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Adalon glitch

Papa_LouPapa_Lou Member Posts: 264
Hey dudes.

So, I brought Adalon her eggs, and everything's going great. That is, until, she goes to turn us back to our original forms.

The spell pops off, our sprites change back to normal, and Adalon switches to a human (or elven? idk) form. Problem is, that's all that happens. My party and Adalon are stuck just standing around. I feel like some sort of dialogue is supposed to happen, but nothing. I can't click anything, and no amount of spacebar, enter, or esc key presses does anything. The game isn't frozen in the traditional sense, we're just awkwardly standing around as it some scripted event was supposed to happen, but didn't.

Is this something that's happened to other people, or are one of my mods to blame?

Pls help, I can't continue the game... :/


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