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Unable to import SoD character into BGEE2

Hey everyone, just reaching out hoping someone can help me with this. I recently completed SoD and upon loading up BGEE2 (v2.1.63.2) and trying to import my character no characters are listed when I select the import button and when I try importing from the character selection screen and try importing from the saved games options no saves are listed (blank list) and my character is not listed under the character file option (even though I was able to export my character within SoD).

I have searched extensively through these forums and have tried different suggested options (including transferring the save file directly from the sodsave folder into the save folder in BGEE2 but still no characters or saved games are listed when I load up BGEE2. I even went as far as to backup my save files and completely uninstall then reinstall BGEE, BGEE2, and SoD which still did not resolve the issue. The closest I was able to get was in transferring my exported character file from the 'characters' folder in BGEE into the characters folder in BGEE2 which did make my character show up when selecting import --> character file, but my character did not have a portrait or her sound file I used in SoD.

Lastly I did notice that before I initially uninstalled then reinstalled BGEE2 I noticed that when loading up BGEE2 and preceding through the launch screen it had a screen that showed portraits highlighting the new NPCs added to the game (such as Dorn, Hexxat, etc), additionally in the character creation screen several portraits were added for both male and female (I can think off the top of my head for the female an elf mage type character and then an armored sword sheathing warrior with an eye patch) - however, when I reinstalled BGEE2 trying to fix the problem mentioned above with importing this screen with the new NPCs as well as these new portraits were absent. Does anyone know anything about this?? To my knowledge all of my game launchers (I use Beamdog for all three games) are up to date.

Any assistance anyone could provide in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed SoD and was greatly looking forward to continuing my half-elf blade into BGEE2.

Thank you!


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