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Corwin wtf

MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 46
Hello all, I just got around to starting the SoD expansion pack. I just recruited Corwin. The GameBanshee walkthrough gave a breakdown of the recruitable characters. Well, I picked up Minsc/Dynaheir & Safana in BG.
Well, I wanted to get Corwin once we started chapter 8. She is supposed to be an Archer. I am thinking that I have a bugged game. Her class says Archer and it says that she is the epitome of archery. She has NO proficiencies in Bows or any kind of ranged weapons, none. She has 4 proficiencies in Scimitar/Katana and 1 in Halberd. Is this a bug or did the makers just not pay attention when pencil whipping this character out. She's a front line fighter now. She carried a bow the entire time she escorted me around town. I am not even sure why she has a bow.

Is there a mod that can re-adjust her skills to fit her actual class?


*Edit* Now I am looking into her inventory, she has a Mastercraft Halberd and her bow. Why give her 4 proficiencies in Scimitar and Katana and then get a fracking Halberd. It has only 1 prof!!!. That is just about the most asinine thing I have seen.


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