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How to mod Freedom of Movement and Haste with DLTCEP?

Livegood118Livegood118 Member Posts: 48
Hi everyone,

I've got two questions and was wondering if anyone here could help me:

1. I want to mod the haste spell so that characters do not incur a fatigue penalty after it expires. After I've opened each iteration of the spell up in DLTCEP, what do I have to change? (You remove an opcode right? – maybe I could compare the haste effect from the spell vs the potion)

2. I would like to mod the "Freedom of Movement" effect on items (namely: Flail of Ages +5, Firecam Armor, Ring of Free Movement - can't think of many important others). What do I need to change to do this?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.


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