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[MOD] - Portrait Picker for BGEE+SOD and BG2EE (v2.1+)

Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
edited June 2016 in UI Modding
So... I finally got around to finishing a few things off with the Portrait Picker. And here's the first official launch!

Manual fix for v2.3:

BG1EE+SOD (non-scaled) and BG2EE = For v2.3 of the games you will need to make one slight amendment to ensure compatibility. After installing as per the instructions - go in to the file in a text editor and search for 'rectangle 5' ... there should be only one instance in the whole file. Change this to 'rectangle 6'.


Thanks to everyone that's helped me along the way! I really appreciate it.


- For v2.1+ of BGEE+SOD and BG2EE
- Updated Interface
- Supports scaled/non-scaled interface
- Supports French, Czech, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and English
- Ability to give descriptions to all default portraits
- Ability to give descriptions and genders to all custom portraits
- Filters portraits by Male & Female
- Ability to make portraits appear in both Male/Female lists
- Ability to exclude portraits
- Four sorting options: Default > Custom, Custom > Default, Alphabetical and Reverse Alphabetical
- Powerful searching: Two filters supporting simultaneous AND filtering and toggles to turn them individually into NOT filters (eg search for Mage AND elf, or search for NOT Dwarf AND NOT Cleric)
- Automatic registration of portraits available via WEIDU installer
- Large / Medium portrait management to allow different portraits to appear in the character screen vs sidebar
- Comprehensive Instructions with pictures for installation
- Coming soon: a graphical interface for creating and editing the M_BG.lua

To make the most of the portrait picker you will need to edit the M_BG.lua and M_nicks.lua files manually with descriptions. This does not need to be done straight away.

If there are any questions, suggestions, or problems, please let me know!

To Install: Just download Portrait Picker v1 .zip and follow the instructions.

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