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What do you make of the 2nd level priest spell Goodberry?

I'm doing a BG:EE run through and, much to my surprise, I'm finding the spell really useful. Before this, I thought it was a bit of a dud. Now I'm wondering if I was just using it wrongly.

Basically, in this run-through, I've been using it more as a 'regeneration' tool - giving a steady trickle of hp over time. By this, I mean I've been storing the Goodberry in my characters quick action slots as I produce it each day, and as I'm playing I take a moment every now and again to scan down my party list, and bump up damaged characters health by 1 hp. This way, because I'm doing the healing in parallel, there's no real waiting around due to cast times.

Ok, it doesn't sound good having a 2nd level spell that heals 5 x 1 hp when there's a 1st level heal spell that heals 8 in one go. However, because you can store Goodberry it's never wasted; and because it's 1 hp a go you never have overkill (e.g., healing 8 hp when your character only needs 5 hp healed).

At the moment, my team is around the level 6/7 mark and I'm still finding it a very relevant spell. I imagine by the time you get to BG2, etc. it will loose it's usefulness, but for BG1 I'm finding it a solid spell.

Any thoughts?


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