...while this was hard news to hear, it's good news. I'm glad that the folks at Overhaul care enough about their product to take their time with it. And, unlike Diablo III, I'm sure the wait will be worth it. Keep at it, Oster & Co.!

  • CleaveCleave Member Posts: 32
    Thats a major bummer. I thought the game was supposed to get updates regularly after launch with new features/fixes and whatnot. Will there still be even more updates after the game launches in november? If yes, where does it ends? I mean, what else can they possibly work on..? I really hope it will be worth it.

    And I certainly hope the new extra thing they'll add will not be useless craps, like an artbook or some wallpapers. It needs to be something in the game or I won't like it.

    That being said, I'm sure they had good reasons for doing so, and for the time being I wish them some rest and maybe a week's vacation or two, so we're sure we get the game on the 30th of november :)

    And please, do not delay the game a second time 4 days prior to launch to somewhere early 2013!
    Or THEN I'll be mad for real!
    Thanks and best of luck!

  • mch202mch202 Member Posts: 1,455
    30th November... it still give us 21 days to play until 21.12.2012!! :)

  • paulsifer42paulsifer42 Member Posts: 267
    cespenar said:

    The game is already done. Everything you had to do was to tweak it a little bit. I don't get this delay. I hope I will have some free DLC for this.

    PS. Don't even try to make BG3.

    Caveat: unless you learn from this/these mistake(s).

  • WonKoWonKo Member Posts: 72
    It's probably better for my academic progress... but I have to be honest I was really looking forward to Tuesday.

    I'm sure its for the best.

  • eksterekster Member Posts: 234

    I understand though. Rather have a good game than an unfinished unplayable game that'll leave a sour taste in everyone's mouths. :\

    Oh well...

  • MathuzzzMathuzzz Member Posts: 203
    Actually I wanted to wait some time for the post-ship features to play a complete game, but I wanted to make it before the end of the world :)

  • cutlasskiwicutlasskiwi Member Posts: 35
    Good thing I have a backlog of games to get through in the meantime. Besides I can always wait a little longer for more Baldur's Gate.

  • StrangeCatStrangeCat Member Posts: 39
    hey that's cool! I composed music track for you guys and I wasn't sure if I could have it mixed by the 18th:P Now I will be able to mix it in about a week.
    Quality is more important then a rushed job!

  • GotNoUsernameGotNoUsername Member Posts: 49
    NOOOOO *sad very sad * But good luck developing ^^ and have fun

  • AblienAblien Member Posts: 4
    Too bad, I hope this isn't the first delay of many to follow. Back to Dragon Age Origins I go!!!

  • Vonbek777Vonbek777 Member Posts: 130
    Tr_ond said:

    @paulsifer42 : They are messing about with ancient code, it`s an archaeological dig through a giant latrine. A latrine of the gods it might be but it`s still full of shit. It`l take some epic level Overhaul detergent to make the site safe for tourists and i don`t want to prance about in it until they`ve cleared out every little speck of faecal matter and made it shine. It`s taken 14 years, i can wait a bit longer.

    Agreed, but just give us more warning next time if there is a next time that you need more time to let the fumes disperse from mixing too many cleaning agents together for that supershine!

  • paulsifer42paulsifer42 Member Posts: 267
    Tr_ond said:

    @paulsifer42 : They are messing about with ancient code, it`s an archaeological dig through a giant latrine. A latrine of the gods it might be but it`s still full of shit. It`l take some epic level Overhaul detergent to make the site safe for tourists and i don`t want to prance about in it until they`ve cleared out every little speck of faecal matter and made it shine. It`s taken 14 years, i can wait a bit longer.

    And I understand that, and agree that I'd rather not go through until they're done spit shining it. What I'm saying is that they are the ones who decided to clean it up so we'd pay them for it. Could I do what they're doing, no, I couldn't, but I'm not the one trying to do it professionally either. I don't think it's wrong of us to let them know we're disappointed/annoyed/angry/whatever.

  • jfliederjflieder Member Posts: 115
    edited September 2012
    Vonbek777 said:

    @vonbek777 Actually I like the abruptness in which Trent did it. It's like ripping someone's bandaid off before they know whats happening. You would have complained no matter what, so...stop complaining. Style points to @TrentOster for a nice quick rip. I love it.

    Actually, no I wouldn't have. I have lots of hoop jumping myself to do. I understand project management quite well in fact, and it is no fun being stuck in the middle. The new date for release is better for me and the wife anyhow. But a little communication or hint of a delay earlier, and the wife would not have been taking a week of leave off next week that we will now have to rush to undo before next week.

    You were planning vacation around the release of this game? That's what's got your undies in a bundle? Sounds like you're more upset with consequences of your actions than the release date change itself. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt: working right up to the deadline to make it before realizing it wasn't happening, legal hoops to jump through to announce this, etc.

  • RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
    edited September 2012

    Post edited by Razor on
  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    I'm so disappointed, especially as I booked off some holidays off just for this. So disappointed that I can't articulate it... :(

    The new release date seems so far away as well. Two and a half extra months. Man...

    Still I do understand the reasoning and I would prefer Beamdog to release a quality product up front instead of a shoddier version which would have a negative impact on the companies reputation. With the BG franchise you have a lot to live up to, anything less than perfect will destroy customers perceptions and therefore Beamdogs credibility to produce further EE titles.

    I'm sad, but I do understand.

  • immagikmanimmagikman Member Posts: 664
    Oddly enough Im not even disappointed that there is a delay. Somehow I have started liking Might and Magic Heroes 6 even with the clunky Uplay thing so glad they are taking their time to get a few more things taken care of.

  • ErulogosErulogos Member Posts: 3
    Yeah it took 14 years so those few more weeks arent so bad. Even so this waiting is totally killing me! I was like "OU YEAH ONLY 4 MORE DAYS!!!" and now i am like "ouch i dont even know how much more weeks i have to wait QQ" But it is still better to wait and got better game than playng unfinish one ^^

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,679
    As i said many times, for me if the game launch in 2013 i will have no problem with it (and i already pre-ordered the game).

    I have waiting for almost 12 years for this to happen, believe me when i say "take you time", take all the time needed for the best of the best. I will not complain in any way for delay reasons, but give me an awersome product that respect Baldur's Gate legend.

    If you devs think that you can present the actual project of the enhanced edition to ATARI (or whoever have the rights over BG) with some suggestions to change original content, if you believe you can convince them to accept changes in the original content, by the gods! I would gladly wait to 2014 for the release if needed!! (but more than 2014 is too much).

    This is all i have to say about this matter.

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