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Story Time? When SCARY_WIZARD Met Jim Cummings (Minsc)

Uhh, so @mlnevese suggested that I tell you all a story about how I met Jim Cummings this year. I mean, all things considered it's standard "Go to a Convention, stand in line, get an autograph." stuff, but come on, let's be a good sport! I'll tell you the story.

This year, I went to Emerald City Comic-Con 2017 with my sister and her husband. One of the guests was, as the title of this thread might suggest, Jim Cummings! The voice of everybody's favourite Rashemi Ranger, Minsc! He's also Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Darkwing Duck, Bonkers, and Lorewalker Cho, among others, so he's basically like a cool Swiss Army Knife, but with voice acting instead of opening pop bottles and driving/undriving screws! And he's much nicer to talk to than a Swiss Army Knife. I used to talk to mine, and it was certainly on the cutting edge of conversation, but Jim Cummings is probably much better at cards. Not sure how he is at cutting cards, though. I'm sort of bad at it, myself.
There were a bunch of other cool people at the Con, too, like Alice Cooper and Jason Momoa (<3) and Anna Silk (<3<3<3), but I only get weekends off from work and I'm saving my vacation time for later in the year, so I only went on Sunday with my sister and her husband. Well, that and we could only get Sunday passes. I mean, I got to meet Gul'dan from <I>WarCraft, which was pretty cool (he's surprisingly polite in person! But like my great grandmother always said, "Still waters run deep.", and I did see him do lots of bad stuff anyways.), so I couldn't complain even if I wanted to.

Anyways, I was sitting at a panel with my sister and her husband, and sobering up after a margarita. I mean, I ate nachos with the margarita, but I drank the margarita first and then ate the nachos. Boy, do I never learn. Around 15:15, I went, "Wait, gotta bounce, autograph time!", and booked it to the place autographs were being doled out. Jim Cummings had a really big line and there was a soft cap in place, so I got Troy Baker's autograph in the meantime, because I wanted his, too. After that and a compliment to my autograph book from Troy Baker, I stumbled into the overflow line for Jim Cummings.
It was kind of a small room, so an overflow was necessary, and the convention folks were really nice about it, especially with my being kind of drunk and in general being a colossal bubblehead even when I'm sober. Anyways, I paid for an autograph and selfie. I remember slurring something about the book I handed Jim Cummings being a Baldur's Gate collectible, Jim smiled and wrote "Go for the eyes!!", did a spot-on Minsc impression (I mean, yeah, he is the voice actor!), and stood at the side of a table with me for selfies.



He was a really spirited guy, and really polite!

Alright, so that's all there is to my story. Am I going to be graded for this, @mlnevese? Is this being graded? Oh, boy, I hope not, I get really nervous when people grade me on things. did i even post this in the right place



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