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Pre-made Canon PC: Abdel in Bg1ee vs Bg2ee



  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,243
    DrakeICN said:

    Here's a page from the first one!

    While there were definitely some parts I really disliked, and seriously what were they thinking with the scene where the spider falls into Jaheira's cleavage

    Pics* or it din't happen!

    (*of the page or pages in question.)

    do you really think i would make up something like this?
    it is unfortunately a very real scene
    Also, please to be noted, boys and girls, WoTC read that and went "Nailed it! This is it! This is the official lore we want for the most prominent franchise of our brand!"
    To be fair, 1999 was a pretty dark time for the companies involved with D&D. TSR, which had been failing for a few years, had just been sold to WotSC two years prior at its peak of failure. While Baldur’s Gate (the game) and Baldur’s Gate (the book) were released at about the same time, I don’t think anyone could have possibly foreseen that the game would have been such an incredible and long-lasting success. D&D had a slew of failed productions for a long time. Even though there were some great D&D games in the early 90s, those were doomed to in the wake of the 90s technological boom. WotSC was in the middle of developing 3rd edition D&D, which was so obviously detached from and unfaithful to its parent name, despite the mathematical improvements, that they had to release a 3.5 edition only a few years later to appease the fanbase.

    Bioware struck gold when they developed BG1&2. Talk about a group of incredible writers. The attention to detail, the humor, the beauty of the hand-drawn art, the dialogue, the choices, and the plot were just all top-notch.

    I kind of feel like the games and the novels were released with the same amount of corporate coordination that you see today. They were probably just like, “yeah, whatever, you do the novel Athans, this is your first time and big shot, blah, blah, blah... you played the demo game right? No? Well, I’m sure you can find a plot summary somewhere. No, I don’t know who Jaheira is, just, yeah, sure, do whatever you want. Huh? Yeah, sounds great, just make it happen. We got a release date coming up.” They probably had the same amount of involvement with Bioware at the time, and like most modern corporations couldn’t recognize talent when it bit them on the ass.

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