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CLUAConsole entry problem in Android IWD:EE

I have edited the baldur.ini file to include
'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',
which is in
but I can't type anything into the console window when it comes up. I have an RCA Viking Pro 10.1 tablet with a pretty standard keyboard. I can open the console area by pressing the Ctrl+Enter combination, which is the same for me in BGEE & BG2EE. When I start typing in IWDEE, nothing is showing in the console area and there's no cursor. Once I get to one of the keys that has an action (like "h") the console window closes and the key action takes place. I have the latest for Android (I believe), v.1.4.0. Is there anyone else experiencing this issue? and if so, what is a solution?


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