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Suggestions for a challenge

Hi friends!

I have played BG (enhanced and otherwise) quite a few times and BG2 a few more (not EE, though). I'm far from being an expert and never was good at powergaming, but I was planning to start a challenge playthrough from the very beginning BGEE - SoD - BGIIEE. Maybe a no reload / minimal reload. Pretty sure I could do a no reload in BGI (never tried a solo but sounds feasible). However, with the new content in SoD and the most challenging parts of BGII I'm sure the game is going to beat the c... out of me :smiley: Never tried anything harder than core rules either.

So, do I stand a chance? If so, should I go with a arcane PC (sorcerer, wild mage) or a more tanky one (a paladin or ranger kit would be my choice). Third option is a F/M, I guess... I never liked the slow progression of multiclass but might be worth it.

Thanks a lot



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