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BG EE 2.0 and Siege of Dragonspear Compatible Mods

mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,210
edited May 28 in BG:EE Mods
Version 2.0 of BG EE and the release of Siege of Dragonspear brought a lot of changes to the game engine.

Rather than creating a lot of confusion editing the original compatible mod list thread I decided it would be a better idea to create a new clean thread.

So if you have written a mod that is 2;0/SoD compatible or have tested a mod and found it to be compatible just let me know so that it can be added to the list.

The rule of no direct links stay. Give a link to the mod thread. The modder deserves full credit for his/her creation.

Good modding and have fun!

Attention! GOG/Steam users . If you have Siege of Dragonspear installed you must install this before trying to install any mod.

AI Enhancements

Sword Coast Stratagems

Banter packs

Ajantis BG1 Expansion Mod
Adds friendship dialogues for Ajantis if he is not in romance from BG1NPC Project.

Chatty Imoen
This mod expands Imoen's voice set and adds interaction banters with other NPCs. It also has a component to change Imoen's portrait to one of three choices: BG1, SoD, or BG2.

Coran's BG Extended Friendship Talks
This mod expands Coran's Friendship talk sequence.

Delainy/Durlyle Same-Sex Romance Options Mod
This is a simple mod to spawn Delainy for female PCs and/or Durlyle for male PCs..

Garrick's infatuation
"Garrick's Infatuation" allows Gorion's foster daughter to explore a closer acquaintance with her very first biographer through a series of conversations. The flirtation is available to females of any race, class, or alignment and it begins shortly after Garrick is recruited.

Neera Banters for BGEE
Adds additional dialogue between Neera and other NPCs. Prevents Neera and Edwin from being in the same party.

Neera dialogue expansion and flirts

Adds additional dialogue between Charname and Neera, as well as flirts.

Xan's friendship path
Xan-initiated banter.


Barbed Club of Pain
Convenient Ammunition
Distinguishable clubs
Golem Construction for Spellcasters
Nerfed Ankheg Armor

Wand Case
Thalantyr sells a container to store wands.

Xan's New Groove!

Todd the Super Tester Guy
Todd is a merchant who sells 200+ items from Morrowind and Arcanum. You can install it in a ever started game.
You can find it in different places depending on the game on which it is installed:

GUI & Graphics

Continous Viconia Appearance for BG1EE, BG2EE, SOD and EET
EEUITweaks Mod Collection
Lefreut's enhanced UI

Journal Fixes
Compatible with BGEE and BGEE+SOD v2.2, this mod adds various enhancements including filtering to the UI of the quest and journal screens - supports multiple languages.

Lighting Pack

Multi-portrait Mod
The Multi-portrait mod allows the player to see 10 portraits at a time when creating a character or changing appearance, and allows rapid paging through large portrait collections.

Portrait Picker
Why click through portraits when you can scroll? After automatic registration and a little setup, you can access the entire portrait pool (custom and default), apply descriptions to all, and use advanced filter/sort functions.
Recolored toolbar buttons

Portraits Portraits Everywhere
The Picture Standard for BGEE 1 & 2
Dragonspear UI++

Kits & Races

Most kits and classes mods have a minor compatibility problem with version 2.0. Check @subtledoctor's comment for details.
Arcane Archer Redone
Bardic Wonders
Chaos Sorcerer Kit
The Charlatan (Bard Kit for Charname and Eldoth)
Deities of Faerûn - A Kitpack for Clerics
Eldritch Magic
FG Cleric Kits
I Hate Undead Kitpack
Improved Archer Kit
The Mercenary (Fighter Kit for Charname and Kagain)
Might and Guile *Fully compatible*
The Militia Officer (Fighter Kit for Charname and Khalid)
Mystic Fire Paladin Kit
Warrior Monk Mod
Pale Master Sorcerer Kit
Planetouched Races
Shadow Magic
Way of the Assassin
The Deratiseur Unused Kits Pack for BG2/BGT and all EE versions in french and english
Wizard Slayer Rebalancing
Relieve Wizard Slayer


Aura, a gnome artificer NPC for BG:EE + SoD
Drake NPC for BG:EE and SoD
A cleric of Lathander

Emily, a Half-Elf* Archer for BG:EE + SoD

Finch v4.0 BETA 7

Glam's NPC Pack

Grey the Dog

Ishlilka the Wizard Slayer for BG1 + SOD [Alpha Release]


Kale, a Halfling Barbarian for BG:EE + SoD

Sirene NPC BG:EE
Shar-Teel NPC mod (SoD)
Verr'Sza NPC
An evil rakshasa ranger.

Vienxay, a Elven Shadowdancer Mage NPC for BG:EE + SoD

Portrait packs

Artastrophe portraits

Quests & expansions

Ascalon's Questpack
Balduran's Seatower
by BS Company: a quest mod for BG:EE, BGT, and EET that adds a new area to the city of Baldur's Gate, accessible via the south-west corner of the Docks District

Brage's Redemption
Dark Side of the Sword Coast for BG:EE
Extra Expanded Enhanced Encounters!
Baldur's Gate Mini Quests & Encounters
Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters
BG1 Unfinished Business

Critter Parts mini-mod for Baldur’s Gate: EE
Role-play based quests. New harvestable drops and edible meats from the bears, wolves, dire wolves, etc. Also drops from all spider types that can be used for bartering with a new NPC who has an interest in such trinkets.

Imoen 4 Ever
Lets Imoen remain in the group in Korlasz' Dungeon in SoD
Lure of Sirine's Call (Download is at the side, current version is v15)
Northern Tales of the Sword Coast
The Stone of Askavar


EE Autoroller


Animal Companions
Disable Enhanced Edition NPCs
3.5 Edition/ Pathfinder style Tweaks Collection (thac0, Constitution, hit dice)

Rough World
The concept behind this mod is to make the world a rougher place. It does this by changing the tone of the games reputation system, adding a bit of difficulty, and making the world feel not quite as forgiving.

Jaheria Recast
Jastey's SoD Tweak Pack
Non-Player Characters Enhanced

Modifies recruitable NPC stats from a pregenerated character template

Adds multikits (multiclasses with kits)

NPC Tweaks mod
Allows continuous portraits and colors for the Baldur's Gate saga NPCs. Additional options include more convenient locations for some BGEE and SOD companions and appropriate kits for NPCs.

Quick Save Slots Tweaks 1.2

High-Power Baldur's Gate
This mod adds supernatural powers to the player characters, the NPCs, and nearly every creature in the game, in order to make every encounter a unique, very interesting experience. It tries to make Baldur's Gate 1 feel like a totally new game.

Random Character Generation
Bored playing the same types of character over and over? Let this Random Character UI mod choose for you. Simple to install.

No Race Restrictions
Simple XP cap remover

SoD Dialog Banters
This mod doesn't add any new banters. It converts the existing SoD banters from the "on-the-run" style to a pausing dialog style (as in BG2)

Tweaks Anthology BETA
True Berserker Minsc
Raduziel's Universal Wizard Spells


Taunt Spell

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