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[v1.61] Drake, a human priest of Tyr NPC for BG:EE and SoD



  • TrouveurTrouveur Member Posts: 142
    megamike15 wrote: »
    Trouveur wrote: »
    marcnivar wrote: »

    Just to report, Drake initiated his final talk when the charname was caught at Skie's murder scene (the moment after being accused and before Corwin's interjection) looks like something should happen earlier during celebration.
    Hi, may I ask where did you find this portrait for Drake please ?

    it's a replacement for anomen's. it's from artastrophe
    Thank you. :smile:

  • CaedwyrCaedwyr Member Posts: 176
    I've run into a dialogue loop with Drake. It happens when you first enter the central tower in Candlekeep and the dialogue fires with Jessup and Thordain (probably have these wrong). If you humor them all the way to the end and aren't rude to them, the two dialogue options with Drake (I'd rather not, or cut me in on the profits) go into an infinite loop. This may be related to a BG1 NPC dialogue that fires part way through, since there's an interjection by Minsc and Dynaheir right before the looping dialogue with Drake.

  • 311stylee311stylee Member Posts: 9
    In order to get all of the crossmod content with Sirene, Aura, Verr'Sza and White, do they all need to be installed before Drake? Or is the same content duplicated between all of these mods and the order doesn't matter?

  • CaedwyrCaedwyr Member Posts: 176
    I recently completed a playthrough of BG1 with my game bookclub, and Drake was well received by at least two of us who took him as their main cleric, one with a female CHARNAME and one with a male CHARNAME.

    Drake NPC: A really well written and good NPC to have around. Ended up being my main cleric. I enjoyed his personality and the connections he makes with BG2 and Amn. Unfortunately his crossbow proficiency ended up breaking when EET was installed and I had to edit some of the kits to make sure everything worked as intended (though minus getting crossbows to work). I'd love to see an EET update to fix the few issues. Drake is an NPC that I'm quite sad that there is no BG2 version of the mod available.

  • cddscdds Member Posts: 25
    Does Drake have any interplay with content from other mods like BG1NPC or BG1UB? Mainly asking in regard to install order, should/must Drake be installed after those mods or it doesn't really matter? Thanks!

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