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Please help me choose a party!

DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 2,613

Hey ya!

Guys, I have started a new BG1 run and intend to have either one of these parties . I've got NPC project installed and my main concern is , basically, story and party interaction (I'm an experienced player so combat-wise I believe I can make do with either one). So far I know that Dynaheir's got a romance , which is actually my favorite, but I don't know if it fits my bard (he's a bit cocky for the likes of Dyna), besides both Coran and Alora are fun party members. Which one would you recommend?

Thanks in advance !

Please help me choose a party! 31 votes

A (Blade, Imoen , Kivan, Coran , Alora, Viconia)
Montresor_SPrecklessheartDJKajuruBlackravenPantalionThacoBellArdulSintrielWarChiefZekeZaghoulSyndaree 11 votes
B (Blade, Imoen, Kivan, Dynaheir, Minsc, Viconia)
SikorskyLuthfordALIENQueegonArizaelProontRaduzielsmady3ArvendorBelfaldurnikDev6ArctodusPaulaMigrateStupid_PunsValciirving15 16 votes
UnderstandMouseMagicDevardKrowntbone1Llama3Lord 4 votes


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