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[v1.1] Warlock Mod

AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,034
edited June 2019 in General Modding
This mod adds my version of the Warlock as a kit/pseudo-unique class.

WARLOCK: Born of a supernatural bloodline, a warlock seeks to master the perilous magic that suffuses his soul. Unlike sorcerers and wizards, who approach arcane magic through the medium of spells, a warlock invokes powerful magic through nothing more than an effort of will. The font of dark magic burning in their souls makes them resistant to many forms of attack and arms them with dangerous power. Warlocks learn to harness their power to perform a small number of specific attacks and tricks called invocations. Warlocks make up for their lack of versatility by being tougher and more resilient than sorcerers or wizards. By harnessing his innate magical gift through fearsome determination and willpower, a warlock can perform feats of supernatural stealth, beguile the weak-minded, or scour his foes with blasts of Eldritch power.


– May not wear armor heavier than chain mail.
– May not equip shields larger than bucklers.
– May only become Proficient (one slot) in any weapon class.
– May only become Proficient (one slot) in any fighting style.
– Thieving abilities: Pick Pockets.
– Eldritch Lore: The warlock gains 10 base Lore per level.
– May cast Invocations.
– May use the Eldritch Blast ability at will.

ELDRITCH BLAST: A warlock attacks his foes with Eldritch power, using baleful magical energy to deal damage and sometimes impart other debilitating effects. An Eldritch Blast deals 1d6 points of magical damage at 1st level and increases by 1d6 in power for every three levels gained (up to 14d6 at 40th level). There is no Saving Throw against this attack, but Magic Resistance can negate it.

As the warlock gains in levels, he is able to shape his Eldritch Blast into different forms.
3rd level: HIDEOUS BLOW: Next melee attack channels an Eldritch Blast.
7th level: ELDRITCH SPEAR: Eldritch Blast penetrates through all enemies in its path.
11th level: ELDRITCH CHAIN: Eldritch Blast chains to nearby enemies.
15th level: ELDRITCH CONE: Eldritch Blast takes the shape of a cone. Save vs. Spell for half damage.
19th level: ELDRITCH DOOM: Eldritch Blast affects all enemies within a 20 ft. radius. Save vs. Spell for half damage.

– 5th level: Gains 10% resistance to crushing, slashing, piercing, and missile damage. An additional 5% is gained at levels 15, 25 and 35.
– 8th level: The warlock regenerates one hit point per three rounds.
– 10th level: Gains 10% resistance to acid, cold, electrical, fire and magical damage. An additional 10% is gained at levels 20, 30 and 40.
– 12th level: Deceive Item: The warlock gains the ability to use Mage scrolls.
– 16th level: Regeneration rate increased to one hit point per two rounds.
– 22nd level: Becomes immune to non-magical weapons.
– 24th level: Regeneration rate increased to one hit point per round.

– Alignment restricted to chaotic good, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil and chaotic evil.
– Hit Die: d6

Invocations & High Level Activities

  • The warlock is a 'bard kit' but obviously shares little resemblance with the bard. Invocations are added to the arcane spellbook but you do not have spell slots. Instead, you gain an 'Invocations' ability which essentially functions as a version of Nahal's Reckless Dweomer without the wild magic.
  • You gain blast shapes innately rather than through spell selection. This is sort of a limitation I made in order to make the essences work with blast shape. I'm sure it's possible to implement it another way, but this was the easier path.
  • The warlock can use invocations while wearing armor.
  • The warlock gets the Planar Sphere as a stronghold instead of the playhouse.
  • You may exchange one of your invocations for another of the same tier, once per level up. I felt this provides some interesting balance as invocations that become less useful later can be exchanged for better ones.
  • The quick spell button doesn't work. Believe me, I wish it did. I tried and tried, but the game does not recognize it when innates are refreshed via "remove/add" and your ability will remain at '0 casts' even though it is refreshed. As great as it would be to key your Eldritch Blast or Invocations there, it's sadly not possible.
  • Several spells (e.g. Voracious Dispelling) are not great representations of their original incarnations due to either balance reasons or engine limitations.
  • The Eldritch Pact (non-evil) and Hellfire Pact (non-good) HLAs and their branch abilities are mutually exclusive.
  • The warlock cannot use vanilla bard-exclusive items. Mod items are still allowed due to limitations... for the moment.
  • Word of Changing uses the slayer avatar (for inventory paperdoll and coolness) but is not nearly as powerful.
  • I can't give too many thoughts regarding balance yet, but so far, trying to balance infinite casting is extremely difficult and the kit will probably swing between underpowered and overpowered depending on the stage of the game. This was mostly done for fun, as well as an experiment for certain mechanics and coding.


Three new items usable by warlocks only are added to Baldur's Gate. In BG1, they can be found in various parts of the Sword Coast, while in BG2 they can be bought from Ribald at a high price.

Darkfire Gauntlets
This pair of black iron gauntlets was enchanted by a powerful warlock, using infernal magics to combine the contradictory elements of fire and ice. Those same enchantment prevent its magic from being accessed by anyone other than a warlock.


Charge abilities:
– Darkfire Shield (Fire Shield Blue and Red) once per day
Range: Self
Duration: 1 turn

Equipped abilities:
– Casting Time: +1
– Fire Resistance: +20%
– Cold Resistance: +20%

Weight: 2
Location in BG1: Sorcerous Sundries

Frozen Ring of Stygian Winds
The frozen sea of Stygia is a deathly cold place. Once, eons ago, the archdevil Asmodeus imprisoned the Prince of Stygia, Levistus, within a tomb of impenetrable ice as punishment for a slight against him. The Lord of the Fifth's icy prison was reinforced by the cold winds of his plane, and although the devil's minions chip away at the ice without rest, for every inch they break, two more inches build from the sleet and snow constantly blowing across its surface. This ring is suggested to be chiseled from a piece of the Prince of Stygia's prison, and contains significant power of its own.


Equipped abilities:
– Cold Resistance: +50%
– Physical Resistance: -15%
– All cold damage inflicted by the wearer is increased by 40%
– May only be removed with a Remove Curse spell

Weight: 0
Location in BG1: Dezkiel in Ice Islands

Hellfire Blade of Azythanoth +2 (may be upgraded by Cromwell)
The blade of this weapon appears dull and useless in the hands of a regular wielder. When drawn from its sheath by a warlock, however, it becomes engulfed in a blazing hot tongue of flame, impossible to extinguish by any normal means short of resheathing it. The markings on the weapon's hilt are words in the Abyssal language, suggesting its origin from the Nine Hells. The raging hellfire that empowers this blade burns through metal and flesh, and maims even those resistant to regular fire. Even being close to the flames makes one feel drained and weak.


Equipped abilities:
– All fire damage inflicted by the wielder is increased by 20%
– Constitution: -2

Combat abilities:
– Deals an additional 2 points of unmitigated fire damage per round for 3 rounds on a failed Save vs. Death at -2

THAC0: +2
Damage: 2d4, +2d6+2 unmitigated fire damage
Damage type: slashing
Speed Factor: 6
Proficiency Type: Bastard Sword
Type: One-handed
11 Strength

Weight: 7
Location in BG1: Death Knight in Durlag's Tower

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