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Trent Oster has registered domains for Axis & Allies games

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,022
edited August 2016 in Off-Topic
A recent domain search shows Trent Oster has registered new domains in June, 2016: 2016-06-30 2016-06-30 2016-06-30 2016-06-30 2016-06-30 2016-06-30


We all remember that Trent has "a domain buying habit" and we "shouldn't look too deep" into it, but...

The Axis & Allies (1984–present) board game series is currently produced by WotC under the Avalon Hill label. Hasbro is the parent company. There are a total of 11 board games in the Axis & Allies series, 8 of which are currently available from many game resellers.

Axis & Allies is a series of World War II strategy board games. Originally designed by Larry Harris and published by Nova Game Designs in 1981, the game was republished by the Milton Bradley Company in 1984 as part of the Gamemaster Series of board games. This edition has been retroactively named Axis & Allies: Classic to differentiate it from later revisions.

The 11th A&A board game in the series, Axis & Allies: Europe 1940 was released in August, 2010. As you can see, Trent registered domains for Axis & Allies 1940, 1941, 1942 and 1943, with an emphasis on 1942.

Are we on the brink of getting Axis & Allies strategy games from Beamdog for PC and tablets?

Is it a side-project? Questions, questions...



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