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[v2.21] Shadow Magic



  • CaedwyrCaedwyr Member Posts: 176
    FYI, it isn't common, but if you have a lot of mage kit mods installed you could run into an issue where a mod kit gets installed in one of the hard-coded kit slots for the abjurer, conjurer, or diviner - breaking the mod kit. There is a .tpa and short macro you can include to detect if the next slot is going to be one of these kits and install a dummy kit there so they don't break anything.

    Posted here since the Shadow Adept is a custom mage kit as I recall.
  • SorcererV1ct0rSorcererV1ct0r Member Posts: 2,174
    I Finished the SoA campaign as a shadow adept and ... The game crashes on beginning of ToB.

    I can't take screenshot however, here is a photo


    Anyway, amazing mod. A screenshot bellow. The spell effects are gorgeous


    Trying to import my save ALSO causes crashes.
  • TDNTDN Member Posts: 5
    So I was trying out the shade warrior kit and it's pretty fun. Another bug I found was after using the Shadow scroll then leveling up, it doesn't detect that I already learned a spell so the spell learning keeps popping up.
  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    @AionZ I just finsished BGEE (starting SoD) with v2.21. Mod worked great with no big issues! Did the quests and love my Shadow Disciple!

    I did notice some things I wanted to call out:
    1) I notice that Shadow Missile and Shadowblast spells were changed, but the wands with those spells still show the old info. Were the wands supposed to be updated?
    2) The Belt of Darkflame says I should get a +2 to caster level which should cancel out the daylight penalty for caster level, yet my 9th level Shadow Disciple only summoned Shadows and not Shadow Fiends in daylight. Inside and at night I get the Shadow Fiends. I get all the other benefits and penalties of the belt, but the +2 caster level does not seem to work.

    Also, can the Shadow Scrolls I-IV be added to BG2EE? When I do a Shadow Adept, I end up having to create a new character in BG2EE and then EEKeeping it up to the level I was in in BGEE. Only issue is I lose the added known spells and using EEKeeper to add them just has me not learn new spells at later levels (as I think you did something special to not through the count off for learning at level-up).

    Thanks for the great mod!
  • TDNTDN Member Posts: 5
    Well I just finished SoA with a Shadow Disciple, but as others pointed it crashed.
    Still fantastic mod.
  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 827
    Thankee and allelulia!
  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268
    edited October 2020
    I am genuinely considering removing the mental stat-based bonuses now that Intelligence is relevant for the shadow adept with the true-to-vanilla spell learning system.
  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 827
    For a near-future release, have you fixed the bugs reported in this thread and on your GitHub for Shadow Magic?
  • WaldaWalda Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2020
    is it compatible with the version of BG:EE ?
  • MelkorkaMelkorka Member Posts: 2
    I am playing a fighter/mage shadow and when I leveled to 7th suddenly all my saves became inverted. It looks like it is adding bonuses to my required save rolls or something. Is this a known bug?
  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    edited November 2020
    @Melkorka I have seen this when my charisma is less then 10. Did you CHA drop?
    EDIT: To be clear <10 CHA gives big penalties. 10-14 I think it is base. 15+ start getting bonuses to saves.
  • MelkorkaMelkorka Member Posts: 2
    I think that must be the issue. Is there a chart with all the attribute effects. Seems they have changed over time.
  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    edited November 2020
    Go to page 15 and about half way down is a table.
    Please note that when I have CHA less then 10, my saves all went to -6. I have noted this as a bug, but I still see it.
  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268
    Late but yeah, Charisma penalties for low Charisma are bugged. I could fix this but the mod's going through some other major changes and stat bonuses are being removed anyway.
  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268
    edited December 2020
    Upcoming new version of the Nightsinger's Dirge of Despair:
    The Nightsinger's Bard Song, "Dirge of Despair", inflicts a harrowing curse upon all enemies who listen. Victims suffer from the pain of overwhelming sorrow and slowly lose the will to live. Enemies with less than 50% maximum hit points lose twice as many hit points per round. Enemies with less than 25% maximum hit points additionally incur a penalty to morale.

    1st level: Enemies incur a -2 penalty to THAC0 and damage and lose 1 hit point per round. -1 to morale.
    15th level: Enemies incur a -3 penalty to THAC0 and damage and lose 3 hit points per round. -2 to morale.
    20th level: Enemies incur a -4 penalty to THAC0 and damage and lose 5 hit points per round. -3 to morale.
    Light's Requiem
    The Light's Requiem is a truly wretched hymn of which every note emanates misery and anguish. All enemies unfortunate enough to listen incur a -5 penalty to THAC0 and damage, as well as losing 8 hit points per round. The Nightsinger, feeding on the pain of their audience, is healed for the same amount of hit points as each victim loses. Additionally, every target must make a successful Save vs. Death at -4 each round or be drained of one level for eight hours.

    Enemies with less than 50% maximum hit points lose twice as many hitpoints each round. Enemies with less than 25% maximum hit points additionally incur a -6 penalty to morale.

    This ability replaces the current Bard Song.
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  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268
    edited December 2020
    Other upcoming changes:
    • INT, WIS, and CHA bonuses are being removed. All kits now gain an innate 5% magic resistance and 25% cold/magic damage resistance.
    • Arcane Lore HLA becomes redundant due to spell scroll changes. The replacement HLA, Eternal Night, grants immunity to daylight penalties and a permanent aura reducing magic resistance of nearby enemies by 25%.
    • Identify, Contingencies and Sequencers are no longer learned for free and are instead scribed from scrolls as normal mages. Limited Wish and Wish are now also available to the shadow adept. This mostly hurts the Shadow Disciple since these spells now carry an opportunity cost.
  • kimmuryielkimmuryiel Member Posts: 72
    I don't know if this is somewhere else, (25 pages of posts is a rather daunting to go through) but using what I hope is the most up-to-date version of shadow magic, when I import my character (shadow disciple) from SoD to SoA, I get turned into a regular sorcerer
  • SorcererV1ct0rSorcererV1ct0r Member Posts: 2,174
    Any way to install on Linux? And it compative with IWD:EE?
  • AudacesAudaces Member Posts: 56
    The mod is absolutely amazing, and thanks for putting all the work into making it.

    Two things that seems to be bugged for me - it's all in BGEE:

    1. Summon familiar crashes the game (tried it twice in two different runs - each time playing as Nightblade).
    2. Using scrolls to get extra spells makes the game unplayable - after learning extra spells, on level up, I keep getting prompted to select new spells, but all I can do (across all spell levels) is to pick any spell that comes out a the red cross in the box. In effect, I hit cancel, get prompted again, cancel, prompt - the loop is inifinite. Staying away from scrolls solves the issue, but of course miss out on those few extra spells.

    Cheers and thanks again. Any news when you may upload the new release?
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,431
    kimmuryiel wrote: »
    I don't know if this is somewhere else, (25 pages of posts is a rather daunting to go through) but using what I hope is the most up-to-date version of shadow magic, when I import my character (shadow disciple) from SoD to SoA, I get turned into a regular sorcerer

    Nothing specific to this mod; this is a general issue with kit mods. If you don't have the same kits in the same places between the two games, characters with added kits will break on import. Your kit becomes something else, which might not have any data associated with it or might be for a different class, and suddenly it appears you don't have a kit at all.

    At least in version 2.5, the two games start with kits in the same place - so if you install the same kits in the same order to both games, things should work out. I believe there's also a tool somewhere in this forum to help.
  • MrBaquanMrBaquan Member Posts: 40
    What's the item code for Shadow Scrolls? I think it's somewhere in this thread but I can't find it. Shadow Disciple just seems way better than Shadow Adept, so I want to give my Adept some extra spells occasionally.
  • TrouveurTrouveur Member Posts: 163
    Hi, I installed this very interesting mod, but I encounter a bug with the Shadow Adept at the beginning of BG2 : after Imoen finished her talking, the game crash. AI is activated.

    I also installed Spell Revisions, SCS, Divine Remix, Rogue Rebalancing and Dragonspear UI.

    I read that the next update could bring a more classical spells selection, is there an approximative ETA for this please ?

    The bard kit would fit nicely for Eldoth... ^^
  • CooperblackCooperblack Member Posts: 8
    edited March 2021
    I also get a crash when I summon the Shadow Familiar, I have tweaks anthology and NPC tweaks installed.
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  • GiovanskiGiovanski Member Posts: 12
    Belt of Darkflame's caster level bonus is not working as intended.

    To fix, use Nearinfinity to open "c0sabel1.itm" [located in the override folder] and navigate to "effect 1." Click on view/edit and navigate to "spell class." Change the value from "Unknown (8)" to "Wizard (0)" and save the changes.

    There is also an error with the +4 to caster level increase while under 50% . To fix, open up "c0sabel1.spl" and navigate to "spell ability 0;" open it, then open up "effect 1." At the top of the list, one should see, "Casting level bonus (191)." On the 4th row from the top where it says "Amount," change the value from "2" to "4" and save the changes. Now the item will function as its description states.

    ...or one may simply download the attached files and copy/paste to their override folder :)
  • CaedwyrCaedwyr Member Posts: 176
    I recently completed a playthrough of BG1 with my games bookclub. Here are the comments on this mod for the BG1 portion.

    Shadow Magic: No one used any of the kits added by this mod, but we all enjoyed it for the quest content and additional items. Very much worth it still. Recommended.
  • LuigirulesLuigirules Member Posts: 419
    Hey guys, having some technical issues I'm hoping I can get some help with.

    I just played with this mod through BG1 and SOD, and it was a lot of fun. I recently started up BG2 and I'm getting this strange behaviour.

    Essentially, whenever someone who has a class in this mod is indoors, my combat log gets spammed with messages saying the character is unaffected by <blank space>. I tried turning off all feedback messages in the menu but the issue persisted.

    I've tried removing all other mods, so I know it's something in this mod. I did notice when I tried to re-install the mod that my WEIDU log said it got installed with warnings... might be related.

    I'm also wondering if this is a consequence of the new patch?

    Hoping I can get some help here. I do enjoy the mod and would love to play through BG2 with it.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 827
    Also post your Weidu log so people understand the warnings and errors you faced.
  • LuigirulesLuigirules Member Posts: 419
    Endarire wrote: »
    Also post your Weidu log so people understand the warnings and errors you faced.

    Here it is. Never knew about this file before, so thanks for the heads-up!

    I did a CTRL-F to find out what the warning was, and it seemed to be for an item "WARNING: no effects altered on C0SA112.itm" so I dunno how helpful that'll be, but there you go.
  • LuigirulesLuigirules Member Posts: 419
    Update: I seem to have identified the problem, through some extensive testing in EEKeeper.

    Seems like the issue is with an effect on characters with the kits the mod provides (except shadow monks). Specifically, the effect "Spell: Apply Repeating EFF [272]" with resource 0 being "C0SADAY" and resource 3 being "C0SADEP"

    Two effects exist on characters with shadow magic kits. When both are deleted in EEKeeper, the issue is resolved. My guess, from the name of the resources and my testing in-game, is that this effect controls the daylight penalties for casters.

    I am going to delete these effects from my characters and move on with the game and hope nothing else breaks. I don't know if this modder is still working on this mod, but if you have the same issue I had, at least there's a workaround.
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