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[MOD] - Portrait Picker for BGEE+SOD and BG2EE (v2.1+)



  • BillyYankBillyYank Member Posts: 2,768
    @Mr2150 is right. My code fills a 10 element array with the next 10 portraits in the list. Then, when you hit one of the page buttons, discards those objects and refills the array with a different 10 portraits. My code doesn't know anything about the portrait list beyond the 10 portraits displayed on the screen at the time.

    When I was first experimenting, I did try building an array out of the entire list of portraits, but the increment > get procedure takes too long. With 320 female portraits, it was several minutes. I initially thought I'd crashed the game when I first tested it.

    This also presents a problem in trying to filter the list with my method. Say your filter only includes a few portraits out of the entire list, it could end up paging through the entire list just trying to find 10 portraits. You'd hit filter and have time to go get a snack and a cup of coffee before the page would appear.

    Personally, I don't really see a need to merge the two projects. They both fill different niches. Mine is essentially a scaled up version of the original that makes it faster and easier to move through your list of portraits. It works without any preparation on your part and with any sized collection of portraits. Mr2150's takes a bit of prep work to use it effectively, but it adds functionality we haven't seen before in an IE game.
  • AedanAedan Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 8,544
    edited May 2016
    I added this mod to the Italian thread that lists all the mods for BGEE:

    @Isaya @Nasher @Hurricane @Cahir @Edvin
    Thanks a lot for your translation, guys :)
  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    Thanks @Aedan
  • NasherNasher Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 123
    @Mr2150 Congrats for the release! Hope everything goes well.
  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    Updated the OP with instructions for v2.3 ...

    Only one minor change is needed. I'll leave the files as they are for now as the change is very simple.
  • SyrophirSyrophir Member Posts: 12
    The picker wont find any custom portrait (that work in vanilla) from the portraits folder, only default portraits, no matter what I name them.

    Something I might have to do, something I might have missed?
  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    Hi @Syrophir

    It should find all your custom portraits. In your override folder there should be a file called M_BG.lua

    Can you zip it up and add it here?
  • SyrophirSyrophir Member Posts: 12
    BGImages = {

  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    Aha... That's the issue.

    Did you use the WEIDU to create the file or manually create the file?
  • SyrophirSyrophir Member Posts: 12
    That part of the instruction was something I was uncertain I just ran the setup and installed everything also tried the UI overhaul that uses your mod.

    So basically I just dropped ppicker folder and setup-ppicker.exe into the main folder and ran the exe after every mod install. I need to do some extra commands other than just run the setup?
  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    Yes, you do... sorry :(

    Because this is a UI mod - you need to do some manual editing of a file called before the UI is changed. All the instructions to do this are in the zip in the first post and unfortunately WEIDU cannot do this for you... That's how UI mods currently work.

    But don't worry - it's not hard, and I will help you.

    Delete the ppicker folder and the exe and let's start over...

    Download the zip and unzip it somewhere easy to find (eg your desktop). Then open the instructions file "Portrait Picker Instructions.doc" that you will find in the zip file.

    This will take you step-by-step with pictures through the process - If you are struggling at all - then I can help you but let's do that via private message.
  • SyrophirSyrophir Member Posts: 12
    hm the ui is changed but the custom portrait update/register part is missing I'll try to follow the instructions again.
  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    edited June 2016
    OK - that's a good start then :)

    Make sure to follow Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the instructions carefully and if needed, pop me a message and we can try and find out what's happening...
  • SyrophirSyrophir Member Posts: 12
    edited June 2016
    Damn, I was about to give up but when I checked the m_bg.lua it was filled with custom portraits. So my custom portraits are now working. Not really sure what I had wrong in the end but the array gets filled nicely now. :3

    Oh, and thanks for the replies.
  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    Great @Syrophir :) I'm glad you managed to figure it out...

    Keep a copy of that file - that way you always have it available. Any changes you make to your portrait folder (eg adding new portraits or removing old portraits) then just simply rerun the WEIDU exe once.

    You should now be able to edit that file and add all your descriptions in, when you do - you will be able to use all the filters etc too.

    That file can also be used exactly as it is if using Pecca's widescreen mod.
  • AncientCowboyAncientCowboy Member Posts: 199
    I've added this great mod to the 1.2 version of EEUITweaks. For the most part it is identical to what is posted here and what is built into Dragonspear UI++. However, one difference - due to the different installation environment - needs to be noted. The M_BG backup is done to the override directory- as there is no ppicker directory, and the EEUITweaks directory is assumed to be overwritten on a frequent basis. If you need to recover from a broken M_BG.lua file, just go into override, delete the broken file, and rename the backup. Enjoy!
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 625
    edited December 2016
    @Mr2150 Quick question; is there any way to make this compatible with BGEE no SOD (maybe through manual editing?) I still haven't picked up SOD, but I'm quite attached to my portrait picker at this point from BG2 and I don't want to lose it when I switch back to BG1.
  • tmcdtmcd Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 13
    Hi! I tried intalling this mod but it does not work. I followed the instructions carefully but no luck. This is what's happening: I edited just as it was asked, edited the portraits to show up in an acceptable format(they show up normally without the mod), but the portraits won't register in M_BG.lua. I have no idea about what is the problem, if I skipped a step or whatever happened. Can anyone help me?
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 625
    @tmcd The only things I can think of off the top of my head is that you're installing the back up M_BG.lua and overwriting your file with the default (I've done that a few times). Or you're on BGEE without SOD. @Mr2150 hasn't been around lately, but hopefully he'll show up again at some point.

    You could also try the version in EEUITweaks and see if that works better for you.
  • tmcdtmcd Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 13
    edited January 2017
    Thank you @Ratatoskr589 for responding! I'm on BGEE + SOD. I'll try doing differently then, see if anything changes. Actually I wanted to use the Pecca UI mod but installing it goes with portrait picker, that's why I'm trying to make it work. I'm trying to install PP by itself first before installing Pecca so I know how it works. I must not have read correctly, english is not my native language. I did all the editing as instructed but when I run Weidu it install nothing. Thank you anyway for your help, I'll find another way around.
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  • JJaANFJJaANF Member Posts: 11
    edited March 2017
    Hello all !

    I installed the file from the archive, and ran the setup...

    No portrait (even default) appears ingame... :( but my M_BG.lua is in override with my collection of portraits ???

    Any idea ?

    My "collection" is a file I found with a google search, and some pics from the gamefiles (renamed), they all appear if I delete my override folder...


    For info: do NOT skip all of stage 1, even if it says so...

    Jump to 1.14, instead... :)
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  • ShadowbladezShadowbladez Member Posts: 1
    How do you install this ? i cant seem it figure it out
  • BillyYankBillyYank Member Posts: 2,768
    edited July 2017
    The easiest way is to use AncientCowboy's UI Tweaks. It's a WeiDU mod that collects a lot of the small UI mods available here.
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  • KaltzorKaltzor Member Posts: 1,050
    Does it work with the Steam version? Since I can't seem to get it work...
  • DoubledimasDoubledimas Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,286
    edited August 2017
    Kaltzor said:

    Does it work with the Steam version? Since I can't seem to get it work...

    Just to be sure, did you run modmerge?
  • polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 114
    Where does it take portrait descriptions from? At least I assume these are not long file names with spaces. Is it compatible with a mod which patches BGEE.lua portrait list?
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