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Your Party Screen Shots



  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    So far @sarevok57 this is an epic run! Alphus Omegus is great and reminds me of a transformer from the 80's lol.
    Stacked NPC party too and been contemplating a similar run with DD as PC but need to finish my amelyssan run and finally dueled her from cleric Lvl 14 to is getting buggy though due to many mods and may have to give up halfway through BG2 but I still have to try my IWD run with your Mod :smiley:

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    So the HP run begins in SoA and to start it off, a most peculiar things happens:

    Alas even though its a great helmet, there should only be one there, so i only take the one, then Alphus Omegus and friends escape Irenicus' dungeon and inventories just filled with goodies:

    so sell off the goods, do some small quests (copper corhornet, harper hold, bridge district, graveyard district, temple district) pay the money to get aran linvail to help me, finish up with him, and take out bodhi ( forgot to take a screenshot of that d'oh! )

    so i tell aran i will be back, and off i go to finish off the big quests, starting with the renal bloodscalp quest, and finishing like so:

    then i thought it was time to teach those nasty cowled wizards, who were boss and then they come in and say this to me:

    then, it was off to the thrall prison to help hair my dallas and his group of friends:

    then, off to save trademeet and take out an old "frienenemy" from the first game with the help of cernd the nerd the doggy turd:

    and now Alphus and chaps/chapettes are heros:

    after that, it was time to clean out the de arnise hold of it's filth, and help out mistress nalia:

    after that, it was time to go back to the temple district and help clean up on the unseeing eye quest, ending like so:

    after the unseeing eye was mopped up with all it's filth, i gave kangaxx a visit, gave him his bones, and slapped him around a bit with the mace of disruption +2, with the battle ending like so:

    once i acquired the most powerful ring in the game, it was time to go off to the umar hills and see what that was all about, doing some investigating i found a poweful baddie along the way, and with powerful baddie comes bad news for them when they see my team as follows:

    so i save the umar hills, and now it was off to the windspear hills and see what this was all aboot ( and yes i did that intentionally :) ) did some investigating and found another powerful baddie, and we know how powerful baddies end up:

    so thanks to tazok in the previous dungeon, he "gave" me the key for the secret entrance in the temple district and after killing some mind flayer scum, picked up a few snazzy items:

    and then finally for the lerz, it was time to go give the twisted rune a visit ( using the rogue stone i stole from ma'vaer's shop - don't think he would be needing it anymore anyway ) and here was the result of that encounter:

    so with that being said, it's time to go to the planar sphere mop up the filth and then it will be off to brynnlaw

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    edited January 2018
    alrighty, so off to the planar sphere to finish the last big quest before going off to brynnlaw, went in, did the stuff and brought the holmes back outside to the sky:

    but just before i go off to the island, i thought: why not stir up the law a bit in get into some trouble ( which doesn't make me lose REP so why not?) stealing in town has never been so profitable:

    so after when i finish power gaming, it was time to go off to the island, and my merry band of misfits are as follows:

    so i go to the island, do some things, go to spellhold, get captured, and have a dream and fight an interesting monster in the dream:

    and then after that, i am let loose in spellhold, and meet up with a nasty somebody, although she was not prepared for the battle that followed:

    and then i rest afterwards, but do so very strategically so Alphus Omegus doesn't tear the teams to shreds:

    the only thing that can stop a rampaging ravanger: a closed door

    and then after the dungeon is finished, it's time to meet up with mr irenicus:

    so i deal with that, finish off brynnlaw, go to the sahuagin cavern ( forgot to screenshot that because im a dope ) and then it was off to the underdark, while there i met up with Vithal helped him out, and then of coarse power gamed him afterwards :)

    so after that bit of fun, i clean out the koa-toa/beholder/mind flayer areas, and go an help out the deep gnomes with their problem:

    after that, i go to the drow city, finishing quests, doing errands and triple crossing a bunch of chapettes and the end result:

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    so after that, i emerge from the underdark, talk to elhan and what not, and then meet up with an old "friend" of mine, although he doesnt look all that happy to see me:

    so with that being said, we know how this is going to end, fortunately for me my dwarven defender can crank out a whopping 90% resistance against damage ( 95% against missile ) and even with double damage enabled with the insane difficulty this is the end result:

    so i finish off the rest of the forest areas and get back to town, and the team's inventories are just filled with goodies:

    so i sell all my goodies, and start finishing up the in town last minute things, like getting in trouble with the law again:

    telling renal bloodscalp to go pound sand ( thank you beamdog for making this not a pain in the ass to do anymore )

    and then just for the lerz, take out aran as well, ya know, just for kicks:

    after that, it was time to take out bodhi and she was none to pleased about that:

    after i take out the vampire, it was time to give her brother a visit in the secret tree city, and he also wasnt pleased with the result:

    so of coarse once you take down jonny, you are dragged to hell with him, so you do some things and all that fun jazz, and then it's the final battle, with the end result being:

    and then concludes SoA, and now it's off to ToB

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    so to start of ToB, here is what the merry band of misfits looks like:

    Alphus Omegus rocking some killer HP, and the rest of the band kicking some butt with their ranged weaponry, so off to the pocket plane i go and i meet up with someone who apparently doesn't seem all to pleased to see me:

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    so we transverse through saradush killing baddies, finishing quests and the like, and eventually we meet up with gromnir, and we all now how that goes down:

    after i clean up saradush i go to yaga shura's enclave and meet up with a prince of fire elementals apparently:

    mop the floor with the elementals, and it was off to the spooky forest, found a spooky lady, gave her some hearts and then she has to go all hostile up in this business:

    so after that, i meet up with yaga shura, and he shows his condolences:

    and since i'm such a gentlemen, i show him my condolences:

    then, it was time to go back to the pocket plane, and learn more "history" sort of speak and meet up with the alternate version of what i could have been, and here is the result:

    so with that being said, this is a perfect time to go to watcher's keep and see whats going on about this place. First meet up with some chums, they give me a stone to go inside, and then i engage the "Alphus Omegus Janitorial Cleaning Service TM" on this first level with the results being:

    then i go down a level and meet up with what seems like a friendly demon, so i help him out and he shows his "gratitude" by attacking me, tsk tsk tsk:

    after the demon falls, it was time for the teleport maze, so i go, fight tons of baddies, help demons, kill demons, make it to the end, do all the draws with the cambion, and then power game it up:

    ah, the deck of many things, too good to pass up, so with that being said, teleport maze done, and now it's off to machine of lum the mad

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    so, Alphus and friends made it through the level of machine of lum the mad and got some nice stat boosts:

    and then after becoming even more godly, it was time for the final seal, so Alphus and chums were opening seals front left and right ( although i forgot to screenshot one of them, oi )

    and then it was time for the final battle, the battle with the imprisoned one:

    so after business was finished there, collected some XP and gold, and got a team update:

    so, after that, sold some goods, went to amkethran did some stuff there, and went off to Sendai's enclave afterwards, went in, cause some chaos and finished off Sendai as such:

    after that being said, it was back up to the pocket plane, to take on my "innocence", so since harlequin wasn't there to sing it, i did what i do best naturally:

    so with that being said, it's off to abizigal, the bhaalspawn i hate most, but hopefully Alphus Omegus' godliness helps out a bit

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    okay, so it was off to abizigal's lair, took out his son, cleaned up his enclave and met up with the bhaalspawn:

    and on the 2nd try, this was my result ( his breath weapon on attempt one did over 300 damage to half my team mates, lol? ):

    so i take out the holmes, go to the pocket plane and meet up with an "old friend" of bhaal's and fought some baddies, but because im a dope, i forgot to screenshot it, anyways, after that, it was off to amkethran where there was TONS of baddies waiting to be slaughtered, monks and mercenaries, ah the XP, yum, so after that it was time to meet up with balthazar, with the result being:

    and then after that, it was time for the final challenge in the pocket plane, and by keeping the silly train going again i forget to screenshot ( sigh, seriously i have to stop doing that ) but anyway, took the holmes out, but my XP per character was only around 6.8 millionish so it was off to grind land:

    so after doing that for a while, i hit the 8 000 000 mark per character with results as such:
    Alphus Omegus:






    so the goal of the run was to see how many HP i could get Alphus Omegus to achieve, and i was quite amazed that i was able to hit 321, absolutely solid, but my restartitis is calling and now im going to go play a half-orc swashbuckler and kind of exploit the "companion XP match your XP upon meeting them" thing and see if i can get a solid GP run in BG1

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    @Whiteknight75 i like how you changed your paper doll to a cleric instead of fighter :)

  • Whiteknight75Whiteknight75 Member Posts: 13
    Thanks, I think it fits Jaison a bit more than what the standard fighter paper doll

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    aweome run @sarevok57 and crazy HP total for your DD!

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    was messing around with Neera a bit and got a crazy roll:

    and then a few days ago i broke my personal roll total record, my record for the longest time was 97 ( from probably around 10 years ago) and then i finally surpassed that, never thought i would ever get this high, so i was rolling a paladin and i got this:

    so after hitting that reroll button for 18+ years 99 is now my new high score, and best part is, my STR was only 18/02 so i scrapped that roll and got a 95 that was 18/84 which i kept instead hahaha

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    Whoa never rolled past 94 lol...didnt think 99 was possible shoudlve kept to say you did a bG run with 99 stat PC

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
    brunardo said:

    Whoa never rolled past 94 lol...didnt think 99 was possible shoudlve kept to say you did a bG run with 99 stat PC

    i actually did a run with the 95 stat paladin, and now all i have to do is fight mellisan but i was only at 7 million or so XP so i got bored and started new characters hahahaha, good ol' restartitis

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    Yeah I was in middle of my PC caelar BG2 run but had to give up as too buggy but will start a new one and try to go for 95 stat :smile:

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,484
  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    Yeah used too many mods on my first BWS EET set up and majority of "fade in" or cut scenes dont work primarily with the mods so still playing as only started in BG2 and only noticed while finishing most of ch 2 so going to try to finish but had to skip alot of the quest mods which sucked...only one thats working somwhat is the darkest day which Im finding pretty fun.

  • RakhsevRakhsev Member Posts: 11
    edited January 2018

    Just another ironman run for me, and probably not the last before I finish the trilogy. (I'm seriously addicted)

    I kinda went overboard and am making a good kensai (13) / thief with drizz'ts scimitars which is as op as it can be I think. Of course I won't have the scimitars in BG2 if I get there but the hardest is before.

    Only loss until now is Baeloth against the two thieves (Shennara from SCS) at the top of the iron throne. Forgot stoneskin and..I didn't know they were linked. I just detected invisibility and paralysed her (near the stairs), then blasted with coran and kivan. But her male clone must be telepath and went lurking, he said hi before attacking but I did mute the game earlier so I didn't notice his presence, too bad ~ (eat your 105 damage). I still have the image of Baeloth's bits on the ground, eek.

    Edit : your images should be ~100kb, I'm seeing 6mb .bmp that's kind of rough to load the page with that.

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  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 717
    @toolarg , I will have to try out that mercenary mod by @Raduziel . Seems to fit a dwarven warrior character quite well.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    toolarg said:

    Wolf Larsen (Mercenary Kit by Raduziel, excellent mod)

    Aerakar said:

    @toolarg , I will have to try out that mercenary mod by @Raduziel . Seems to fit a dwarven warrior character quite well.

    I'm a tough guy. I'll not cry.

  • recklessheartrecklessheart Member Posts: 692
    edited February 2018
    My fifth protagonist to be declared here is Catherine, a Cleric of Tyr. Candlekeep provided her the strong foundations necessary for a religious education, and Catherine cleaved to the lifestyle expected of all those who grace Candlekeep's library. It was Tyr to whom she eventually committed herself, favouring His philosophies though she lacked much opportunity to put His works into practice whilst under Gorion's protection.

    Gorion's death disturbs Catherine: it is surely an unjust deed. Moreover, Catherine stands with only Imoen at her side as she takes her first steps into a wide world for which she has little preparation. A life on the road is rarely one of order. Bestowed with Tyr's trust, Catherine realises that it is for her to act as judge, jury, and executioner (if need be) as she seeks retribution for the murder of her foster father. Eventually, Catherine rallies several strong-minded individuals to support her and Imoen in their quest, forging their loyalty through strict application of her leadership, and respect for their own belief systems, political and religious. Though Catherine cannot approve Montaron's dark connections, she deems it wiser to keep him under her jurisdiction than to cast him out at a time of such political instability throughout the land.

    Though respectful of the political fabric of the city, Catherine identifies the corrupted infrastructure of Baldur's Gate. She has arrived too late to prevent the infiltration of chaos into the system. She acts decisively, and with efficiency. When finally she has unravelled Sarevok's manipulations, she pursues him to the Undercity. A servant of Tyr she may be, but mercy is not the face of Tyr which she best represents: Sarevok cannot be allowed to live, even when his plans have been laid low. There must be justice. Pressing her allies onward, Catherine brings the battle to Sarevok, and at last achieves retribution for the death of her foster father.

    For my other BG:EE stories, see here:

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  • toolargtoolarg Member Posts: 178
    edited March 2018
    After many try runs I finally decided to do a serious trilogy run with a character that didn't feel powergamey (as in natural STR 18/00 in my previous post). This is the party I finished BG with and moved on to Dragonspear. Im particularly proud of wearing Drizzt's mail which I obtained by simply battling him rather than using one of the many cheese methods. I didn't think it was possible before. The party was around level 6 at that time and Kagain took the brunt of the damage, but didn't die thanks to the many potions of all kinds he chugged.

    Wolf Larsen (Mercenary), Kagain, Dorn, Shar-Teel, Tiax and Baeloth.

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  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 717
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
  • toolargtoolarg Member Posts: 178
    @Aerakar , it's actually from a novel called "The Sea Wolf",
    @Raduziel , I love the kit, its so simple yet so fun to play. Too bad halflings look like crap in medium armor because I really wanted to play one. On the other hand Dwarves look better in medium armor than in heavy armor so I went with that.

  • butteredsoulbutteredsoul Member Posts: 168
    edited August 2018
    Meet Dinkle and his evil band of marauders. For my first SCS play through I decided I needed to go OP with Kaigan, Dorn, Viconia, Edwin, and Baeloth. In spite of their imposing talents, greedy little Dinkle ate all of the stat tomes. Here he is:

    I'm not sure who painted Dinkle's image, but thank you. I want to learn how to make sweet Baldur's Gate-esque portraits as well.

    I did learn how to make voice sets. I've been enjoying my custom rated-R sound-set (which I lifted straight from the series) to match. It contains such entertaining lines as:
    • My tiny drunk **** and I have a job to do. (Activity)
    • Cut off his manhood and feed it to the goats. (Battle Cry)
    • They've got every kind of filth down here except the kind that I like. (Dungeon)
    • That's not how the game works! (Target Immune)
    It's good to laugh when SCS mages are handing you your face.

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  • toolargtoolarg Member Posts: 178
    edited May 2018
    EDIT: oops, wrong subforum.

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