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Dark Dreams of Furiae - a new module for NWN:EE! Buy now
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KerozevokKerozevok Member Posts: 695
edited June 2016 in UI Modding
The purpose of this mod is to import the BG2EE GUI to BGEE with some changes.

Warning : This mod is compatible only with BGEE + SOD.

Chapters / Dreams :

Main screen :
I reversed the buttons "Character / Inventory", tell me if you don't like this change.

The "new/old" journal :

Character sheet :

Inventory :

Customize colors :

Store :

Book of spells :
Tip : You can close all panels by clicking on the top right corner.

New battle system :
Oups.. Sorry.. wrong game.

As always, place the files in the override folder. All the files have the same date, so if you don't like the mod, you can easily delete them.


Added a patch for the v2.3
Added an optional file : silent tooltips

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