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Bareknuckle Fighting (Big Spoilers)

So I found myself fighting the Coldhearth Lich and I was hopelessly under-prepared for the battle. I managed to kill him twice without too much trouble but by the third time I was out of magic and he wasn't. He cast Protection from Magical Weapons on himself and now I was in a mess because I'd neglected to bring any ordinary weapons with me.

Then I had an idea, both my paladin and Minsc have got 18 strength so we'll drop our weapons and punch the guy unconscious (and we'll keep punching him until all his magical protections wear off).

It seemed like a great idea . . . only it didn't work. We didn't manage to lay a glove on him. Are liches really good at bobbing and weaving or do my paladin's fists count as magical weapons?



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