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[Kit Pack] I Hate Undead v2.8 [IWD, EET, BGEE, BG2EE]

RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 3,253
edited September 2018 in General Modding
Hello :)

I finally finished all the kits and combined them in a single kit pack.


This ranger devotes PRO_HISHER life to hunt and destroy the undead as well as help those who have fallen victim to them. They are nomads wandering through the darkest corners of the land fighting these profane creatures. Their hard training comes at a cost: they do not have the same affinity with nature as other rangers and rarely create bonds with the people around them.


- -2 AC Bonus against undead
- +10% to Move Silently and Hide in Shadows
- +3 to Hit and Damage against undeads
- Starts with a +1 bonus to PRO_HISHER save against Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic. Another one is given at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.
- Casts Cure Disease, Lesser Restoration, Negative Plane Protection, Remove Fear and Remove Paralysis. Gains a use for each spell at level 2 and another every 4 levels up to three uses at level 10.
- At level 10 becomes immune to Disease
- At level 15 gains the Deceive Undead ability
- At level 20 gains the Bless of Recognition


The Undead Predator is capable of turn himself undetectable by the undead. While this ability is active every undead will completely ignore the Predator no matter what PRO_HESHE does. The effect can be used once per day and lasts for 10 Rounds.


After a long, valiant and hard journey, the Predator gains the favor of the gods. From now on PRO_HESHE is permanently under the effect of Bless, Protection From Evil, Negative Plane Protection and Remove Fear.


- May only use the following weapons: Axes, Clubs, Crossbows, Warhammers, Longswords, Maces, Quarterstaff, and Spears.
- All spell-like abilities are single-target and require touch
- Alignment restricted to Neutral Good
- Requires at least 16 Wisdom
- Can't wear metal armor
- -2 Charisma penalty
- Can't Dual Class
- Can't Charm Animal
- Can't cast spells


Being a Spirit Redeemer goes beyond being ordained by some church. It requires a lifetime of devotion, sacrifice, and courage. Clerics of many faiths may become a Spirit Redeemer, but this hard path is more usual for priests of Kelemvor and Lathander. They are efficient soldiers against one of the more common weapon of profane clergy: the undead. Regardless of under which banner they fight, the Redeemer is a force to be feared by necromancers, unholy priests and, most of all, the undead.


- Uses Turn Undead as a priest three levels higher
- Always under the effect of Death Ward
- +3 to Hit and Damage against undead
- May cast Redemption once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 10 levels thereafter.


The Spirit Redeemer pleads to PRO_HISHER deity and touches a creature, delivering 6d6 points magic damage. Undead creatures, besides the damage, need to make a save vs. spells with a -2 penalty or be destroyed.


- May not cast the following spells: Animate Dead, Raise Dead, Resurrection, Mass Raise Dead
- Alignment restricted to Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral
- Requires at least 12 Charisma
- Can't be resurrected

UNDEAD HUNTER REVISION (Paladin Kit - Caution: This will overwrite the vanilla Undead Hunter)

This holy avenger has honed PRO_HISHER abilities toward the destruction of the undead and other unnatural creatures and is immune to many of their most devastating abilities.

- May create a Holy Sword once per day for one hour (starting at level 5).
- May Turn Undead as a priest of the same level (starting at level 3).
- +3 bonus to hit and damage rolls against undead creatures.
- Immune to hold and level drain.


Starting at level five, the Undead Hunter may materialize this holy weapon once per day for one hour. Despite its +3 bonus, this bastard sword is considered +5 for the purpose of determining what it can hit. The Undead Hunter always uses this blade as a specialist and while wields it PRO_HESHE's under the effect of Bless.

- May not use Lay On Hands ability.


The Undead Slayer is a necromancer that devotes PRO_HISHER life to the destruction of the undead, striving always to rid the living world of their abominable existence. By mastering the Forbidden Art, this wizard gains a greater understanding of these creatures which are neither fully living nor entirely dead. The Undead Slayer's militant opposition to all forms of undead frequently places PRO_HIMHER in direct conflict with other necromancers who delight in creating zombies, skeletons, ghouls, and other undying monstrosities.


- At level 3 gains the ability Soul Sacrifice. Gains another use at levels 6, 9, 12 and 15
- Does not take a 15% penalty when scribing scrolls from other schools
- Immune to Death Magic and Level Drain
- Hit Dice: d6


The Undead Slayer sacrifices PRO_HISHER own life force to enhance PRO_HISHER casting capability. Using this ability raises PRO_HISHER caster level by 3 and damages PRO_HESHE by one-quarter of PRO_HISHER maximum hit points. The effect lasts for 5 rounds and after it, the caster level returns to its natural value. If the damage taken is higher than the Undead Slayer's current hit points PRO_HESHE will be killed.


- Requires at least 16 Constitution (besides the minimal scores for a Necromancer).
- As a Necromancer can't cast or learn spells from the Illusion school.
- Does not gains a 15% bonus when scribing Necromancy scrolls.
- Does not gain a save bonus against Necromancy spells.
- Does not gain an extra spell slot per level
- Does not apply a save penalty for Necromancy spells.
- Alignment restricted to Good.


Sometimes called heroes, sometimes called crazies. These thieves make a living by entering places that most people would run away from. Often hired to retrieve artifacts and family heirlooms the Death Tricker is an expert in evading the undead and breaking into their lair having developed special techniques to do so.


- At level 3 gains the ability Evade Death. Gains another use at levels 10 and 17.
- At level 2 gains the ability Holy Trap. Gains another use every six levels.
- +10% to Find Traps and Open Locks.
- At level 1 gains the Trick ability.


The Death Tricker knows how to outsmart PRO_HISHER opponents and takes advantage in a fight (or flee). Starting at level 1 PRO_HESHE receives a +1 bonus to AC, all saves, physical damage resistance, to hit, critical hit chance and damage delivered.


"When things go bad stay low and get out quick". That's the first commandment a Death Tricker will learn while being trained. When this ability is used the Tricker gets under the effect of the spell Sanctuary and movement speed is doubled. The effects last for 5 rounds.


Mostly used to cover PRO_HISHER way out of a tomb or den, this trap is a mix of acid and holy water. Any enemy that triggers the trap receives 3d8 points of acid damage and undead receives further 3d8 points of magic damage due to the holy water (no save for both effects). It is said that this trap's name is a bad taste joke, but no Tricker ever confirmed or denied it.


- May only distribute 20 skill points per level among thieving skills.
- Requires at least 12 Intelligence.
- May not be of Evil alignment.
- May not use Pick Pockets.
- Can't wear armor


The Burial Defender is a barbarian appointed by the shamans of PRO_HISHER tribe to watch the sacred graves of his people. In rare occasions, however, PRO_HESHE may be designated by the elders to some journey - usually to face some evil non-living force that is foreseen to menace the tribe.


- May use the Barbarian Rage ability once per day. Gains one use at level 1 and an additional use every 4 levels thereafter.
- May achieve Grandmastery in Two-Handed Swords, Halberds, and Axes.
- +5 bonus to hit and damage against undead.
- Moves 2 points faster than other characters.
- Immune to backstab.
- Immune to disease.
- Hit Die: d12.


The enraged status lasts for 5 rounds and provides a +4 bonus to Strength and Constitution, a -2 penalty to Armor Class, and a +2 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Spell, as well as immunity to all charm, hold, fear, maze, stun, sleep, confusion, and level drain spells.


- Cannot put any slot in Sword and Shield style.
- Can only become proficient in ranged weapons.
- Cannot be Chaotic Evil.
- Cannot wear metal armor.
- Cannot use shields.
- Cannot Dual Class.


Where this bard appears a tragedy has occurred. It's PRO_HISHER responsibility organize the funeral and tell tales of the departed, as well as comfort the hearts of those who are in mourn. It is said that whenever a Grave Mourner attends an undead will never be raised. It is also known that these bards are often hired by wealthy families to return an inconvenient ancient relative to the grave before a scandal begins.


- At level 1 gains the Tale of Dreadful Deeds ability.
- At level 6 gains the Remembrance Of The Beloved One ability.
- At level 11 gains the Warning Of The God's Wrath ability.
- At level 16 gains the Warm Memories Of A Friend ability.
- At level 21 gains the Recall Of The Living Conscience ability.
- Instead of the regular Bard Song gains the Requiem.


The Grave Mourner starts a narrative about heroes that overcame powerful undead in glorious fights. Any undead hearing this tale must make a save versus spell with a -2 penalty or become deaf for 5 rounds.


The Grave Mourner mocks the undead by remembering it of the people that it will never see or touch again. Any undead hearing this mockery must make a save versus spell with a -2 penalty or become berserker for 5 rounds.


The Grave Mourner exalts ancient tales of mighty gods vanquishing the undead. Any undead hearing this exaltation must make a save versus spell with a -2 penalty or become held for 5 rounds.


The Grave Mourner pretends to be an old friend of the undead. Any undead hearing this act must make a save versus spell with a -2 penalty or become dominated for 5 rounds.


The Grave Mourner speaks firmly to the undead remembering that it is nothing but a rotting shell condemned to entropy. Any undead hearing this speech must make a save versus spell with a -2 penalty or become feebleminded.


This sad song breaks the spirit of the enemies, giving them a penalty of 1 to Luck. There is no save against this effect.


- Can't cast or learn Necromancy spells.
- Bard Song doesn't improve with level.
- Can't get the Enhanced Bard Song HLA.
- Can't get the Use Any Item HLA.
- Alignment restricted to non-Evil.
- Requires at least 17 Charisma.


The Circle Enforcer is a druid appointed by those above PRO_HIMHER in the Circle to be its defender. To fulfill PRO_HISHER duty, the Circle Enforcer learns particular ways of using the lightning and the fire: Nature's weapons against its defilers. Because of PRO_HISHER responsibilities, it is forbidden to PRO_HIMHER to call animal and other woodland beings for aid. As a keeper of the natural order, this druid is specially devoted to defeating unnatural beings having a special training to do so. Circle Enforcer will not get along with Lost Druids, probably fighting them to the death.


- At level 1 may cast the following spells: Burning Hands and Shocking Grasp.
- At level 3 may cast the following spell: Flametongue.
- At level 5 may cast the following spells: Fireball, Flame Arrow, and Lightning Bolt.
- At level 9 may cast the following spell: Sunfire.
- At level 11 may cast the following spell: Chain Lightning.
- +2 Thac0, AC and damage bonus versus constructs, fiends, giant humanoids, lycanthrope, and undead.


As the wizard spell "Aganazzar's Scorcher".


- May not cast the following spells: Animal Summoning (any), Call Woodland Being, and Conjure Animal.
- May not wear heavier armor than leather.
- Cannot Shapeshift.
- Cannot Dual Class.


The Order of the Pallid Mask is a group of Jergal's monks who specialized in combating the undead whose existence is not sanctioned by the church or who has proven to be troublesome - as well as their creators. They also are the supervisors of the skeleton and zombie work crews that the church sometimes ran to profit itself.


- +3 Hit and Damage against undead.
- May use the Disrupt Heretic ability. Starts at level 1 with one use and gains another every four levels up to five uses at level 19.
- May use Skull Trap and Vampiric Touch as innate abilities. Starts at level 5 with one use for each and gains another every 5 levels up to five uses at level 25.


During the next 5 rounds, every melee attack delivered by the Pallid Mask will give 1d8+5 points of damage and, unless a save versus Death is successfully made, a cumulative spell failure of 30% to the target. The effect lasts for 3 rounds and does not bypass either Magic Resistance or Mirror Image. The Pallid Mask have a +5 Thac0 bonus while using this ability.


- Alignment restricted to Lawful Neutral.
- Cannot use Lay on Hands.
- Cannot be resurrected.


Some women decide to live on her own terms and retreat into deep forests where they commune with Nature and learn the dark secrets that land upholds. The ones who choose to pursue this source of power end up learning dread ways to cast terrible curses upon other beings. The women who master this Dark Art are called Dreadful Witches by those who are lucky enough to survive an unfortunate meeting with one of them.

Obviously, only females can be Dreadful Witches. Males who try to seize this kind of power tends to die very quickly.


- May use Curses instead of the Shamanic Dance. Gains new and more curses as shown below.


It is possible to stack different curses, but never two of the same curses over the same target. Every time a curse is cast the Dreadful Witch takes 1d4 point of magic damage. The target can make a save versus death with -1 penalty for every four levels of the Dreadful Witch to avoid the effects (maximum of -5 at level 20). All the effects last for 1 turn.

The following Curses can be cast:

* Misfortune: Target takes a -2 penalty in Luck. Gains a use at levels: 1, 2, 5, 7, and 18.

* Terror: Target flees in panic. Gains a use at levels: 3, 4, 6, 8, and 18.

* Rage: Target goes berserker, attacking friend or foe alike. Gains a use at levels: 1, 2, 5, 7 and 18.

* Madness: Target goes confuse, random walking, attacking or doing nothing. Gains a use at levels 7, 8, 9, 13, and 19.

* Void: Target becomes feebleminded. Gains a use at levels 10, 11, 12, and 14.

* Agony: Target feels an unbearable pain, taking 50% penalty to movement and attack rate and a -4 penalty in damage, Thac0 and Armor Class. Gains a use at levels 13, 15, 16, and 17.

* Destruction: Target dies. Gains a use at levels 18, 19 and 20.


- May cast one less spell per level per day.
- Alignment restricted to Neutral Evil.
- Hit Die: d6.


Imprisoned Souls are someone that was supposed to be dead. At the moment of PRO_HISHER departure something went wrong, and PRO_HISHER spirit was called back into PRO_HISHER body. An Imprisoned Soul is neither dead, alive or undead, but something else: a hollow being that simply exists. Some call this state a blessing, others call it a curse. Either way, the existence of the Imprisoned Soul gives PRO_HISHER the ability to mimic some of the features of an undead, but in another hand, an Imprisoned Soul is especially vulnerable to Necromancy, due to nature.


- Immune to Level Drain.
- Automatically receives the following spells: Chill Touch, Ghoul Touch, Vampiric Touch, Spirit Armor, Animate Dead, Lich Touch and Control Undead.


- Suffers a -2 penalty on Saving Throws against Necromancy spells.
- Has 100% vulnerability versus magical damage.


The Circle Enforcer, the Dreadful Witch, and the Spirit Redeemer are fully compatible with Faiths and Powers' sphere system and receive the follows access:

* Circle Enforcer:

Major: Vigor, Animal, Plant, Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Minor: Life, Affliction, Light

* Dreadful Witch:

Major: Affliction, Dread, Earth, Shadow, Perdition

Minor: Life, Water, Plant, Animal

* Spirit Redeemer:

Major: Life, Benediction, Protection, Vigor, Light

Minor: Death, War, Dread, Magic

Be aware that the Circle Enforcer component should be installed after FnP. You can install the whole package after FnP if you want to.

The Dreadful Witch component is compatible with Improved Shamanic Dance.

The Spirit Redeemer component is compatible with Deities of Faerûn.


I want to thank everyone that helped me build these kits, specially @Gwendolyne @kjeron @Grammarsalad and @subtledoctor

And all the modders of the community because most of what I did was based on reverse-engineering other mods and reading their tutorials (a special mention to @CamDawg here)

Link to Download

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