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Don't get me wrong, I love the EE, but...

Maybe it's a fault of my d/l but my journal has become useless. There is no text to look up quest conditions, and I am sure I should remember them, but...
Also on my first runthrough various NPCs popped up in places they shouldn't, like deer in the underdark and the Genie outside the Plane of Air area in Casa Irenicus. All a cause of bewilderment but not a game changer. But then in ToB, peasants from Saradush (and Yakman) popped up in the Pocket Plane and every time I used an area spell against an antagonist and accidentally killed one of them, I lost rep. Oh, and the NPC knights from Watcher's Keep showed up in the first Challenge area. Not all bad, as Sister Garlena still bought and sold without the need to leave the PP, but still..weird.

Nonwithstanding, as I say, I love the EE (Neera alone is worth it) and am looking forward to buying the PS:T EE


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