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Portraits for your Game - Will Update w/date when more added! - 1/13/2020 UPDATE

blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 32
edited January 2020 in Fan Creations
**Sorry for the semi-inconsistent style, one day I'll go back through and put them through the same 'treatment' as the newer versions!**

So I mentioned a while back I was making some custom portraits -- I've made a handful, and figured I'd share what I have, full image and sized images. All will be linked in the spoiler below!

As far as my process, I matte paint these images together, so it's a collection of other people's resources and my own artistic skills. Therefore, they're free to use and do with as you please, and I hope you enjoy them! Most of them have their own personal names (as i've used them for specific characters in my own games) but you can obviously rename them whatever way you want to fit you way of organizing portraits!

I'm also a bit of an elf lover, so if there's an abundance of elves, I acknowledge that but will not apologize, haha. I do intend to make more human / dwarvish looking characters however.

Pack Example:

4-19-2018 : There are 7 Portraits, 6 Unique Characters!
Please Enjoy!
4-27-2018 : One additional character added, elven female character w/warpaint.
4-30-2018 : Two additional characters added, human female character in heavy furs, human female in snow and chestplate, + One extra portrait of existing char
5-2-2018 : One additional character added, elven female in leathers. Two alternate versions of a previous char.

2-7-2019 : Deleted some of the older portraits and have added several new portraits - still inconsistent style between older and newer portraits, sorry! A few examples of some of the portraits above, happy gaming!

2-13-19 : redid some of the older portraits so they fit BG1 better.

4-25-19 : Added human male portrait

4-28-19 : Added female portrait

1-8-20: Added female elf portrait

1-13-20 Added female human portrait

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