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Ship Date Delay



  • immagikmanimmagikman Member Posts: 664
    ramagons said:

    i can't believe I tied up 17.99 USD of my cash assets into this game for a couple months. you owe me .00000000002 USD worth of estimated earned interest, beamdog.

    Humor :-D Love it.

  • BugratBugrat Member Posts: 114
    I have waited 12 years for this, I can wait a few months more.

  • KaxonKaxon Member Posts: 156
    It's disappointing to have it delayed so close to the release date - I was looking forward to playing it next week. But if this ends up making the game better it'll be worth it. Also I hope this means some of the stuff they were planning to do as DLC will be ready for the release - I'd rather have BG1 complete when it comes out, and have them go on to working on BG2EE at that point.

    And maybe I'll be playing Baldur's Gate next week anyway... might be time to finish the paladin playthrough I shelved when BGEE was announced.

  • JazJaz Member Posts: 9
    I think most of us are here because thirteen years ago, we experienced something great, something spectacular something we looked back upon for the whole time. It surely wait 6 weeks more in order to get that feeling back!

  • Bynary_FissionBynary_Fission Member Posts: 197

    But in all seriousness - I cannot deny that I am somewhat disappointed that the game has to be pushed back almost two and a half months, especially just four days before the original Sept. 18 release date. However, if there is ever a game that deserves to have the best possible treatment and release, it's Baldur's Gate.

    I concur with the above posters - I would MUCH rather wait for the best damn product that the Overhaul team can come out with as opposed to an underdeveloped, buggy and half-finished product rushed out because the devs didn't have enough time. Baldur's Gate is a game that deserves respect from its developers, and I cannot fault them for the delay knowing that they refuse to release a sub-par product.

    Plus, I have all my other IE games to keep me busy. :P

  • lDanielHolmlDanielHolm Member Posts: 225
    While I accept the necessity of a delay, I find it difficult to believe that it wasn't possible to make this announcement before just [i]four days[/i] short of the release date. That's... very abrupt.

    Especially since the date is postponed by a rather massive 10 weeks.

  • Fake_SketchFake_Sketch Member Posts: 217

    I was very mad when I heard this, now, I'm only mad. It's good that you want a perfect game, but to announce it on such a short notice isn't good. I wont rage all day as nothing can be done to change this but at least you should give people that have pre-ordered before this date a exclusive in game item.

    Well, now that I'm more calm: I hope that in the meantime you give us more previews of the game and advertise it everywhere so more people get a copy.

  • Almar007Almar007 Member Posts: 34
    Verry sad. But i will wait it anyway and be patient.

  • oseasweroseaswer Member Posts: 7
    Just don't change it beyond 2013. I want to play this over my Christmas break. I wasn't planning on playing it this month anyway. Just mess around with character creation.

    Sad for those who were planning to play it on launch day.

  • gumiondaygumionday Member Posts: 1
    definitely a bummer but not the end of the world. I guess time for Torchlight II in the mean time.

    anyone know of a good way to contact beamdog's customer service, I had an issue with my purchase of Baulders Gate EE

  • carthagocarthago Member Posts: 2
    While dissapointed for a further wait I would rather get a game that isn't buggy and needs a slew of patches afterwards which seems to be industry standard at present.

    So no worries Guys, I will just cancel my leave next week & rebook it for some Balders Gate goodness in November.

    All good things come to those who wait :)

  • BeerishBeerish Member Posts: 8
    Half-Life 2 - 1 year 2 months delay

    Gran Turismo 5 - 2 year delay

    Team Fortress 2 - 8 year delay

    Perspective and patience.

  • drawnacroldrawnacrol Member Posts: 246
    At first I was like FFFUUUUUU....but the 30th of November is so much better since it will be cold and I'll have lots of free time to play. So I'm 100% cool with this since we will get a lot more bug fixes and content.

  • HoboJoe0858HoboJoe0858 Member Posts: 35
    edited September 2012
    Darn, that sucks. Would of been a great birthday present to myself from me.
    At least i'll have more time for Skyrim haha!

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738

    Isn't there an e-mail on their website for that kind of stuff? You could also try messaging PhillipDaigle.

  • KholdstareKholdstare Member Posts: 160
    Well, hey, at least on the bright side, they might be able to fix the Charm spell with this amount of time. :P

  • navy_spitfirenavy_spitfire Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for the insight. Definitely nice to hear the perspective of a beta tester. Of course polish is always necessary and nice at the expense of making a ship date, so thanks.

  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 1,909
    Now that's a bummer.

    Can't say I'm entirely cool with this as I was already counting back days to the release. Watching those days slowly go down from 10 to 4, only to find out that the number has just been bumped up to 77 is seriously disappointing. Still, that's life and what can you do.

    I'm also somewhat optimistic that all this extra time will go into making the game better, so there's still a light at the end of that rather long tunnel.

  • veevitoveevito Member Posts: 35
    I kinda expected a delay given Trent's tweets lately. It did seem like they were cutting it too close, but I didn't expect a 2 1/2 month push back. I was thinking like a couple more weeks.

    That's they only odd part actually. Not that it was delayed, but the extent of the delay. *Scratches chin and raises one eyebrow*

    I know! They are adding BG2 to the bundle!! weeeee

  • neleotheszeneleothesze Member Posts: 231
    This is very, very disappointing but I can't say that I'm surprised. The week came and went and there was no game to pre-load, no preview, no extra information on the internet as they had hinted.

    How do you communicate with the fans who supported your effort, who pre-ordered one, two or more copies of a game you're remastering? Behind the screens you decide you need 2 and a half months and to the fans you say 'you're excited to show new screenshots' ? At least I'm hoping they didn't realize they need 2 months just 1 week before release - and I seriously hope this delay isn't about the UI. Screw the UI, you can't please everybody. Who cares it's blue and gold, pink and green, black with polka dots? We know you have the sounds, the new portraits... that you fixed so many bugs.. you kept us up to date with that... so what's up?

    This announcement fits a corporation better than it does you guys. Throw us a bone, what's there left to do? We're going to be more satisfied by knowing you listened to fans opinions on some issues and decided to implement them or that you decided to add some new feature that is still causing issues than just a bland "after recently reviewing the game [...] we have pushed back the release date of the game. "

    [joke] I better get an exclusive in-game semi-transparent, sparkly steed for this [/joke]

    @TrentOster [serious] I'd very much like to hear what is causing this huge delay, even if it still disappointing news like "when Neera gets to Baldur's gate there's a bug that erases your windows system files or something" [/serious]

  • KhamillKhamill Member Posts: 226 least I have more time to choose the class:/ However I respect the decision, I'm sure it'l proove good.

  • Vonbek777Vonbek777 Member Posts: 130
    jflieder said:

    Vonbek777 said:

    @vonbek777 Actually I like the abruptness in which Trent did it. It's like ripping someone's bandaid off before they know whats happening. You would have complained no matter what, so...stop complaining. Style points to @TrentOster for a nice quick rip. I love it.

    Actually, no I wouldn't have. I have lots of hoop jumping myself to do. I understand project management quite well in fact, and it is no fun being stuck in the middle. The new date for release is better for me and the wife anyhow. But a little communication or hint of a delay earlier, and the wife would not have been taking a week of leave off next week that we will now have to rush to undo before next week.

    You were planning vacation around the release of this game? That's what's got your undies in a bundle? Sounds like you're more upset with consequences of your actions than the release date change itself. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt: working right up to the deadline to make it before realizing it wasn't happening, legal hoops to jump through to announce this, etc.

    How are my undies in a bunch? Am I being unreasonable in my request for better or more frequent communication? I'm pushing 40, and though I work at home, I have plenty of deadlines to schedule around, the wife is an IT manager/programmer with plenty of hoop jumping of her own on multiple projects. We have two young kids. Time is precious, and we're both old school crpg players. Scheduling time to be together to accomplish that requires effort. Granted none of that is Overhaul's concern, but communicating with the customers in general is. Is that an unreasonable request? We will gladly shell out money and support for a company like Overhaul to bring back some great memories for the both of us, and some new memories for our kids. I have 10 machines at home. We still do lan parties once in a blue moon with old friends from college. If I am coming off as overbearing...that is not my intent. Just request better communication. I've checked and my undies are definitely not bunched as far as I can tell. ;)

  • KonabugaKonabuga Member Posts: 135
    Ouch, it must have been tough to break this news to us. I'm sure the people at Overhaul are more dissappointed by this than we are. Well, I can wait for the game a little while longer. It's not the end of the world.

  • jhart1018jhart1018 Member Posts: 909
    I was so looking forward to playing BG:EE next week. Like everyone else, I'm disappointed, but I'll hang in there and wait until the end of November. I hope the final product will be polished and ready to go as soon as it's installed. When the early download didn't materialize, I started to wonder... I've lived through delays before; I'm sure I will again. I am a sad bunny, but on the bright side, a Nov. 30th release means I only have to suffer through about 2 weeks of classes before I can devote myself thoroughly to smiting those on the Sword Coast who deserve it.

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    edited September 2012
    Vonbek777 said:

    Wow, seriously you waited this long to announce something you had to be aware of before now. A little more communication would better build the bridges of trust with the community.

    The funny thing is that some weeks ago some wiseguy mentioned that BGEE won't have any new GUI or anything worth mentioning. Seriously, what you guys think? That these things happen in a single day?
    The IE is a complex thing, there are many constraints (compatibility with mods, especially the single tlk file, thousands of bugs to fix, and modder ideas to realize). All with a handful of paid employees and a dozen of volunteers. There always be people who don't do much, but demand a lot, for free, in weeks.
    Trent and co honestly hoped they will be able to cope with this tremendous task in the little time that was available.

  • sandmanCCLsandmanCCL Member Posts: 1,389
    Oh bother. I decided to go ahead and pre-order a few days ago because I wanted to have that pre-load available. Wait an entire two months now comes as kind of a shock.

    I guess I'll get to spend more quality time with Guild Wars 2 but this is a huge bummer. I won't have BG:EE to keep me occupied during the semester.

  • DisplacerDisplacer Member Posts: 13
    Not an issue. I prepaid too but I'm glad they're waiting until it's the best they can get it. I'm sure it wasn't easy to make the announcement

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