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Separate threads: yes or no

chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
Over the last two weeks or so I have created a few threads on this forum, with questions. There was one thread for every topic, and if people answered and there were follow-up questions, I kept them in the same thread. None of it approached spamming, and it seemed convenient for people to actually see what the latest questions were, when they visited the forum. Those who knew something about those topics and wanted to respond did right there. Then the moderators wrapped all of those different topics in the General questions thread, which is a sure way to reduce visibility.

The ideal seems to be an empty board: because nothing so much tidier than existence, and, possibly, some of the questions have been answered in eons past. The prescribed behavior is to search the archives and go to Google, but never ever dare to use the boards to actually communicate - because this place, apparently, is a shrine. I did not ask about every little thing, I tried to test what I could, and the G3 guide is probably never going to go away from my browser's most-frequently-visited-sites menu. All the same, often it is much easier and foolproof to just ask, and I get a distinct sense the right to speak is somehow a privilege here.

Well, I am not here to figure out moderators' logic or observe a ceremonial kow-tow protocol. In my simplicity, I actually want to come to this place, ask questions and, if others want to respond, get answers. The police of this place are not the people I come to see. I do not want to think twice about creating a topic if that is called for, hesitate or wonder what someone might think about it. So how about getting off my neck?


  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 9,054
    edited February 2017
    FWIW: one thread with more questions and answers is more likely to stay at the top of the forum. So it might increase, not decrease, visibility. You might be arguing against your own interest here.

    Incidentally you yourself have stated openly that you refuse to do something as simple as a quick search to see if a question has already been answered in an existing thread. So in fact you ARE spamming... or at least, run a high risk of doing so, without caring about how that risk affects anyone else. Which is not cool. If you won't show respect to other forum members in this way, why should you be treated respectfully? This kind of thing has the character of a negotiation: you need to give a little, to get some.

    BUT this raises a good point: time was, there wasn't much modding expertise to be had around here. Half the established modders were hired by Beamdog and all but stopped participating in forums; the other half refused to upgrade to EE and we're not in these boards. And new people didn't know what they were doing. (Ahem. :wink: ) So you came to this board to read about released EE mods, and if you needed a question answered, you would ask it at Gibbs3 or SHS.

    But now, questions get answered here. Which is great for Beamdog. More people have upgraded, more peoplecrealize the EE 1.4+ is superior to vanilla + ToBEx, and more new modders actually know there way around a .tp2 or .bcs script.

    Problem is, that means that small threads with questions (spammed or not) tend to swamp the subforum, and threads about released mods or mods in progress suffer reduced visibility. Moving threads about mods into the other forums is not a good solution, because a mod designed for all three games (ahem!) either won't be visible to players of two of the games, or they will have to maintain three separate threads about the mod - one for each game.

    I propose, if (if!) action is necessitated by a rising tide of small one-question threads (spammed or not), maybe combining the "BGEE mods," "BG2EE mods," and "IWDEE mods" subforums. None of them is so active that this would be the end of the world. And people posting about game-specific mods can simple I use that information in the thread title. (Most people do that anyway.) So there would be a "Modding Information" forum for Q&A, and an "EE Mods" forum to advertise and discuss released, developing, and hypothetical mods.

  • chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
    If there are major and regularly updated mods and their threads, people can just bookmark them. They know where to find them. There is no need to keep them visible by special effort. As for small questions on these forums, I don't see any signs of a spam situation that would require strict controls on new threads. People ask, they get answered, after a while their topics are obscured and move down the list, that's how it's supposed to be.

    What I don't like is that bundled threads made to save space necessarily have vague titles like "General questions," they are long, with many pages and criss-crossing links and quotes. All of that is discouraging to a casual visitor who might know something about modding and might answer a question that looks familiar, but isn't a fanatic philanthropist to go digging in topics just to share his knowledge. For every argent77 here there are probably three lurking modders with less experience who might give me the answers I need quickly. It's satisfying to them, and I don't have to depend on or bother the gurus as much. I want to be able to ask my questions so that anybody can see them and respond. The system where I'm supposed to search the archives first and figure out what's where - it's never a "simple search" - and then, basically, shout it in the same narrow channel with everyone else, and hope those who hear will care, this system I don't like.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 9,470
    It actually depends on the specific question being raised. It's usually most efficient to combine general questions into a single thread so everyone sees it--after all, those are the questions that everyone will want to hear answers for. That's why the other mods and I thought it best to combine some of @chimeric's posts into one thread.

    But for specific, targeted requests that require more effort than a single post, a separate thread would be better at grabbing the small, specific number of people who would be able to help. That's why the other mods and I thought it best to keep one of @chimeric's posts (I believe it was a request for volunteer help) separate from that general thread.

    Some questions get answered faster in a general thread; others get answered faster in a specific thread. That's how I decide where to post when I'm asking for help, and it usually works really fast.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 9,470
    edited February 2017
    Sometimes I tag specific forumites to get their attention, since I know they're often online and they know what I'd be talking about. @subtledoctor in particular is very helpful like that, and I pester him every now and then when I have a complex question.

  • chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
    Well, I hope that works. I don't see how a general thread about dialogues is going to be faster than a "Why doesn't this trigger work in my d. file?" thread, but so long as minimalism is not an obsession...

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,067
    edited February 2017
    I fully support merging your posts into one thread. I believe you do not really care if this place is easy to read for anyone else but you. I'm sorry to say that, but that's how I see it.

    I told you already - what you're doing is spamming and is nothing but creating threads that may be closed just one post later. In like 2 weeks you created threads:
    • A few questions for those who write dialogues
    • What's the deal with Kagain's multiple dialogues?
    • A pair of dialogue conditions I'm not certain about
    • Making sure the right party PC speaks
    • Color text
    • Appending existing dlg files

    They could be EASILY asked in one thread calles (for example) "Questions on dialogues and other in-game text" - everyone who has some experience in the topic and has some time would actually check it, believe me.

    If there are major and regularly updated mods and their threads, people can just bookmark them. They know where to find them.

    But you know that there are people who browse the forum to check new stuff or new people who are considering using mods for the first time, right? They won't have eveyrhting bookmarked. It's not meaking their search easier when the whole section is flooded with mini-threads like those you create.

    I do not want to think twice about creating a topic

    Well, maybe you should. Again, you do not even check if the answer to your question isn't here, posted in some other discussion. There is search option here. If we were all to do as you do, this forum would be nothing but mess. This isn't just your space, but space we all should care for; we should make it easy to browse not only for us, but for other users, too.

    Saying that, you're doing it again. To be honest, it's not a "general modding" question, but a question on creating new threads. Same thing could be asked about creating new posts in any other section of the forums.

    Take a deep breath and keep in mind this forums is to be easy to read and enjoyable for all of us ergo there must be some tidiness here. Otherwise, it will be just chaos.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,165
    Moved to Site resources.

  • chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
    edited February 2017

    /// A lot of words and not one proof that multiple threads are a problem or that putting different stuff in the same thread makes it any easier to access than a vorpal sword on the bottom of a bag of holding.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,067
    To put it simply: if it wasn't a problem and if it would be fine with other users, the matter wouldn't be brought up. Ergo, it is a problem for at least a group of users. Also, you don't need any "scientific proof" here. It's the fact that you have to scroll more and check more pages until you find what you are looking for when more threads are created. And I see no reason to continue this discussion. It's leading nowhere.

  • chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
    It's leading nowhere because you have nothing to say. I stated my arguments in the beginning, we worked things out with the moderators, they were quite reasonable and don't seem to want to tuck away every topic. Fine, case closed. You just had to beat up the keyboard over it.

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