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List of BG2EE Compatible Mods

DarkersunDarkersun Member Posts: 372
edited November 2017 in BGII:EE Mods
Note: Previously there was a list found here

this list has been incorporated into this thread.

Normally when it comes to installing mods it should be good to follow this structure:

1) non-weidu mods
2) story mods
3) NPC mods
4) item mods
5) kit mods
6) BG2Tweaks
7) other tweak/overhaul mods (for example SCALES of BALANCE)
8) SCS
9) aTweaks

An example of installation order would be as follows

This thread is for BG2:EE only mods in the moment. I might add a list with Mods that work in BGEE and BG2EE later.
If this is getting to unclear I will add more sections.
Released Mods

Fix Pack & Bugfixing
If you are using BWS, the latest BiG World Fixpack patches will be applied for you automatically before any mods are installed. The following info is aimed mostly at users doing manual mod installation.
Please read this thread for important information about the Fix Pack:

Fix for disappearing simulacrum & similar abilities

Installer/Mega Mod

Kit Packs & Class changes

Single Kit's

Single Kit Rework and Changes

Rule Rebalance and Reworks

[Mod] DnD 3.5 Rules in Bg:EE and Bg2:EE v 2.0

[Mod] 3.5 Edition/ Pathfinder style Tweaks Collection (thac0, Constitution, hit dice)

Enchant the Missile Launchers (Ranged Weapon Tweak)

Rogue Rebalancing

SCALES of BALANCE! Post-hac kits and tweaks

Hardcore Dual-Classing

APR on Spec

[MOD]: Spellcasting in light armor

High Level Abilities as Innate Abilities

Use Any NPC Item - Add-on for Use Any Item HLA.

Experience cap remover and new High Level Ability pools for F/M/C and F/M/T

Content Packs (Spells, Items, etc.)

Content Restoration


Tactical Encounters and Story Change

AI & Difficulty

[mod] Universal party AI script

elminster's Difficulty Adjustments

Sword Coast Stratagems *(needs a fix to work fine with 2.3 or later)
Fix for SCS for version 2.3
Big World FixPack - download, extract, also extract SCS, run _ApplyPatches, check BWP_Fixpack.installed file if there is "stratagems" present

BPSeries AI Scripts

Level adder v0.3

[Release] Difficulty and Tweak mod ver 7

Convenience Tweaks

Item Packs

Item Reworks and Upgrades

New Items

Quest & Story Mods

NPC Tweaks, Class & Kit changes

Extra Companions

NPCs Banter, Romance & Friendship

[MOD] UPDATED Dorn romance expansion v2.3 for BGII:EE

Keldorn Romance from berelinde

Wilson Chronicles - expansion of the furry paragon

Keeping Yoshimo is now available for EE and Mac! (spoiler for newbies to BG2)

Banter Packs

IEP Extended Banters

[mod] Increased Rate of Banter

NPC Flirt Packs

Romantic Encounters

de'Arnise Romance

Yoshimo Romance (In Progress - Everything but journal entries works)

Edwin Romance

Haer'Dalis Romance

Sarevok Romance

Imoen Romance v3.3

Viconia Friendship

Mazzy Friendship

Yoshimo Friendship

Imoen Friendship

Sarevok Friendship

Eternal Imoen (Should be installed after the Imoen Romance mod but before the Rjali mod, not needed for EET)

BG1 NPCs in BG2

New NPCs

Gavin (NPC)

Varshoon (Mind Flayer NPC)

Sirene NPC for BG2

[Mod] Pai'Na NPC v0.6

Isra NPC

Amber NPC
(uses an old WeiDU version, update WeiDU manually. BG2EE will most likely crash if the mod is installed in a language other than English)

Tyris Flare

Yvette romance mod

Rjali Romance (should be installed after all other mods with romanceable females (heterosexual only) )


Gerris BGT NPC Portraits

Tashia NPC

Kindrek NPC

Yasraena NPC

Auren Aseph

Sarah NPC

Angelo NPC

Vampire Tales

Ninde NPC

Saerileth NPC

Arath NPC

Dace NPC

Tsujatha NPC

Kelsey NPC

Keto NPC

Nathaniel NPC

Iylos NPC

Faren NPC

Adrian NPC

Nephele NPC

Fade NPC:

[NEW NPC] Saradas Magic 2 [ENG] V_1.6 NOW FOR ToB

Aran Whitehand (NPC)
(Comment from Ratatoskr589: Appears to work just fine. The only glitch I've noticed is that all the people in his new tavern were standing against the back wall when I returned and that's not a huge deal)

Alassa (NPC):
(Comment from Ratatoskr589: This one works with some caveats. First, you have to edit the tp2 file to remove the TOB requirement. Other than that, her portrait also needs to be resized and the "wait here" option when reorganizing your party didn't work for me.)




Powerfull Spells ;)

Cheat Mods


Work in progress

(some playable some not):

Faiths and Powers: Gods of the Realms (Kitpack and divine caster/spell tweaks)
(contact subtledoctor for a very good and playable beta)

Spell Revisions (contact Demivrgvs for a very good and playable beta)

Item Revisions (contact Demivrgvs for a very good and playable beta)

[BG:EE & BG:EE 2 MOD] Card kit 0.3v WIP [ENG/PL]

Wings Version 0.91b

Please let me know if a link or mod is not working anymore etc.
Feedback is very welcome.

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