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The Darkest Day



  • shadowlichshadowlich Member Posts: 20
    New version available :

    - Compatibility with EET
    - Minimap, Search map improvments
    - Bugs and area fixed (I code/test with its walkthrough, anything missing in the walkthrough is missing in my test scope :)

    Credits mainly go to WhiteAgnus!
  • CahirCahir Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,795
    Ok, is it real? I mean, can I play it on EET without all this ridiculous overpovered stuff?
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    edited January 2016
    @shadowlich While I appreciate your efforts to make this mod available for the Enhanced Edition, and your efforts in contacting the original authors to get permission to distribute it, the rules about copyright are there to protect authors regardless of their availability. Until you receive permission from those authors to distribute a modified version of their work, you cannot do so--and advertising it here by telling people to send you a PM is similarly not acceptable.

    Here's what I would recommend:
    - Remove the comment from your earlier post about sending people copies of the mod if they PM you, as well as the text from the readme
    - If people do PM you, asking you for a copy, inform them that the site rules prohibit you from distributing the mod before its original authors have responded to your request
    - If you don't expect to hear from the original authors, and cannot find any language from them anywhere that they'll allow people to modify and redistribute their work, discontinue your work on the mod for public release. You can work on it for your own game, but don't distribute or plan to distribute it.
    - If you do expect to hear from the original authors, by all means keep working on it, but don't publish or distribute it without the original authors' permission, regardless of how many people want you to do so

    Especially (but not exclusively) for a mod featuring new story content, it's important to protect the rights of that story's creators, which includes their right to refuse its distribution.
  • agb1agb1 Member Posts: 249
    @Dee - suppose @shadowlich stops distributing the original mod, but still offers his unofficial patch, so a player who wanted to duplicate what @shadowlich has done - for personal use - could obtain the original mod separately from an author-approved location, and then apply the patches that @shadowlich has developed. In effect, the patch automates a set of instructions that @shadowlich could write that would allow any other player to duplicate his results: edit this file, change line X to Y, etc. Considering that @shadowlich is not seeking any financial gain but is simply sharing a process that any player could do independently - provided he doesn't distribute the original mod - what is your view on this?
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    I'd have to check with my advisors, but I think that would probably be okay, as long as he's not distributing a modified version of the original mod.
  • shadowlichshadowlich Member Posts: 20
    edited January 2016
    Great news, thanks WhiteAgnus, it is an HUGE blessing :wink:

    I am trying to released it at SHS Forum asap.

    Riatavin city is finished (I tested and visited all and every empty house...)
    I am doing Orgoth’s Tower now

  • CahirCahir Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,795
    All right, if this means there are no more legal objections for you guys to work on TDD then call me officially interested to give it a shot. Do you plan to nerf/tweak magic items like @swit did with DSotSC?
  • shadowlichshadowlich Member Posts: 20
    Dont know what @swit did, but I clearly want to nerf uber items/spells
    User can customize creatures/items/xp at their heart contents but if you have some template to suggest I am open (ex: Aegir ring by a ring +1...), then I could insert a custom standard install.

    We could also improve some creatures scripts (Entreri...), use these empty houses at Riatavin, replace some trolls by other creatures, etc.

    Consider this mod open for everyone, I'll merge every improvments to make it better

  • agb1agb1 Member Posts: 249
    @shadowlich have you considered hosting on GitHub?
  • SpaceInvaderSpaceInvader Member Posts: 2,125
    I also remeber that a lot of spells were broken.
  • shadowlichshadowlich Member Posts: 20
    edited January 2016
    @agb1: cf SHS Forum where I am waiting for your help :) then I could publish a dowload link

    @SpaceInvader: yes, this is why I replace as much as I can spell scrolls by SCRL75 (identify scroll); if any one want to test them, he is welcome

    (Orgoth's Quest is done)
  • SpaceInvaderSpaceInvader Member Posts: 2,125
    I will, as soon as your link works ;)
  • agb1agb1 Member Posts: 249
  • SpaceInvaderSpaceInvader Member Posts: 2,125
    Awesome, thanks.
  • shadowlichshadowlich Member Posts: 20
    edited February 2016
    I publish a first release here :

    You can find some reports from Roxanne here:

    * Fixes/Tweaks/Changes *
    . Entry point of Onset of the Darkest Day moved from Ellisime to Elhan (after Rillifan temple, talk to him)
    . XP granted by scripts are reduced to 10%
    . XP granted by TDD creatures are reduded to 20% (creatures from vanilla game that appear in TDD keep their vanilla XP); Graz'zt XP set to 50k rather than 100k due to poor combat script
    . Remove easy +1 STR/WIS/INT granted by Riatavin/Fleeques.cre after killing Graz'zt
    . All TDD spell scrolls are replaced by SCRL75.ITM (Identify scroll but few quest items)
    . All TDD items are undroppable (but few quest items), meaning creatures use these items
    . Drow items decay after ONE_DAY and (MORNING or DAY) and (OUTDOOR or CITY)
    . Riatavin Inn 2nd floor is now accessible
    . Remake cutscenes with Cutspy.cre
    . Merge Bgarive.baf with Bgarive2.baf with Bgarive3.baf with Bgarive4.baf into Bgarive.baf with Cutspy.cre
    . Prefix every TDD timers and variables with "tz_"
    . Relieve GLOBAL stacks by moving some variables to LOCALS/AREAs
    . Minimaps are replaced by EE minimaps
    . Ice search maps are replaced by sand search map
    . Disable few areas spawners (DD8000.are-Deep Mir Forest, DD8001.are-Haunted Forest) that freeze game
    . Decrease some unnecessary very long Wait(x) that make game semmingly bugged
    . Remove some regions of interests (legacy from originator areas and not used in new areas)
    . Interaction with Riatavin/Nameless.cre removed due to Helmrat.itm bug(?)
    . Set Animation During Combat Flag
    . UTF8 compliant (with handle_charsets)
    . Should be compatible with ToB/SoS/RoT/CtB
    . Cutscenes to Tartarus with Cutspy.cre and better transitions
    . ARPO27.are/East stair entrance fixed
    . Minor coding fixes and improvements

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  • shadowlichshadowlich Member Posts: 20
    Version v1.2 available here:

    * v1.2 Fixes/Tweaks/Changes *
    CALIPES1.cre/Name/"Arabs" replace by "Calishite"
    CALITHUG.cre/Name/"Arabic Thugs" replace by "Calishite Thugs"
    CALIPRIG.cre/Name/"Arabic Thugs" replace by "Calishite Thugs"
    DD0200.are: add NW Travel Region that goes to Riatavin directly rather than worldmap // SW Travel Region already goes to Riatavin directly
    Demriat1.baf cutscene now uses cutspy.cre rather than player1
    DD3300CT.baf change DEMGRDRX.cre by DEMGRDR1.cre // DEMGRDRX.cre don't attack demon whatever what...
    BGARIVAL.baf, RAISEART.baf stringrefs fixed
    Grazzt2.bcs fixed
  • StoifanStoifan Member Posts: 5

    - How to make ITM undroppable?
    .In TDDz, you'll find folder for each component (_CORE, _ESPURTA, _PURSKAL, _TROLLFORD), edit ItemsContract.2da, change its UNDROPPABLE column ("+" means no change; "." make it undroppable, i.e. CRE keep the item but STO, ARE, BAF, any others, it is replaced by SCRL75.ITM, an Identify Sroll). Avoid to modifiy "++++++++" value than means they should stay unchanged (ex: Espurta map)

    Sorry if necro. But if i wanted to make the undroppable's droppable? Like for example The winter king's plate, which hardly is OP. Some of the rest i can understand, but as iv'e seen everything is undroppable for me atm. Which makes it tedious having to go into EEkeeper to remove them every once in a while.
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    Sorry for the necro, but is this mod still a thing?
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • hippofanthippofant Member Posts: 35
    edited April 2018
    Not sure if this was fixed in a newer release (I think I'm using 1.2), but Weslun Tane remains bugged. I don't think !exists(PlayerX) works the same way in the EEs as they did in the original, so the MINHP1 item Weslun Tane is holding never gets destroyed, even if you kill your whole party, effectively making Weslun Tane unkillable unless you just happen to get one of your party members to 1 hp. (Though I did luck out on that, and Weslun was still unkillable, possibly because they weren't at 1 hp long enough for the script to trigger.)

    Also, Tero can be buggy. If you talk to him at the wrong time with the wardstone, even though all his immediate actions are cleared, the script that makes him cast spells can reactivate in the interval, causing him to perform the animation script rather than execute the cutscene actions, essentially hanging the game on a broken cutscene. I think Global("tz_fail_spells_Tero","ARPO05") needs to be set to 1 ASAP to prevent this glitch.

    Finally, when you complete the mod, the door in Mary Magus' house that leads to her room doesn't ever reactivate, because it seems like the trigger is missing. Which is just as well, because the door won't work, as it points to MM5102, which is missing (?), instead of MM5103.
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  • majbermajber Member Posts: 53
    1. Whats install order?
    2. Do I need Extended Animation mod or bg2fixpack-v13 ?
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