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Planescape: Torment Meme Thread (Here be Spoilers)

I had already made one over in the beta-forums but @JuliusBorisov asked me to make a new one. Mostly copy-paced, removed anything that had screenshots from the beta in it, gonna replace those with current version ones shortly. Anywho, enjoy!


You know how these threads work, we already have like five of these or so.
Still, here are some rules:
- Keep the talking to a minimum.
- Make sure your images actually fit inside the screen :V
- The Impact font is your friend
- DON'T PUT PST SPOILERS IN SPOILER TAGS. There is a spoiler warning in the title.
If people ignore it it's their own fault. Do please tag spoilers for other games tho please thank.
- General forum rules or something


My own memes:

Me doing beta-testing like:

(Note that I made all of several weeks ago >.>)


Web finds:

Source: Philiposophy

Source: Germille


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